East West Dialogue Sat 4 Wed 3 ()ci tdaily noon— 5pm). Members of (ilasgow's Project Ability and lidinburgh's Stepping Stones explore the stigma of mental ill health in this eollaboraliye sculptural installation. NEW SHOW.


3 Dundas Street. 556 6197. Tue Sat

noon -6pm.

East West L'ntil Fri 3 Oct. Recent watercolours by Andrew Brown. Midsummer Sutherland Sat 4- Hi 3| ()ct. New landscape paintings by Day id ('ook.


Palace ()f Holyroodhotise. 556 5 100. Daily 9.3(Jaiii—6pm.

Faberge L'ntil Sun l2()ct.£-1t£2~£3): family ticket 1: It); under 5s free. The newly opened Queen's (iallery presents an exhibition of over 300 pieces drawn from the Royal Collection of works by ('arl Faberge. the greatest Russian jeweller and goldsmith of the late I‘Jth and 20th century. Faberge rey'iy'ed traditional techniques of enamelling. multicoloured gold decoration and the use of carved semi-precious hardstones. bringing them together iii his own unique style. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


(‘lerk Street. 668 2(ll‘). MoneSat lt)am—5.3()prn.

Gillian Drinkwater t‘ntil Mon 27 ()ct. Recent paintings.


-16 Dundas Street. 556 2228. Mon Fri lt).3()am-S.3()pm; Sat 10am—4pm. Mixed Exhibition Sat 4--'l‘hii 30 ()ct. New paintings by Barbara Balmer. (ireer Ralston and Jason Campbell.


-12 Victoria Street. 477 3255. Daily l().3t)am—7pm.

Contemporary Artists that Fri 2-: ()ct. Set up by Jason Redman. Edinburgh's newest gallery opens wiili a changing selection of works by tip-and- coming local artists including work by newly graduated students from lidinburgh College of Art. The show features works in mixed media. painting. drawing. photography. artists books and jewellery. RIAS GALLERY

l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 75-15. Mon—Fri 9am-5pm (except local batik holidays).

From Sketch to Sculpture t'ntil l‘l‘l 2-1 Oct. An exhibition of drawings from the Scollish Architects' Papers l’r'eseryation Project which looks at how sculpture plays an integral role iii a btiildiiig.


(i7 Morrison Street. 338 271)“.

A Small Slice of Life t'iitil Sun In ()ct. Photographs by ()liy ta Rutherford documenting her recent trips for ('adogaii tray el guide books.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lny'erleith llouse. lnyerleith Row, 552 7l7l. l)aily ltlani 5.30pm.

Julian Schnabel: Paintings, Sculpture and Photographs t'iitii Sun 26 ()ct ilnyerleith llousci. .v\merican artist and filmmaker tlimi/tu'ur. “(Ii/IT .\'i'glir l’ullii Julian Schnabel has his first solo show iii Scotland since the Sits. The show features paintings on tarpaulin. customised surfboards and large-scale Polaroids of himself. his dogs and his family.

Charmain Pollock - Papermalting l'ntil Stiti (J .\'o\ tlishibition Halli. ('harmain Pollock esplores the landscape of botli rural and urban central belt Scotland. collecting materials and inyesiigating found objects within her papermaking. This eyhibition w ill incorporate workshops and demonstrations.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings ('iallcry. Itit) Princes Street. 225 lStll. .\lon l-‘ri ltlam 6pm.

The Competition t‘iitil l‘ri 3! ()cl. Specially commissioned 'behind the scenes' photographs ol recent RUSI. Annual Music ('ompetiiion finals by photojournalist Richard Smith.


The Mound. 62-1 6200. .-\d\ance bookitig tlS"tt1)t)6 3770. Stiii —\\'ed ltlatn 6pm; Thu Sat Itiam 8pm.

Monet: The Seine and the Sea - Vétheuil and Normandy 1878-1883 l'ntil Sun 26 ()ct. £8.51) (925.50»; family ticket £2t) tunder l2s freer. The restored and refurbished Royal Scottish Academy reopens tn grand siy Ie with this major e\hibition of around 0t) paintings by the l-‘rench Impressionist Claude Monet. Organised by the National Gallery of Scotland. it is the first eshibition to examine the period 1373 ISSR when Monet was at the peak of his career. A painter of great \‘tiriely. the show features

rural scenes of Vetheuil including his famous group of canyases ol the ice lloes on the Seine iwhich preiigured his lily paintingsi and seascapes of the Normandy coast. Hanging alongside Monet‘s works are a small selection of paintings dedicated to l‘rench landscape painters whom Monet admired. including (‘aniille ('arot. (iustaye ('ourber and (‘harles l‘rancois l)atibigny. A Pleasing Prospect: A History of the Mound and its Building t'ntil Sun 26 ()ct. :\n e\hibiiion locusing on the history of the site on which the National (iallery of Scotland and its sister btiildiiig. the newly refurbished Royal Scottish Academy were built in the mid 10th century.

