VI saw you HSBC btmker. Hope to meet you rolling! Lil-180/6 V I saw you (‘anadian Steve in the Walkabout 12/09. Don't want to wait until new year to see you again. Me - foxy read haired babe. (‘all me! U/-180/7 VI saw you a sexy looking Spanish guy standing at the bar with a cheeky smile. You checked me out and we caught each other's eye. . .Who are you? 11/480/8

VI saw you little Leah cook- ing my tea in the Blue Moon. it was as scrurnmy as your hair! Luv dancing monkeyx U/-180/9 V I saw you wearing a catsuit at the ligg on 27th September. lying in a pool of beer on the floor after rather ungracefully grabbing my friend's husband's crotch. 11/480/10

VI saw you at the Sports Bar but you went home and we got pished. Love Ally. the bet loser. U/-18()/l 1

VI saw you sultry. sassy Steph. snoozing on the chaise lounge at your flat on WPT. Don't sleep through your birth- day! B&M U/-180/12

V I saw you Ries. the hair- dresser. I work round the comer from you. You still haven't rung tne babe. U/-180/13

VI saw you tall. gorgeous eyes. weird top on in the Basement at 5pm 02/10/03. 1 think you're hot. Did you work at MBS? l fzmcied you then. U/-180/1-1

VI saw you Shonagh. Love your style. keep safe in Glasgow. We all will miss you. Jay. Kev. Kellie. Mike and da crew. U/-180/15

VI saw you in Bill - you with a blue hoody. me with a green T- shirt. Your girlfriend's a dog. (‘ome walk me instead! U/-180/16 VI saw you apernan with Jesus smile. I want you. Show me love now! Tonight! 11/480/17 VI saw you balding John in your lurnberjack shin - go on. show us yer log duck-in. Messenger next time. U/-180/l8 V I saw you Clash-ma- (‘lavers. How about stripping your willow with me at the ceilidh. St. Andrew's day? You know you want to. /-18()/l9

VI saw you Mr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde (East London Street). long time no see! Keep 'march- ing' on my wee soldiers. We'll pop in for coffee soon. U/-18()/62 V saw you in Medina. (Wed 2-1th).You.beautifull with dark silky hair. dancing with friends. Me shaved head. jeans. T-shirt in comer with drunk friends. Wanted to talk but looked like you had been hit on enough for one night. I smiled at you as you left. Fancy a cof- fee? U/-180/1 18

VI saw you Sheryl. at Deep Dish. Was good to see you again as I hadn't seen you for quite a while. Looked for you at various times but too many peo- ple. Fancy going clubbing together some time? Gordon (with the bandana). U/-180/1 19 VI saw you in Rush (Sat 27th). you were at end of bar with friend. You. stunning wear- ing a white top with black bag across your shoulder. Me. shaved head blue top. standing

near door with friend. You looked at me as you left. we saw you in Opium after that. Coffee? U/-180/l 20

V I saw you Fiona from a place near Appin. You made a great night even better. Would you like to meet on dry 1and?...S Ul-180/

V I saw you mama do. who r u. dancing fir me wif ure sexy nu flat and polished shoes. nit me ajumper and i'll feed the kat U/-180/12l

VI saw you Nat West. September 30. you resplendent in 1930s style King Edward checked suit. lapelled wiastcoat. v sexy; me. chap wanting to abdicate with you. U/-180/122 VI saw you serving in Starbucks on corner of Hanover Street. You: gorgeous with red hair. Me: hot chocolate guy. We connected and your amazing smile brightened up the end of my long day. (‘an 1 warm you with my takeaway? 11/4811/123 V I saw you gorgeous red- head working in Always Sunday. High Street. 7 October. Me. greying hair. light blue shirt + v embarrassed as l couldn't stop looking at you. Fancy spending a Sunday with me? U/-180/12-1

V I saw you 8.30am. No.35 bus. You R. me D. Are we ever going to speak again? Hope so. U/-180/| 25


I Happy but single henna brunette female. 39. seeks cul- tured male to rock her boat. Music. poetry. the great out- doors. taichi and good dinners on offer. (Box number: Pl-180/1) I Edinburgh woman, young 50. into alteniative lifestyles. folk music. dancing. art. personal growth. animals. children. seeks like minded male for sharing friendship/relationship. (Box number: P/480/2)

