The Arches, Glasgow. Fri 10 Oct

Internet-based station Radio Magnetic is an example of the kind of modern media form that shows its respect for the diversity of dance music experiences on offer in Glasgow. With between 150,000 and 200,000 regular listeners, it's definitely not just a glorified pirate station. It's a future institution on a full-time mission to disassemble previous notions of what modern electronic music means.

It‘s bringing its unique approach to the Arches, one of the spiritual homes of dance music in Britain, in a regular capacity with its club night, Magnetic Interference. It promises to be rather interesting, with electro rock‘n’roll star T Raumschmiere appearing alongside home boys Percy X and Jim Hutchison of Soma records. On consecutive dates in November and December, they will be luring Chicks on Speed frontwoman Angie Reed, and then a double bill of prestigious, breaking hip hop talent in the run- up to Christmas. The future looks bright.

One of the station's directors, Tom Lousada, talks about Radio Magnetic‘s unique position in terms of broadcast and club night crossovers. ‘I think that as a radio station, we have a special opportunity to put on nights and outside broadcasts that change genres, that challenge people. We‘ve never wanted to be categorised as a house music station, because we've got so

much more going on, like jazz shows, broken beat, hip hop. One of the station‘s key objectives is to promote eclecticism. That's the thinking behind Magnetic Interference at the Arches, which is a chance for the station to branch out. We‘ve put on so many great outside broadcasts for other people, like at Pressure, Manga, nights at the Sub, that we wanted to cross over from broadcasting to putting

the nights on ourselves.‘

It‘s understandable that the station’s aspirations have turned from covering other people’s nights to putting on its own. The night with T Raumschmiere is

THE .101! or DECKS Venue, Edinburgh, Fri 3 Oct

Roni Size better than Simon Cowell


Punk ethics and a bright future, T Raumschmiere

the latest project, and the sense of anticipation permeates the station and the venue alike. Radio Magnetic programme director Dougal Perman expresses his excitement about the coming dates. ‘Some of the best things that we, as a station, have done are the regular outside broadcasts, like those from the Triptych dates. You can really hear the atmosphere on our web archives, and now we want that to come across at our own night with Raumschmiere. He's still the drummer in a punk band, so we think that ethic is really going to work on this night.‘ (Johnny Regan)

The Stanton Warriors

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THE CCA IS PUTTING ON A DAY Of hip hop action on 11 October as part of Black History Week. It's divided into two parts, and we have ‘the Lesson‘ from 11am-5pm offering demos. workshops and master-classes in graffiti art, rapping, urban dance, scratching and more. Then at night things turn into a more raucous affair with the ‘the Message‘ - an under 18s night featuring DJ Bunty and local band the Black Panthers (7-9pm). This is followed by an over 18s night from 10.30pm-3am as the Big Dada Tour hits Glasgow with Mr Thing, Afrika Bambaataa, Lotek HiFi and more (see Glasgow Life and listings for more info).


PERHAPS B ITAIN’S BIGGEST club brand Cream is back for a one off 11th birthday party on 11 October down at its old haunt, Nation in Liverpool. The line-up, as you might expect, is huge, with Tiesto, Tall Paul, Pete Tong, Sander Kleinenberg and Stanton Warriors among others, with more to be announced. Tickets cost £21.50 (£16.50) but then it does run from 10pm—Gam (available from Ticket Master 0870 902 0001).

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