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This is .1 Christmas vacancy. 6 week period orin 5 cadOgan Square' 2in.iles required Ages I9-26 “ll-ill “I‘lllll‘l ‘5 y BlythSWOOd court)» Theatrical type of person sought . _ ( “*l‘: b “' ly- ‘( "‘l "I ‘1 "\\ PM” .' Glasgow. Must be good with children “W “:1 “my” “mm I‘m" COUnC' SL'ctittlY chew Will be mm? W JAMFS . Must be familiar With the character of Mr Ttiiitntis. the frillll, lIOII‘ ~ ~/ Refugee Week CO-Ordlnator the bookThe Lion. the Witch and the W.irdrobe Person will / /( / (7 \‘( I (Part time hours per week) have to dress :is this character Must have non-ht” y chest .ill'l _— ' h '\ Salary pro_rata 6 per hour) not be bashful' Costume Will be Prowded Hours .‘iI'L' | lam until ) I :‘L‘l‘j: Il'fqh'gf'. ff.” a h l . . S30pm. with lhr lunch break Hours will be extended when ' U Inlnally to MarCh required eg late night SllOppllI‘): ' El, .4 ! SRC requires an efficient and imaginative co-ordinator Wage . £5 50 p i, pm formlgmly H I“'r‘~“" i' " to assist in the promotion of Refugee Week 2004. You Appi-ox' 56 hours per week ' ' r", l will have significant experience of event management. Split into 28 hours each 7 days .1 week ' . f. M effective networking. be organised. self-motivated Start date - Sat IStIi November . «1' c. . . t a - and be able to work well in a team. Finish date - Wednesday 24th December :r'.':-~- '-l-t'v ~ '- v " Empathy and understanding of issues affecting FOl' more lllIOl‘lll-WOH 1‘ relUgees are essential. Hannah Qtiarritby M.\"fi([‘(ll‘.): Mariam-v ( t-ritrt- M.iiui,'_e"‘t-"t 8..'tt- St ~‘ 3'1" '»~'-;"‘ 3'1' l I" l ' I . f d 1 M h b Shoplnni’. Centre. leittt Street. lili'tlxi'fil‘ till 388 “Mi! MU’I’T’ l H 'l' l '5 9°?! '5 '"'t'.a. y “we .to 3 are . “t W' Te|:0|3l 557 0050 Fax O|3| 558 3483 Mob 078I6| 457|5 5 M . be seeking additional funding to extend this ' '- ~' ' appointment to July 2004. Applications packs are available from Penny Goddard. Assistant to Resource Manager. at the above address or by tel. 0141 248 9799. Email: ref.week(a‘ The closing date for all applications is 3 November 2003 The SRC aims to be an Equal Opportunities Employer. F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L


Information and Development

Officer . . 5a.a,y-£21,753m £25,018 Come and join the new team

An opportunity to contribute to HIV policy and sexual health. Working three days with HIV Scotland and two on Healthy Gay Scotland activny. you Will

- contribute to HIV policy and strategic responses

We are looking for skilled and experienced staff to join our talented production team for the 2004 season under the leadership of Steve

- support the HIV voluntary and community sector Carlin, our new Head of Production and Resources. Famed for our

- support and develop HIV Scotland's Healthy Gay Scotland high production values and stunning location in Highland Perthshire, protect . . .

. promote and develop ewdence based interventions we can offer passmn, a commitment to quality, a great team and a

The successful candidate will have great place to work. We are looking for.

° knowledge of HIV and of the related policy context ° good understanding of health promotion '

° experience of working creatively 8. collaborativer - good informational and IT skills

Closing date 3rd November.

Interviews scheduled for 19th November 0 utter

Ear infgrmtation and an application form, contact evrn co ' '

tel 0131 558 3713 TEChnlcal ASSIStant HIV Scotland

Suite 2, Beaverhall House 27 Beaverhall Road

EDINBURGH For job descriptions and application details please phone 01796 484600 SHINE . or email

email . . . Closrng date for applications: 4th November. HulthyGayScofllnd