undervalue/tr Sean lock. this series follows

the unadventures of two men thrown together In a l ondon looks imagination runs

tower block

absolute not as he dreams up wonderfully subtle comedy in swrrnmrnr; pools. fish markets and lrtts, ably zssrsted by' the rnasterlyr rand drsgr‘aeetully/ undervaluedr Benedict Wong. That the DVD has no extras rs the only' drsar)porntrnent. You susper:t that Sean Just eouldn't be arsed. (Brian Donaldson)



(15) 87min

lUnrversal Pretur'es Video DVD retarlr .00


If anyone ever ‘.'.rrrtes a book about poems adapted for the (interim. you (:an be sure it'll be a slim volume. Taking; up a chapter or two would be Adrian Sinclair‘s 1971 version of the Irte-rna day ode to a fictional Welsh Village written by Dylan Thomas in 1913-1 and much snrggered at rn Classrooms ey'er

Like the original, the film rs a lusty and funny caricature. both loving and satirical. but it's also stagy and over- lrteral. Its strength rs as an ensemble piece. which makes nonsense ot the star billing for a preposterous Elizabeth Taylor" and a bizarrely enigmatic Richard Burton. File under qun‘ky. (Mark Frsherl



BBC1, Fri 17 Oct. 9pm .0

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About s-y .ears ado. .Jennrte' Saunders and the <;re.'.' o‘ international siteorr srr‘ash hit Absolute/y Iaburrrus announced they were lay'rno do.'.n their darmsh outtrts and beakers of Boll, for the last trrne, durttrno '.'.'hr|e ahead after a mere 18 episodes. It only the, had stuek to therr promise Now lrrnprnd back onto our sereens tor a trtth series. with the rokes isorry. joke. stretehed to the very brink of f§'l£i[)[)|lltl, l drr‘a. Patsy and (ilttllt‘f‘. are more ear-bieedrndry shrill than ever.

Maybe in its day A!) lab (:ould be venerated for Its outrageously (:amp. aeerbrt: brtehrness. But these days. surth n‘ean sprr'rted sduax'xkrnu rs two a penny on telly. And relying; on a string; of (:elebrrty' (tanteos. such as l mn‘a Bunton as one ot [*(ldr's PR elrents. rs a sure—tire sign of desperation. This y'xheel rs most definitely no longer on lire.

(Allan Hadelitter


Scottish, Fri 17 Oct. 9pm 00

The first episode ot’ the six-part POT. starts and finishes wrth Jarr‘es D‘Arcy (trying. Captured hy' the Germans in 19-10 he is delryered to a POW camp y-rhere a halt-arsed escape attempt lea‘. es hrn‘. yaeeprng as he is