Helen Frankenthaler: Paintings on Paper (1949-2002) l'ntil Stiii 26 ()ct. £51£350t under l2s free lllllltii 225 667] l. The first ey er Scottish showing of oycr -1t) paintings on paper by the influential American artist. llelen l‘rankenthaler. who came lillt) prominence in the 50s for her stained-technique paintings.

New Associates t'iitil Sun It) ()ct. £5 t£35tli1under l2s free tliifo: 225 667l i. A group show of new works by recently elected associate members of the Royal Scottish Academy including Joe l‘an. (iareth Fisher. Malcolm l’raser arid John .\ .\lackechnie.

The RSA and its Heritage l'niil Sun 26 ()ct tliifo: 225 6671i. In the newa restored RS.»\ btiildiiig. an eshibition looking at the acti\ ities and achieyements of the Royal Scottish Academy oycr the last |7S years.


I61)tindas Street. 553 I200. Mon in Want 6pm; Sat Itlarii -1pm.

David Mitchie Mon 6 Wed 2‘) ()ct. New paintings by lidinburgh painter.

Day id Mitchie featuring studies of

e\ ery day life from bathers on the beach to market stall sellers. NEW SHOW

New Wave - Wales: Scotland ll .\lon 6 Wed 2‘) Oct. The second of three planned joint shows between the Scottish (iallery and the Rtitliiii (iallery in Wales. featuring \l\ designers from each gallery and including ceramics. textiles arid jewellery.

Graham Crimmins .\ion is Wed 2‘) ()ct. A series of abstract sily'er brooches by lidinburgh silyersniith. (irahain ('rimrnins.

SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY 5 ('richton's ('lose. ('anongate. 557 2876. Mott—l-‘ri ltiaiii--6piii; Sat noon -1pm.

listings Art

The Hirta Portfolio t'iitil Sat I \oy ;\n eyhibition oi a hand-inadc. limited edition portfolio oi poetry and etchings by w ritei llill Duncan and artist Stisan \\ ilson_ inspired by the lite arid history of the iiiatii St Klltld island

The Hirta Portfolio Hm 2 ()ct. “,Rttpiii {i tL'2i .\ reading and walk around the eshibition w ith the creators Stisaii \\ ilson and Bill Duncan


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 llarnaway Street. 225 S111. _\lon lit 2 5pm

The Square Root of 2 that I'll it Oct .\ site specific installation created by (‘liarles \yciy comprising a sculpture work and “all based draw irtgs


5S Ratclillc Terrace. 6h“ l‘ltiti .\loii l'rr ‘laiii 6pm; Sat ltlaiii 5pm.

Mixed Show trial in :1 ()cl. New work by local artists including :\lison .‘\llltl|tl. llelen Jackson. Riilia l.ee. Kelly Stewart arid l'.\s.ill Spit'rai.


23 ('ockbiirn Street. 622 621“). Daily llaiii 6pm

0 Welcome Back Sat -1 Oct Sat 32 .\'o\. Stills welcoiiies back lotir ot the 2” artists who contributed to /t'IlIlHltl/’. Scotland first pay ilioii at the Venice liiennale. Beagles tk Ramsay present ('Iirt'tt/ist't/ Dreamy, a poster ol tinr'ealisable artists‘ projects in the y isual style of Leonardo da \ inci. Katy l)o\e presents a short digital film Jim and Dan Norton's lt’.-l.1l.\'litiil is one of \l\ interner-specilic works which will be presented in an installation setting See llitlisi. Ni Si it


2| l.isiiiore ('t'estenl. l’arsoris Green. 02” 33-1-1.

Steve Duval {mil in 210a. lidinbtirgh-based artist Steyc l)usal is nest tip to join the Tag Team lzsperiinent. John Timberlake l'ntil Hi 21 Nos. Recent work.


l'niycrsity ol lidinburgh. South Bridge. 6502211). .\lon Sat ltiain Spin; Stiii

2 Spin,

Frances Walker: Passing Islands l'ntil Sat 1 .\'o\. A new series of drawings and pairititigs resulting from recent sisits to some of Scotland's uninhabited islands. l'it'orlt St Kilda and Sittlltl lo the Islands ol Neayc and Roan. her works capture the riiagic and mystery of these formerly inhabited places.

Marianne Greated: Coast l'iitil Sat 1 .\'oy trouiid i'ooini. ('o-tounder ol (ilasgow 's Sw itchspace. Marianne (ireated. presents a series ol drawings and paintings on the theme of coastal pollution and erosion ol Scotland's coastline. The work is a collaboratiye science and art project and includes scientific analysis by l’rolcssor (The (heated.




Presented by 5 Sited «-

The Pentagon Centre, Washington Street, The Broomielaw, Glasgow G3 8A2

Private View: 02/10/03 6-9pm Exhibition Open: 29/09/03 - 31/10/03 Warehouse Spaces: 12noon - 6pm Wednesday - Friday

Foyer in Pentagon Centre:

93m - 6pm Monday - Friday

2—"; Oct 2903 THE LIST 91