I High kicking babe seeks streetwise Hercules for glam fun without any angst. Smart. sexy. witty males aged 35-45 may apply. Edinburgh. (Box Number P/-180/31

I Female 42 into travel. movies. food and other pursuits. WLTM man for romance and good times. Glasgow area. Non smoker. (Box number: P/-180/-1)


I Straight Single Female. 27, most of friends are either married or live out- with Edinburgh. Looking for similar women for fun. friend- ship and hopefully some good laughs. (Box number: P/-178/1) I Woman 46, 030

many interests. seeks new soul mates to share in the joy of liv- ing. Colour. gender. sexuality etc. irrelevant. Eccentrics encouraged. Honesty and confi- dentiality respected. All letters answered. (Box Number: P/-179/1)


“I if“: H ‘1 .1 151:;


111 L l N E

\‘ ‘~> . n” r '7 . j

V BEAUTIFUL brunette, 34, WLTM professional gentleman. 35-45. who enjoys live music. golf. dining out & nights in. ('all me 8; enter 11) no. 4091809

V ATTRACTIVE creative, Glasgow woman. -12. 5'6". two kids. seeks male to share cinema. theatre. books. dinner. walks. fun etc. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 4057809

V ODINE 5'2“ blonde. likes to go out drinking. cinemas. socializing. quite bubbly. seeks similar male for friendship & romance. (‘all me and enter ID no. 1 16-11 130

V 4'9" NICE person. slim. petite. feminine. attractive. natural redhead. like cycles in the sunshine & having lots of fun. Call me and enter 11) no. 18798-125

V 5'4“ FEMALE, dark hair. likes socializing. crosswords. going out & enjoy myself. (‘all me on & enter 1D no.18563225

V SSYR OLD with 2 children. single parent. works full time in a Deli. avid Celtic fan. hobbies include hill walking. WLTM male for relationship. Call me & enter ID no. 18567225

V JOANNE, 22 single parent. likes pubs. clubs. animals & most things in life. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 185-10225

V KAREN 5' tall, long blond hair. green eyes. small build. like to go out to pubs. clubs. meals. cinema. lots of different things. Call me on & enter ID no. 18802-125

V DARK NAIR, dark eyes. rather dark skin. very bubbly. 1 like socializing. travelling. go for a drive. walks. WLTM man for friendship. possible relationship. Call me 8; enter 1D no. 18812-125

V 43 5'4” like: quiet drinks. dinners. keeping fit. socializing. Have travelled all over the world. been divorced. WLTM someone for a quiet drink first. Call me & enter 11) no. 1882-1425

V ANNE, small, dark haired & quite outgoing. enjoys visiting the cinema. dancing. clubbing. sports. swimming & generally having a good time. Call me & enter ID no. 18796-125

r Ifi.‘?l-E~.;ml! .'-_ tifi/E‘EFXE i ‘3; . i 7

V DRUNETTE single mum, loves theatre. cinema & moderate drinking. Looking for someone with (‘iS()H who's honest. kind tk tnistworthy like myself. Single dads \ery welcome. ('all me & enter 11) no. 18811-125

V LADY BLOND hair, blue eyes. Likes walking. cinema. swimming. nights out/in WLTM man for friendship. possible relationship. (‘all me & enter ID no. 18827-125

V 44 5'4“ dark hair/eyes. Looking for someone sincere 8; honest to have fun with. ('all me & enter 11) no. 18793-126 FOR FUN & 900d titties. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 18783-126 ‘9 FROM GLASGOW, GSOI‘I, bubbly. 5'8". short brown/blond hair. likes pubs. clubbing. eating iii/out. music & chilling out. WLTM similar male. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 18790-136

V BUBBLY person, like having a laugh. having fun. socialize with friends. cinema. meals otit. I am blond. medium build. 5'-1". (‘all me & enter 11) no. 18771-126

V STYR OLD freelance personal trainer. single. looking for some company. Like to keep lit. socializing. WLTM someone lidinburgh area. just to be a friend. who likes to keep tit. (‘all me 8; enter 11) no.

