Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to comedy®, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleui'x l'(i(' Budding. Reiilien Street. ilk-ll TS" li7tl7. 8.15pm. Us. Stand»in gee/a Roger \lirllkliotiw Iiilrodliem lllL'¢’ I'lmir' Slum '\ l‘l'tillle‘ Ho} le. (Iiiladiaii comedian ('raig ('ainphell. Pllh (‘urtix \Valker. Craic @ the Radisson Ratliwui SAS Hotel. .illl Argyle Street. 304 “U. Sillprii. l-ree. Ne“ \ieekl) eoined} eluh. leaturing Junior Silllpxtill. lirateh}. 'l'edd) and eoinpere .-\|aii .-\ndei\on.

The Thursday Show lliL‘ Stand. 333 \Viiiidltilldx Rogul llxall (lllll 00.5.5. Upni U) i£5r R;i_\inond Mearnx l;ike\ time out lroin JIIS filming: schedule to lltll'ttdllu' l’erriei' nominee l’ai'rot. John Hurt and John Ross


Jongleurs Comedy Club Juiiglcuix. ()rniii ('entre. (ireenxide Place. “3707 370707. 8.30pm. LS St‘iillhli eoinedian Stu Who" introduces Ian Moore. ilie dai'kl} uiider'xtated l)a\ rd lladinghaiii and camp singing: \enxation (‘i'aig Hill.

The Thursday Show llle Stand. 5 York Place. 553 7373. 9pm. in i£5i Scottish eoined) lather ligure Bruce Morton l\ the eiening'x leading; riiari. lll\ \uppoi‘iing eaxt lllt'llltlt'S (iraeiiie 'l‘honiax. JillllL‘S l‘erguxon. John .\le('iuiniie\\ and host Siixan Morrison.

The Snatch Social The Liquid Room. ‘lL‘ Victoria Street. 33.5 3.504.

lt).3t)pin 5am. £3.50 iUI. l‘illh-thated. l'unk) dixeo-euni-eaharet. eoiiiieall) eornpered h} Tap Water Anard \\ inner 'l'on} ('ai'ter and Hit”) .'\llt\\\ttl'lll.


O Rhona Cameron .\t.ieRolweri. l'nixerxit} oi Stirling. it] “so Jooooo .S'pni. LII IUN ’l'liis otihpokeii \liixxelhurgh lass. u ho enio} ed a rexiit'geliee on [m it ('¢ I’I'lfl (it! iii (in! NI Hm . goex ltat'k to the floor


Watson’s Wind-up (il;l\:_'ti\\ l‘lllll 'l'healre. l3 Row Street. 3‘3 hl3i\

l l,~l5piii. l‘i'ee. Huh (“I Igii rm \xi’itei' Jonathan \thlvtlt returnx \\ ith a hen \L‘t‘le\ til lil\ \titii'ieal l'tltlltt \lio“ ('all lot tickets or email

llL'kL'l\(” L'UltlL‘d} uniteouk

0 Bottom Live ('l}de :\U\lllitl'llllll. l'innie\ion Qua}. (JV/ll (Ht) Jlilill

7.30pm. £33.50 £3.‘.5ll. Rik .\la}all and Adrian lzdrnondxon are back \\llll more rudel} anarchic huliooner} in llm/miix (ir'm/r' l'-I-mrir\. See prenen. Jongleurs Comedy Club Jungleiiix. l'(i(' Building. Renl'i‘en Street. 08"” 3S" 0707. S.l5pin. £l3. See Thu 3.

The Stand lliL' Stand. 335 \Voodltilith Road. 0870 (\(NJ (30.5.5. H.3llplii. L5" lUn. Rotiin and tumble Seouxer‘ Ste\ e (ii'ihhin pla) \ it Mr laughx ixee pi‘e\ ieu i. Support CUIIIL‘S from Joe lleenan. (iraenie Thomas. 3003 lap \Valer .-\\\ai'd \\ inner 'l’on} (‘ai'ter and guexi littxl l’ai'rot.


Jongleurs Comedy Club .JtiltglL‘lll'S. ()inni ('eiitre. (il'L‘CltSJdL‘ Place. 03707 370707. 3.30pm. £l5. See Thu 3.

The Stand The Stand. .5 York Place. 558 7373. 9pm. £7 iUii. linergetie lllll'llhlL‘l‘ Junior Simpson ioinx hmi SUSHI] Morrimn. plus Siixan .\lur'ra) and James l‘er'gtison.


Phil Kay (ii‘eenoek :\i‘t\ (iiiild. ('amphell Street. 0147.5 723038. Spin. [9.5” (£7.5(ll. Scotland'x li'L‘C-l'oi'lii coined} maestro takes _\ou on a surreal journe) into hix imagination.