r . 1. 1 : ' '1 '7’ 1,12' , ' ' I . r ' I; \ i- .,.’,' 1 1 r of. r r I 6' 1,, :1 | n l i u 'r z.) ‘0, . r r z n i n I I ' I l‘/ r‘ r ° ;. 0 1 u ,.. . . . .'T ' 1 I 2' ° 1 ' ' z ' . ' 1/ r ‘7 : i 1‘ ’, v ., r I v Q 2 ' ‘, : o | r 1 "' v o a' i i " ' , ' I. I ' r o v ’ly(1r . .- rr : ,I\ 1.: ‘r r I r 1, i ‘r I. . ' “we :- 1'} «- '\.' : . ' ' :I 1.1! a'r'tt-h :.'.' t: : - " .. " " " ::‘_' ' (1"'l"’- ' :r r ’.: '~ . ' :r‘r r»: ,'rt-':r ' :wr‘. : "r t '-: ' ' T" 'Ow;1‘y’: 0", .O T: r ' 0 drr : r D111 7 . z r. I ' [y ‘tr' r! ('z/f (‘rv’('ir “ha, " ' . " u 'o' 'l ‘I '1 I o r l 'Y : 1' ' 'r' ’W}“.f’;rlaea"’t’t-mr-‘Tv I .t',:" :"piww : »'t":v tr‘lt’.‘ " 17:“..ll/ .1“ " ‘r‘ (In. {‘2' I .41 ' 'l' ' I i‘ 2 ': 'f " .' ' ' n I’.’ "' ' and ar‘r‘u'atz- ‘;-:‘.. tt‘i' t‘r’ rt”. ll‘v " ' "' ' w" ' a ‘t \t‘. lilo: 's l>t~rtn<r a" 1 fans a'tw tr": at": t'tfwrvstir“: :' ’_ f, '1' “1+ : ~' ' « t .r'rr t .t to harm; tr:<;._,-‘."e' ttgt'fs.i"-.'.lti-r‘l‘.1";.:" "."-- f'af ' .': ' ll -- .tl‘l Nothr'tillakr: [’V-(r’r‘fif wi‘lwxm’itvsteak 2.: .7" ' : "i l" [matte T!‘r.~". fillivt'..r’1.tfl, .'.a..'-':arr ,r' .n : 'f‘w w-n' .'.:t" 2;; ' 'A'rrra SS'irprr‘ar‘ ‘Ll.'Y‘t.'{’1'?ll“.,‘illl,‘.'. as " f3 "a." M an. A“ i .11 t_ V fllfit'VlillHdrI)“f;"(.()'\('l a ".:\~’-""‘«:.t"'.. tea rrtv'.l"rr.'*“.e'.t nlwl5.r(.(,tr,’.zr’\trurir ., m I, , , ARTWORKS- anuanarmt..eu'lrar :razrau' wta~ i '1‘ . 'I {it'll '('.(.’\/."Ilfyi'1(', .Jtllll‘r. Sr. li‘e'tfltt (1" [‘;'Illr1"<: 'rt'l..l< v' '~"l'¢'f."lul BBC2 Sun19 Oct :eissgi‘.ef'retrrbuteshn :.‘<tr:’rl"v'l"flahiffr-t‘~ .17"!‘.?il‘»f'.ltlxl""ltt‘ 10pm ... .atw. lit.?"ll-.,-t.;es lxr ra' 'trs’x ', resuru .rnrer .fantr..,ra.l shoulrt t t.’ r: 11")“ l\7 rr"1tr_.iti I for". l1ZK‘T’WQ’” \)- Mi o’ l ht. y? 00." v [X 1::FQ'KIO'lf‘,‘ 'T ll'l' t..'. .V' 'T r'. .. ‘,' ',.'r| “31;. i‘ nthlr n11 F)t’l1|[)<l't' rilt’t tntttritlrr /\r11'l 1‘. ll 1' 11’ LH‘lHTE {.5 l".12 l.‘!\l‘:!

BBC1, Mon 20 Oct.


WITH MURDER Channel 4. Mon 27

In ADM}. Mount Oct‘ 9pm .... Vesuuurs l)t(?{ttjl‘t}(1 Its ‘.oi<:anr(: load onto the 7.244%, ,r:ars at)» tiir- lllliStrfSIXKltll‘rt; people of tlr,':1r'r‘r,~'rfar‘.17ers ldy'rrn Morg'an o<:(:up:es ttte (:rt, 0" Porr‘perr and follo.-.e:r: a srrre/‘tl'ir'. M

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hearts. “(KURT .‘.'lllltkll populace were .’:.'.'r‘.'.r;'/l fififatfl. fo'

SOCIAL l)()(1tl.’.1l NTAHY ALT TV: CLOWNS IN DA HOOD '4 Channel 4, Fri 17 Oct, 7.30pm 000

' .. ' Clowns with attitude.

Fear not, this is not a cringeworthy take on the great Ice Cube movie. Nor is it a tale concerning the fall-out from Ronald McDonald being dropped in favour of Justin Timberlake round the Golden Arches. It's actually something altogether more peculiar.

Clowning is a new phenomenon that has caught the imagination of thousands of young people all over California. and in particular it has struck a chord with the young black residents of South Central LA. Superstar snapper David LaChapelle has brought his video camera to the projects to capture the action.

Clowning is a form of dancing, which is done to a hip hop soundtrack and marries the techniques of breaking, body popping, jiving and even stripper dancing, to wild effect. Moves are thrown together and quickened to a near violent pace. What is most appealing here is that the art of clowning has been adopted by many as a channel for frustrations and anger which otherwise would find an ultimately negative outlet. 80, they form groups and paint their faces in ostentatious style but the group is strictly anti- gangs, drugs and guns.

While the point is pretty much made in the opening few minutes, LaChapelle sensibly indulges us with extended sequences of the dancers battling it on the dancefloor; a thought that too infrequently occurs to documentary makers. We also get to meet the phenomenon's originator - Tommy the Clown - a former gangbanger who would look out of place in a circus. An odd, if uplifting tale of empowerment and expression despite crushing lack of opportunity. (Mark Robertson)

1’, C ,' (/3: THE LIST 111