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Edinburgh continued


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CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kilthuin. ()llio 'L‘.\.\' ||’. H. l I. “(5. \\.\l

The Faith Healer to NM ".lfipm L3 (L5), See l‘.tlllll‘lll:_‘ll. \oilh luthnhuigh .\l’l\ (It'llllC.

Swan Lake 5.)) .1 ()el )Slun L.\ lLlH, llJllt‘l \\L‘\l l.lI\L'\ Ull lllt' l’elip.i.’l\.ino\ el.ix\it

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui I'll I0.\ Nil ll ()tl “~l5pn) L51L~l) \o \ (‘oinpuin '\ puiuhle ol lltllei '\ the lo pone) L't'lllllll): on .i \nmlllnne hootlltun Ill illx ('lntueo

Spend a Penny Ihu I00.) See Kltl\ ll\llllf_'\.



(")I} Square. 0| i.\_‘ ‘l i-l‘HH 0’. H. “t \\,\|

Mamma Mia! Ilm no.) LI050 LI“ .50 \(m III II\ \l\|ll )eui ol touting. llll\ non \l()]) inuxitul e\lt.i\ leunuex llll\ lion. the .50x.


secrrisn BALLET Tramway. Glasgow. Thu 2-Sat 4 Oct D...

The last time we saw Scottish Ballet, the dancers were dressed as giant bunnies and squirrels, prancing around in The Snowman. Well, what a difference a year makes. New artistic director, Ashley Page. has dispensed with the rodents - and most of the people inside them - enlisting a hot new line-up of dancers to take his company into the future. Since his arrival in September 2002. Page has been beavering away behind closed doors. constructing a programme that sets Scottish Ballet firmly on a modern footing. Pointe shoes are still in evidence. but are used with the kind of attack that would make a sugar plum fairy wince. Big whites, it would seem. are off the agenda for good.

He could have eased us in gently,

A pleasingly hardcore debut

but instead Page hit his audience between the eyes with four seriously hardcore works. Siobhan Davies, the mother of British contemporary dance, took the least amount of prisoners. Her beautifully fluid White Man Sleeps had a spirited, African vibe which gave the dancers room to show off without overstretching themselves. Stephen Petronio‘s MiddIeSex Gorge on the other hand. will have sent the Swan Lake fans into apoplexy. Hot, steamy and vaguely orgiastic, the work pushed Page’s new company to the limit, with some dancers responding better than others. Richard Alston’s Dangerous Liaisons was equally punishing, but again they rose to the challenge. And there’s every indication that, given time, Page will have a company worthy of international touring. As for Page himself, he’s proved he can programme challenging works that will push people‘s buttons; but what of his own choreography? Closing the quadruple bill, Cheating, Lying, Sfealing was a full throttle, multi-layered piece which sent us reeling from frenetic synchronicity to passionate pas de deux. An exciting first chapter in Scottish Ballet's

Page-turning new book. (Kelly Apter)

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l.l_\ Squule. 0| ‘5: 325.530. ll’. ll. \\'(‘. \\,v\|

Flora the Red Menace 'l‘hu t) Sui .‘5 He! (no) Sun/Mon). 715an I III) (M _‘ illpin & ".-l5])n). L“ Ll-l.50

(L-l.“5 Lb). .\ lute opportunil} lo we llll\ \mntlerlul \l)()\\ h). Kuntlei untl lihl). the \\ l llL‘l\ ol (‘lm new and (about



l‘uxl Pun. ()I <53 0.1000 |l’. ll. \\'(‘. \\'..\| The Singing Kettle: Medieval Madness 8.)! ~l tk Sun 5 ()et. See Kltl\ ll\llll:_'\

Those Were the Days Tue 7 ()el.

_‘ illpin (k ".Rllpm. L‘) (L‘). .\ eelehiulion ol the inuxie hull \\llll \ongx .intl (Lint'e

Diversions the Dance Company of Wales Hit) 0 ()el. "5er £|0

(Ll) LN) 'lhe I);inee (‘oinpuin ol \Vulex \houtuxtm l\\() eelehruletl produelionx

hy 'l‘homzis ()tway

watch and savour

'l’hc llcmlt

gorgeous and shamelessly theatrical

The Scotsman ****



leuturing 'l‘oni Miru‘x .llmm/il/i. u \lud) ol urhun li\ ing. and urtixtie (lireetor Ro} (’umphell Moore'x lime/i /.uu’ \el to the mime ol’ Junix Joplin. Kidnapped Hi I() ()el. 7.30pm. £8.50 (Lo £7.50). A HG“ guluptution h} .\lull 'l'heutre (it one of the all time great :uhenture \toriex. Set in Seotluntl alter the ‘45. _\oung l)u\i(l Bull'our rind l'ugitixe :\ll;lll Breek iniixt \\()t'|\ together to \tu} ziln e.