Phil has insult added to a sports-related injury

recently I broke a small rotational bone in the >ack of in, hand. being

booychecked xen legal; to the grotind in an all-male anti-sectarian charity

football match. Now I understand war better. Now have one hand in modern plaster and | find the things I do ‘.‘./llll this situatzon fall easily into nine

main categories.

i. The l)'/£itr(?l\, hateful: Frisbee. changing sheets. grating cheese. 2. Done ‘.'.’lll‘i the left "and so no pain ~ iust a lot slower: brushing teeth.

making flapiacks at midnight.

15. Tasks when} the rigr‘t hands emergent lingers can be utilised ltti’l',‘ patheticalk yet usetulh, enougl‘ and in a painless manner: retaining ‘.'.’ll)(3(l

crumbs off the table.

.1. Tasks for ‘.'.’lll(?.’l t'ie itgnt iiand's fingers can be utilised léili’lV genti‘, but

cause Strange pain: holding the toast steady ‘or the spread. putting those

iii-ear earphones in the ear.

Actiuties you get better at bestiase you haxe to do them Elgélll‘. and again \‘t’lIlt iust the left hand: typing. wrong your arse. inserting kids into dungare >s.

threading heads back onto a oasteo ".C'

kiace stung. doing my belt up.

‘.'.’lll|llg. draining. \.'.'ashing dishes, lighting tne grzll. tnrowir‘g little aeroplanes. 5. The implausible: driung a borro.'.'ed car uninsured fl‘fodgt‘. Tiiiqxxumr changing gears and making a phone call.

7. Things r'eiatixen unaffected: beating the kits at t’ootoai.


texting. tOrming ChOros. ‘.'.’{liC'llllg ,‘ui'ii'ler's Crossing l" a 8. HumOrous things to be done 224th the cast's tough exter or: S‘.‘.".C""lg

lights on. hammering :n nails. leaning

on lt .n my ad and applaud ng t' e «(2

continuing to thread his man beads back on the blood; string 0‘ ". s r‘ecvsace. 9. Most impOrtant and tnr.lling of all. thii‘gs I had unkno‘.-.':r‘g\, dc "g

already in a kind of groom preparatcn

iO' :l‘lS I'lllei O 38"”9 Cal‘fd'YlS ’.'..’." C"C’

hand by gripping them tightly on the top stalk and the! Pg me: ‘i SUCK".

fonvard over the hand.

Saturday 4


0 Bottom Live ('l\de \uditoiiiiin. [innit-aim (glide iix‘i'i iizii .1oi iii

" illl‘lll L33 5” :31 5“ See I It i and [‘liW 1C“

Jongleurs Comedy Club longleuix. l'( i(‘ lltllltlllth. lx’eiitieu Street. UV” "V it'll" S l5piii ‘31; See lliu 3 hut \tl /\ host l)e\ ('laike ieplaeex l iaiikie Ho} le The Stand llie Stand. §U\\oodland\ Rudd. (ix—'tl trllli no.“ «rpm 1\ \t-t- | H Madcap Comedy Club Slate Itai. l~l.\ llollaiid SllL‘Cl. ‘)~1(\‘l:.\‘l ‘l Slipm Hit-1i Bill} lionkeis intiodueex (it-ii} (iiaiit and support


Jongleurs Comedy Club .longleuix. ()iiiiii ('eniie. (iieenxide l’lde‘c. (in—ll“ Ball—ill“ .\ Slip”) \t-c Jim 3.

The Stand llie Stand. 5 York l’laee.

55S “3‘3. ‘tprii LES. See I ii i


The Joke Box ll.lllll\ltL'\ Home. -13 Old Sneddon Street. 5(il 5‘ lll5 .\ ‘llpni l‘l'L‘L‘. St‘itllhlt (wilted) '\ dependable \lllll Ra)iiiond .\learn\ and Hex \lelean


Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service ‘l.llL' Stand. iii \Viiiidltillth Road, iisTir (too («iii s top.” iii tut Siixan .\lurra_\ and .ltilllL‘\ l‘eieuson keep the Sabbath tunn}.


Whose Lunch is it Anyway? the Stand. 5 York l’laee. 55S "3‘3. lprn. l'iee. l'i'eeloriii ltllllllllt'SS and liaiigox er lNllllSlllllfJ annex lroin l'L'\IdClll duo l’aiil Graham and Stuart Murphy

Steve Gribbin Special 'I'lie Siaiitl. 5 York l’laee. 55S "373. S. illpin. to tilt With a IMO ('I) oi eomie songs under lll\ hell. this diiiiiiiutne Seoin eoiiiedian hlendx oil-lhe—u all material “Ill! eutiinj: ohxeruitionx. See pi'e\ ien.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Night l‘ootliglitx & l‘irkin. "r Spittal Street. 33‘) 3303. ()pltl. l'lCL'. ‘l‘liL‘ \imdiiii lllllllhlel inli'odueex R;i_\inond \learns.

