promoting and developing perfOrming arts f0r children in Scotland

seeks an experienced MARKETING MANAGER

To create and manage the campaign for the Bank of Scotland Children's International Theatre Festival

The appomtment begins in January 2004 for an initial six-month contract

with the possibility of extension Salary/Fee £9,000

For an information pack or to discuss the post in more detail please call 0131 225 8050 or email Closing date for applications: Friday 14th November 2003

Charity Number 8C016437

Scott‘s“ . '(iDlNBVKGH° Arts Councrl : ~. ..

Improving Life for a Living

If you are energetic. passionate and have a will of steel, this job is perfect for you. Our street fundraisers are paid

£7 per hour to start, with the potential to earn up to £28 per hour helping to raise Emillions each year for worthy causes.

We welcome applications from anyone between the ages

of 18 - 75 in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. Full and part time positions available.

CALL ANYTIME on 0141 337 2938

and make a difference.


’4' m NW .\ mm,

What did you do this summer?

Did it make a difference?

If ‘.t‘u can spare a couple of hours once a week. during the exerting or at the ‘.'.(X?kt?l1(1. then Big Brothers 8. Sisters ntxxls yeti...

Vie it'atide adult woluriteer mentors to (:l‘ildren aged (5 to 16 frorr‘ lone t‘avent fan‘ilies, Being a n‘entoi is about being a n‘ate. IIZI‘HIIQ a laugh and doina exemiat things like paying t<x>tt>aii. ‘nsrtirtq gai~ leries a! just hating a chat

You timid ri‘ake a huge difference to a you'vg person‘s life.

We are particulartt snort of n‘ale mentors - althtxrgh we ‘.'.(3IL:()71‘.(} all applications. Visit our website or contact:

Glasgow: Amanda Kaple 0141 248 4349 Sinburgh: Pegs Bailey 0131 556 26.:6

big brothers 8 Sisters

1 18 THE LIST ‘t‘tt‘u‘t‘ith Oct .3003


National Museums of Scotland


quality of our museum sites. find new. ways to mare our accessrble and attract a larger and broader aiiuiilr‘ria

Closing date: 7 November 2003

Further information and an application pack may be obtained by telephoning 0131-247 4094 iar‘isv'ierphonel or by sending gm (3 mail to (lDDIlCEiIlORS’Q‘lTIITSfiCJJk. Please state clearly the post you are (ID[)I\|.'“2{ tor and quote reference NMS 03/26. An Equal Opportunities Employer

The National Museums of Scotland aims to be a world mass 'l‘leul' sertice which educates. infomts OITCI inspires. Ow: the past leadership of a new Director; we have IMZ‘t‘I‘. redefiirii‘g our \EtSlt‘!‘ a' a; priorities and begun reshaping Oll'S(?I\t“$ as an r‘ir;‘,:iit:s,itioi‘ aid Ill‘.‘. operate. We intend to enhance our serxices tr‘ the [Illi‘iltfl 'Illl)'(".t‘ fltr‘

‘v“fQ-I 'Ii..

i t‘iEIi'i’. LIKII‘IH 1‘.

Marketing and Communications Assistant c £16k per annum plus final salary or stakeholder pension

You wrll be an enthusiastic. self starter who \‘.lI| {)ltiflfir' assistant ii ti~ 'rii- Marketing and Communications team, to help ll‘i(L.’t’(ISt‘ usitov r improw awareness of the NMS brand, and maintain a high IIIt‘iIlti profile You will be involved in a vade range of tasks, from Ild'KIIlI‘L’) l(:l_lIlI.r' inertia enquiries to ensuring; that our rarth of promotional material lt‘titiilt‘s‘ Ull'

target audiences.

A relevant degree or equivalent is desirable. You should haw at least

12 months experience in a public relations. iiiarketri‘g: or media lt'ItIIlfll‘S setting. You should hate a positive and creative z-ipproach. .‘.IIII a 'iirgiis ()Il achrevmg results. You should be able to manage yourself aizu proiiarts to meet tight deadlines. and have the ability to work as part of a It'rilll You '.‘.III bean excellent communicator. well organised and comfortable with lC'l

Edinburgh FH‘ "W


Gallery Assistant

[voluntary positionI

3 days per week

Deadline for applications: Friday 31 October Interwew date: Wednesday 5 Novomvor Start date: Wednesday 12 November

to apply tel. 0131 2201260


Salty Do is a Bar openqing infizi NOW RECRUITING: Full-time Cocktail Full and Part-time APPLY NOW:

citing new Restaurant

Head Chefs / Assistant Head Chefs

Salty Do .14 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow 012 0TB T. 0141 2 4 0706 or email:

Actors - 3m, 2f and a Designer needed lot t‘\tll|ll_‘.' iit'v. \lajnt- \t'I\lUII HI II'\ .I \\HlltIt‘lIllI I IIt‘ RCIIL'QII\.II\ \mcrriiicr. [it'iliiziii III}: Hut'Inht-i III I<ii\I}Il ('Ilapt‘l \ gnarl iiiipiilluriil} \xiiikirij: \HIII piiiiiutt‘ix iil all out I'i'injgt- \Iltill. :lIIH I'.\pt'n\t'\ \xill he paid at It'.I\I .'\lItIIlIHII\’ IIIIl'I\It'\\\ IIt'IlI l'lIlI HI ()t‘tiiht‘l. I’lt'dxt' \UIHIIII (‘ \ to Bruce Sliat ILtll .tI IIUII\t'II\C room“! \ ii}.'iii.iicl HI 20 Rosabelle Road, Roslin, Midlothian EH25 9P0.

nces Square. Glasgow. \

Bartenders / Full-time Bartenders waiters / Bussers

0 tho)

Robert Stone Therapeutics

now has vacanCics fOr' experienced therapists to lom the team Large. beautiful practice rooms available from £7.00 per hour

Call Rob:0l3l 557 3806