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In addition to its standard programme, on is Glasgow's primary venue for a wide range of film festivals. these events, which are developed locally or come to the city on tour, provide cinema goers with the opportunity to stay ahead of the pack, via a selection of the latest releases, and rediscover classic and landmark films. on is currently celebrating Black History llonth and Si Cuba! with events over the next few weeks focusing on Czech, French, Jewish, Polish and lesbian and gay cinema. these programmes bring many films to the city that otherwise would not be shown.

to celebrate a great autumn line-up of top films. Ster Century Cinemas, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh is offering list readers the chance to buy one cinema ticket and get the second for FREE.

Vouchers are valid for any film at any time over the next two weelrs, so whether you fancy snuggling up to something romantic, going on a flight of fantasy or testing your nerves with nail-biting action. do so at Ster Century Cinemas, Ocean Terminal. Edinburgh, where all the latest films come alive on the biggest screens.

We are delighted to offer readers of The list the opportunity to visit CH and get two tickets for the price of one, available on the entire programme, between 16 and 30 October.


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