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VI saw you incredible redhead at the String Band gig on the river. Your gaze was across the deck on a younger fogey. ('an't you tell by the sadness iri tny eyes how much I want to leam the song you sing. [7480/20

V I saw you liuros - I really don't look like that all the time shatne about the situation. R. xx. [7480/21

VI saw you in the l3th Note with the furtky red shoes + blue leggings. You are the ultimate rock chick. Be mine'.’ [7480/22 VI saw you l’lufty you will always be my redlieaded Sigourney love Tigger [1/480/23 VI saw you Geoffrey playing your saxaphone (0‘ Bornba Fusion looking the coolist ever!! Xx I want sotne tnore. [1/480/24 VI saw you beautiful French mtui with baby blue eyes. eyeing up the barmaid. Je t'aime U/480/25 VI saw you in Brel. Saturday night. Sexy David Beckham look-a-like mega mixing the tunes and keeping it real. You do something to me. U/480/26

V I saw you 20/09/03 pearl necklace black top white trous- er. U/480/27

V I saw you on I9lh of September. an image of perfec- tion. Wearing a kinky denim skirt & those rainbow shoes & red backless top with all the frills on front. U/480/28

VI saw you sunshine in the Variety Sunday. It was your first shift - you gave me a little Wiener in a big bun and I got dirty thoughts! U/480/29

V I saw you bearded man in the Keep on Trucking cap at

Tinderbox. [1/480/30

or E. i



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V I saw you tiger drinking coffee when you know you shouldn't. Go on give the a roar! Love Bunny. U/480/3l VI saw you dearst Hebron and rut—boy. yet I hate being the sexy one in girls A-loudon. I love yaaa...sorry! X. U/480/32 V I saw you and wondered why I atn still waiting for one of these after a cavalcade of hints and a whole year of lovin'!! So here's one for you oh bearded one xxxxx ps Jolene. Jolene. Jolene. Jolene! U/480/33

V I saw you ya roaster! Working hard & being blonde in Di Maggios. wanna play hide the salami'.’ [1/480/34

V I saw you sexy tuba lips Sunday 28th Sept and thanks for the treat before I left. Can't wait to see you again. thinking about you. Xxx. From an admirer. U/480/35

V I saw you in the Arches. A picture of innocence. You're beautiful. U/480/36

VI saw you Nell at Wave l02 Radio in Dundee looking


"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" Matt Lawson. marketing manager. aged 34

tel: 08702 430 935 - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

124 THE LIST 161h-301h Oct 2003

hot to trot Wow! 1"! Big hugs and kisses. [7480/37

VI saw you Fast Camels. What a cool lead singer! Great songs - will go far I'm sure. [7480/38 VI saw you Sul. Kan. Kirslo. Marty + [)avo. Love you all + miss you so much. love bear xx. [7480/39

V I saw you in Rufus T with a younger crowd. You stood out looking sexy and experienced. (‘an you show the the way (iolh Queen'.’ [7480/40

VI saw you arid are ready to rise to the challenge. TB boys! Although all this 'I saw you'-ness is getting tiresome - maybe the next time you'll take the more masculine approach! [7480/4l V I saw you at The Arches shakiti ur cute wee ass to felix ya dobber! Might have taken me an hour to find u ya radgie but itn glad i did.x [ll480/llll VI saw you lookin all sexy iti ur new jeans. shakin ur cute bootie in Republic. ur not as hard as u think ur sweethean. even thou ur a skinhead! U/480/102

VI saw you today in the DVLA oflice in West (‘ampbell St. Pin stripe suit.Was sittitig behind you. girl with blond hair. l/l0/03 pls get iii touch. x U/480/l03

VI saw you Girl with hair- flower! Studio One (0‘ the Blue

Rockets gig. Glasgow September 22nd. Me - well dressed man! We never spoke

but I caught your eye! Want it back'.’ ;o) U/480/104

V I saw you Iiminem (‘oncert 22nd June - Sandy frotn Glasgow. You had your name

tattooed on your right shoulder.

I had a Mickey tattoo & wore a yellow hooded top. Please make contact [3/480/1 15

VI saw you nurse Nancy liv- ing in your glass penthoUse. 'You are so perfect' my weegie babe!

Watch out for the Stones. they will be back in concert soon.

Mick Jagger rocks! U/480/6l EDINBURGH

VI saw you Francis 'studying

Event Managernent' in Faith (Sat 2()th). I think you're cute. Sorry I wasn't totally with it. amazing

girls just don't dance up to me. I

assumed it was a set up! Please don't let this be my biggest

re yret so far... U/480/ 105

VI saw you Talking to rusker on Comer Bank Road. U always have sparkly eyes (damn you)! No more lazy Sundays. fish pie. or home made cocktails. but friends for life! xx U/480/l06 VI saw you with your iden- tical twin on The Danny Crowe Show. You look so gorgeously

alike. I can't make up my mind

which of you I fancy most! I'll

has e whichever one of you gets in touch first! Miles xxx [7480/107

V I saw you field mouse- I get butterflies everyttme I see you and thy heart aches when we're apan'! l.oy e you always and foreyer...your sweetheart xxx [7480/l08

V I saw you my angel and you stopped my hean. You are my everything and I love you tnore than words. Happy 5 months baby. l.icks and bites. your new born kitten xxx [7480/100

VI saw you Miss A. No, yotl don't wanna ltang with girls like tne. . .but please forgive tne. I miss you x [7480/l H)

V I saw you at the Basement. [' made sarcasm sexy. ('all me. You know who I atn. [7480/ VI saw you at Planet ()ut. Me. barman; you. sexy blue eyes. dark hair. handsome. ('ouldn't keep eyes off each other. Say 'hi' next titne. [7480/1 l l

V I saw you Hermes at the Traverse itt lidinburgh. You

looked great on stage with your

white coat. Would love to see what's under it. Am so proud of you xx [l/48()/| l2

V I saw you commentating at the Hearts match. I thitik our hearts will match forever. You are very tall with dark hair and blotide highlights glistening in the sun. Let the be your heart of Midlothian. U/480/l l3

V I saw you Behind the bar

at the Poet. You with a tatty liver. Me throwing a friend otrt of a plane. They say time is money. want to spend some

livers together'.’ li/480/l26

VI saw you. two of the most awesome girls eva. I will miss you heaps but will see you soon. The time we have spent together. I will remember forever. l.ove

you heaps. Alliexx U/480/l l6

V I saw you female working iti Fopp. l was there too. Love

your black hair. Hope to see you again xx U/480/l 17

VI saw you stunning Spanish man from across the bar in Planet ()ut. Bacardi and cola'.’ I'll make yours a double! Talked to you at Blaze. You light my tire! U/480/I V I saw you in the beautiful bar Theatre Royal. (‘ute smile.

eyes to die for. Gave you a

G&T. U/480/2 V I saw you Benno in the Basement for the 365th day in a

row. Keep up your good work.


VI saw you comedy chimp eight months ago and l'tn still besotted. lJove precioUs.


VI 8“ you on Lothian Road with a Melt Banana T-shirt and a guitar case. Can't remember what you look like. but great T- shirt. Going to the gig in November? U/480/5

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