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How to lose a Guy in 10 days Hunted

Shanghai Knights Heart of Me Barbershop

Welcome to Collinwood

L'Homme du Train

Just a Kiss Vlad Cradle 2 the Grave

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O E IN THE AFTERNOON (15) 97mm 00.

Vive la DVD! Another coup for classic cinema this month with the re-release of two great films by Eric Rohmer. One of the true instigators of the French New Wave, Rohmer always set out portray the sour truths that lie at the heart of his deceptively soft romantic dramas.

Made in 1972. Love in the Afternoon was the last of the Rohmer’s Moral Tales in which the male characters find themselves playing Russian roulette with a significant other woman. It details the story of a happily married businessman who is lured into a liaison with a bohemian drifter from his past. Although it‘s a comedy. there are dark undertones as Rohmer explores the emotional conflicts of modern relationships and the wayward human heart.

From 1987 the César-nominated My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend was the great man‘s final instalment from his Comedies and Proverbs series. What comes on like a feather-light comedy actually echoes with themes of infidelity, resurrection. redemption and perverted kismet. Omnipresent in both films is Rohmer's obsession with the shifting dynamics of


1H1. iii."


loyalty and desire between friends and lovers and the sensual and

intellectual pleasure the characters take in talking about it. The visual

nuances, insightful dialogue and raw interpretation of quotidian life make for two sexy, funny and thought-provoking films. (Susannah McMicking)

A MAN APART (18)110min

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VIN DIESEL figEtAND. A MAN AP GIANTS ' '4'...“- ' (N/A)141min


15mé'fOREY's HIGH (15) 150mm