The top five in timely time pieces

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()rr'ently the best sellrng brand In watch <;rr<;!es. tn 3; lot;er (leSIgr‘ cornbrnes analogue arms ~.vrth a scrollrng digital second hand drsplay l’he rollrng motror‘. won't ard trrrre rnonrtorrng after a few down your local. but at. .‘mrtlr rr‘../estr'rg rrr rf rust for the groov,’ crgar trn presentatron box Diesel 027025 5'595). www tIrese/trrrrefrarnes corn A cross befu'reer: the retro designs of the [)resel range and the rrrorfer'rrty of Phrlrppe Starck. thrs leather *.‘.'at<;.'r as a particularly good smart meets casual nybrrd What's more. rt allows you to swap between a rrurrreral and analogue drgrtal drsplay. Casio Wrist Camera $249.99. www.casrocorrr If you thought carrreras on mobrle phones were the very latest rn drgrtal technology. then thrnk agarn. Thrs Casro offerrng has a I)urlt»rrt camera. allowmg you to send colour rmages to a PC or a srrnrlar watch. It's water resrstant and holds up to 100 rmages. Laks Memory £799. wwwl AKScorn

lrme tellrng rs so one drmensronal. lhrs desrgn doubles as a portable computer memory bank. Wave goodbye to floppy drsks and CD Roms as you carry (311MB of memOry around on your wrrst, Very Bond. James Bond. rMaureen Ellrsr I A// desrgns available from Watch. 3 Forrest Road. Edinburgh, 0737 220 :34 I 4. wwwwatchcorrt-Pt


Take tips from the most sartorially elegant movie of the year

It's drffrcult to rmagrne. when you look at people waddlrng through the Saturday malarse of abused shoppers that once peeple may have had some taste. even prrde. rn therr wardrobe.

Across the pond the early 1960s was a tune of drusron and drffusron: the Cold War strll seemed We a gentleman's board game. corporatrons were wholesome exercrses rn busrness acumen and mast ImpOrtantly. shrploads of European fabrics were arrrvrng every day. The result on AUTOYICZNI fashion was stunnrng: the drabness of the ~10s gave n'ray to a (:ertarn lapel. colour and cuff darrrrg rn the 550s

Separates and frne cloth made all the drfference to the lrfes‘tyles of the rrredrum rrch and famous. It was a fashron template that drrector Peyton Reed and Ms costume desrgrrer Danrel Orlandr worked from rn Down Wrt/r Love.

Orlandr has feverrshly tarIOred a blur of rnoharr sweaters. whirl; skrrts. pedal pushers. fia’rl'gat‘ sets. madras Jacket. DOuffant slrps. Italran sharkskrn. caprr pants. ruffled rrb trcklers. Berrr‘uda collars and the finest Srlk. It rs a wond guarded by three holy sprrrts and a holy ghost: Jean-Lou's. Rag. Ag“a,ra':. Grvenchy and BalenCraga. Needless to say. rt Sure dont c0me cheap. Vrntage can CCCGSIC'TaII‘, pass muster. but then rt was the Jet Age. Daddyo. a tune when 'new' and ‘soarklrng' were byrsrords for perfectron. (Paul Daler


Spend. spend. spend. ..

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE of Art graduate Lyndsey Scott IS the latest Scottish faShron expert to wow 'em down SOuth. The Fashron and Textrles alumna was awarded the TopshOp Hrgh Street Excellence Award at thrs year's London Fashron Week Scott's trademark approach rs a mrx of femrnrne clothrng wrth a maSCUlrne edge a style we hope to be hearrng more about rn the near future.

I THOSE PRINCESSES of UK garage, Mis- Teeq, have been

drafted in by Reebok to front a new advertising campaign. The trio will follow in the footsteps of 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Mary J Blige to help in Reebok’s efforts to fuse the images of music and sport. Reebok’s latest line of womenswear will hit the shops in November, and Mis- Teeq are scheduled to make personal appearances in stores throughout the country. See

I IF CRUISES RECENT birthday celebrations put y0u in the mood to party. there are plenty mOre Opponunitres to get the gladrags on rn the comrng months. First up rs the UConcept Charity Ball rn aid of the Chrldren's Hosprce

Assooation of Scotland. It's strictly fancy dress only. and will take place on Sun 19 Oct at the Kelly Cooper Bar in


Glasgow EOr more rnformatr0n emarl lyndseywuconceptco. uk. Looking further ahead. Money Advrce Scotland IS hosting a 'Dress Fer Less' fashron evenrng. Takrng place at Arta. agarn rn Glasgow. on Tue I 1 Nov rt Will feature affOrdable clothes. champagne cocktarls. comedy and lots of goodre bags for mom, rnf0rmatron call 0141 572 0237 or email fashionshow'airnoney advrcescotland.orguk

I A QUICK FASHION tit-bit: Topshop has proclaimed tweed to be the material of choice for winter. Winter wardrobes should be brimming with chunky trews and heavy flannel skirts. Stock up at

I IF YOU HATE BEING caught short With a low mobile battery. then gadget websrte rwantoneofthosecom could have ,-ust the thing IOr you. Its Solar Powered Phone Charger rs an ultra- compact dewce which stores free energy from sunshrne. which can then be used to charge your rnobrle. All you need rs seven hours of Sunlrght for one hour of

talk time. Or daylrght. handily.

I ALL MANNER OF weird and wonderful freebies make their way to the Shopping desk. But none more so than the new fag papers from Flizla. Encased in an ultra- snazzy silver packet, the new King Size designs are described as the holy grail of ciggie papers - they're the thinnest papers ever produced and are so fine they are transparent. The silver packets reach the shops at the beginning of October and you can see for yourself at