Monday 6


Red Raw 'llie Stand. .5 York Place. 5.55 7373. 8.30pm. L'l. \Veekl} neneoineix' \honeaxe ltii\lL‘Ll h} (iraeine lhoniax and headlined h) (‘olin Rainone.


North Lanarkshire Comedy Festival Sir John \Vllvtll lo“ ii Hall. Stirling Street. “HMS 3030‘”). Spin. {5 the textnal klt‘kx oil with l’er'i‘ier~ nominee Bruce Morton. Raynond .\learn\. John (iilliek. .\lai‘tin tk the \Vee Man and Ned .\lel'ai'lane.

Tuesday 7


0 Rob Deering and Steve Hall The l’leaxanee (‘aharei Bar. on the l’leaxanee. (i5ll ‘)|‘)5. Spin. [5 iUi. .\lu\ieal \ll'lllltllllllg and gentle gags hour the comedian \\ itli the eheexiext grin on the circuit. Roh Deering. Support tor the 9‘! 'I'lringu In I)“ lie/ore \oil I)“ \tai‘ COMICS trom neueoiner llall.

Jupp’s Juniors the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7373. 0pm. £5 iL'Jr. 3llll§ l’ei'rier .\'e\\eoiiier nominee .\lllC\ Jupp introdueex ltl\ nionthl) \liou. teaturing Sandra Johnston. ('hi'ix ('ooper. l‘AIIIHHd Tone} and Dougie Munro.

Hairy Watt Comedy Club llei'iot- \Vatt l'ni\er\it} l'iiion. Rieeartoii. 451 5333. 9pm. £3. l'neiiinproinixin; ltit\l Raynond .\learn\ lltll‘itdllt'CS the magic talent~ ol Stex en l)tL‘l\ and John Seoii. Students and gUCSh will}.

st "as Comedy


ran Mi.»

Rhona Came

kill .. «l ‘. i1.' i‘xltlt’

Bottom Live ." iii’. it’:.i'i‘-a'.t:: i.» "am their ‘flfi‘itr‘ life i,. exp I‘>l".l t'uri ‘.'.'v’il."t>r‘s (i/{iilt‘ \l/i{'\/\".'f~ bai'VH i" are {unitorsurii

.i 5'; Silt-1 UH

l'riw ' (gm i'

Glasgoiz. .‘ ' Rob Deering ‘i.‘."".e'i hen " >t ‘ltlltlil‘itl .i;: a JV spreer‘ near ,:)tl Kath his Cheshire (at style it ll. Hob Deering is l)l'(,“.l"i(} nunselt a l'iLil'l'ltélTi'ltl stair'i .ip. (L s, ant siteieswx; lite/)«'et'i:it'irr:.v,’.

[(I'i/ibu'rg/i. i'u'e / ()a‘t.

Alan Parker that lttlt: bear'rii, ‘.'.’(‘:il<l*, Simon Murine", reincai'riates h's punk rock anarchist guise for one .'.eekend only. [he Sta/id. (Eit'i‘;g<)'.',; 1/21; F) (‘2 Sun l.” Oct; the Stand. [ti/ribzirglr. /ri ll) (‘2 Sat 7,7 ()(gf.

Mandy Knight lil’;lill‘}(l. Outrageous tei'iale comedians don't get "ltitl‘. better, lnis gay friendi, crot'xd Jib-“'1 kito‘x.’ \.'./'riat's hit. ll. llie .‘ii‘ar‘ri. Idinbiirgh. llit} 7-1 Oct; fhe Satori. Glamour. l'/ed 75> ()ct.


North Lanarkshire Comedy Festival \‘eii lil\‘.ll ll.ill. lJtiill \\.i}. \oi'th ('.iihi.iiii Road. lilti‘lS WNW) Spin L5 lll‘l(' \ev. ('oined} \\\.ilil llll.ill\l l)e\ \leleaii headlines. \kllll hatkinj: lioin John l'llltl. John (lllllle. ('liiis Hiooiiilield and Quentin l{e_\iio|d\

Wednesday 8

Glasgow The Stand lmprov the \lttlltl. 4“ “tit Kll.1[]\l\ Rudd, lib-ill (\l ll) (ill55 Uplll Ll iUi Join the Stand l’l.i}L'l\ as the} embark on a guest into mined} \ great unknown


Comedy Shorts llie Stand. 5 York Place. .555 “333. 0pm L-l iUi. the Blue Room presents a \liouease ot short wrired} lllllh h} neu and L'Slltl‘lhllcd tiliriniakerx

Thursday 9


Laugh @ the Union Slitilliel'ule l'nnerxii} l'nion. (Hi John Street. 553 lS‘)5. Spin. "3 Michael \lelzxian lltti‘odtlL‘L‘\ .\lll\L' lieg k. Robin ('othllix and Duncan ()akle} tor the second instalment oi lltlx ‘'h' eaharet Siudenh and gut-xix onl}.