1 1670130

V BLOND 5'1" slim, likes clubbing. pubs. socializing. WLTM man for friendship possible relationship. (‘all me & enter ID no. 1 16-18130

V “YR OLD Irish lady from (‘ork. likes arts. documentaries. social evenings. WLTM someone for friendship. possible relationship. (‘all me 8; enter 11) no. 1 1669130

V SSYR OLD work with children. I like drinking. walks. driving. going out to the beach. (‘all me and enter ll) no.18761426

V EDITH 5'1" medium build. Like dancing and socializing. (‘all me and enter [1) no. 18780-126

V VERY YOUNG looking woman. 5'3". like having a laugh. going to cinema & going for an occasional laugh. WLTM someone to see how we get on for possible relationship. (‘all me and enter ID no. 18778-126

V WITH GREEN eyes, quite tanned. -10. from Glasgow. Like going to saunas 8; swimming. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 1 1660130

V 41m OLD, black hair. brown eyes. 5'8". size 18. enjoys nights out/in. walks & socializing. (‘all me & enter ID no. 11652130

V 5'2" CURVY, brown hair. dark brown eyes. enjoys cinema. dancing. WLTM someone with similar interests to have fun with. Call me 8.: enter 11) no.

1 1653130

V MEDIUM BUILD lady, dark hair. green eyes. bubbly. Likes music 8: cinema. WLTM man for friendship. possible relationship. Call me & enter ID no. 11667130

WESTEND male, 25, slim & tit. seeks sister of night for coinpanioiiship. liiijoy s

w riting music. philosophy. (iotliic & metal music. (‘all nie & enter 11) no. 4099809

V SOYR OLD easygoing male. likes dancing. tnoy ies & nights out. looking for mature. down to earth girl. good fun .k open minded. for serious relationship. ('all me tk enter 11) no. 40-19809

"3 BRIAN 28 from Scotland, 5'6". medium build. linjoy sports. going to gym. pubbing/cltibbiiig tk having a good laugh. (’all me «Q enter 11) no. 10008-16

‘-‘=‘ 5'7", shortish hair, very easy going. likes to keep sell in shape. clubbing. pubbing. sit down & chat or stay in a;- rela\. WLTM similar person. ('all me & enter II) no, 11170-162

“' 32YR OLD, medium btiild. good looking with a good personality. loves a laugh. WLTM someone the same with a (iS()ll. (‘all me & enter ll) no.18566225

“5’ FROM GLASGOW, 34yr old dad of 2. outgoing. likes walking. swimming. exercising. WLTM lady for friendship. possible relationship. ('all me & enter 11) no. 30921-12

‘9‘ MAX 38yr OId single tlatl. divorcee. business manager. honest & reliable. likes to have ftiii in life. ('all me & enter 11) no. 18559225

‘5" LIVELY MALE 25, likes having a lauin 8; meeting nice women. ('all me & enter 11) no. 30751-12

V IAN INTO A lot of sport. like going out to cinema. disco & things like that. ('all me & enter 11) no. 18794-125

‘3‘ THOMAS 5'9" blond hair. blue eyes. like to watch action movies. dtx‘timentaries. \Vlfl'M someone for friendship/relationship. (’all me 8.: enter 11) no. 18807-125

'9 6' SANDY hair, 36. (iS()ll. Likes sports. going on holiday s. eating out. gardening. most iiiusic. WLTM lady for friendship. possible relationship. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 18822-125 V 5'1 1", medium build. walks with dogs at week ends. likes good country restaurants. WLTM someone for friendship. possible relationship. ('all me 8; enter 11) no. 18677-125

‘1’ TOMMY, good bubbly personality. enjoys pubs. clubs. cinema. eating out. Wlfl'M female who is like minded. enjoys a good time & who is up fora laugh.

(‘all me 8; enter 11) no. 18805425 'V NOT DAD looking, enjoy sport. going out to pubs & restaurants. (‘all me it enter 11) no. 18787-126

V 24YR OLD 5'9“, medium built male with brown hair (I; brown eyes. My hobbies include sports & Illness. in particular I enjoy running. (‘all me & enter 11) no. 1877-1-126

V ROBERT, 5'5" medium build. bubbly. Like tennis. ('all me & enter 11) no. 116-17130

16111-30111 Oct 2003 THE LIST 125