East Kilbride


.\l;i\\\e|l l)ri\e. 0|.i55 24mm. [l’.

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Carousel Tue 7 Sat l I ()et. 7.30pm (Sat (nut 2.30pm). £7 L‘). Rodgerx untl llunnnerstein‘x hit lilll\lL‘;ll l\ [M‘l‘llll‘lllt‘tl h) Studio 33.

The Happy Gang’s Big Adventure Mon )3 ()et. See Kiux ltxlingx

Forever in Blue Jeans Hm I(» ()et. 7.50pm. £0 (£7). High energ} non-\top \inging untl (luneng leuturin}: o\ er 80 hit \ong‘ l't‘om 50x roek'n'roll. ()(l\/7ll\ eounlr). pop illltl line (luneing.


Kingdom (‘entre. 01592 ()I l 10]. ll’. ll.

\\'( ‘. \VAI

The Pajama Game l'mil Sui 4 ()el. 7.30pm (Sat mul 2pm). L")

(£5 £8). (ileni'othes .-\n)uteur .\lll\lL‘ul .»\\\oei;ilion prexentx the popular girl- meetx-ho} tnuxieul.

Mamma Mia! Sun 12 ()et. 7.30pm. L l()..5(l (9.15.50). See Dundee.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE Bennoeh} Routl. (H.593 412020. ll’. H. M ‘. \VA)

The Mikado 8;)! 4 ()el. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£5.50 £o.50). .»\ new adaptation ol (iilhert and Stilli\un\ eomie opera from Opera (lellu Luna).

Out of Bounds Mon () ()et. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£4.25 £5.50). See litlinhurgh. North litlinhurgh .-\l‘l\ ('entre.

St Andrews


Abbe} Sueei. ()l Us) 43000 0’. \\'(’. \\‘.-\|

The Tiger’s Bride l'nul Sgtl -) ()t-t H.15ptn, L050 (£4.50 £5.50). Adaptation ol Angel.) (lu'lei \ .ulult l;itt'}t;il(' tlt‘\l\t'tl h} l-lyng Muelnne Ill .l tule uhout north and until). man and “00100. ;lllllll;ll\ and the Clt'lllt‘lll\ and “hill ll l\ to he huinun.

Vis a Vis - Tabula Rasa 'l'hu 2 ()et. Xpin. £5.50 (£5 £050). See latlinhurgh. 'l'i';i\er\e 'l‘heutre.

Tonight They’re Going to Be . . . l'l'l 3 & Sui 4 ()el. Spin. £|2.50 (£3.50). See lathnhurgh. llrunlon 'l’heutre.

One TWO . . . 'l'ue " ()el. Spin. £|0 (£7.50). See (ilmgou. lt'on lllt'dllt‘. The Birthday Party Wed 5 it ’l'hu () ()et. h’pn). £12.50 (£5 £8.50). See litlinhurgh. Brunton ‘l'hegure.

Time Warp Sul Il ()el. .5pn) & h’ptn. LIJ (£12). A tribute to the Rock} Horror \ll(l\\. pueketl \\ ilh ghoulx untl plent} ol roeking: tune»

The Sea 'l‘hu Io Sui 35 (let. 3pm; Sui 2.30pm tk 8pm. £7 L'l0. The St .'\lltll‘C\\\ l’lu} (‘luh prexentx latlxuutl llond'x pin}.



Utilithut'ton Routl. ill-'30 4735-14. [l’. H. \\'( '. \\'.-\|

Return to the Forbidden Planet Wed 8 Hi 10 ()el. ". illpn). £3 L‘)

(U) £7). l.()()\el_\ l‘ilNL'tl on The 'Ii'mlu'xl. llll\ roek'n'roll llllhlt‘ul \Hll hzne }()ti (luneing in the ill\lL‘\.

Pigs Can Fly Tue )4 ()el. See Kltlx Iixtingx.


l'tli\er\il} ()l Sllrlllig,01730400600. ll). H. \\‘(‘. \\'.-\I

Spend a Penny in 3 Sun )2 (let (not .\lon (i. Thu 0). See Klth ll\lll1}_’\. Out of Bounds Sun 5 ()et. Xplt). £8 (L-l). See litlinhurgh. North litlinhurgh :\l'l\ (.Cllll‘L‘,

Scottish Ballet l-‘n It) s.- Sui II ()ei. 7.30pm. £l2 (£9). See (ll2l\:,_'()\\. 'l‘runmu}.