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12A 87m'n nable to re ‘ew at t’ After the magisterial The Man Who Wasn’t There, Joel and Ethan Coen (of 93mg t; gruess) VI we

return to pursue a hitherto elusive box-office triumph, with this, their most mainstream film to date. Scripted by the Coens. together with Robert : : .z . .

Ramsay and Matthew Stone, it‘s a frivolously enjoyable battle-of-the sexes g z a :u c: a" : z t : tussle, closer perhaps in spirit to the Farrelly brothers than to the screwball " ,::, . ms. :l‘» adventures of Sturges and Hawks it so desperately strives for. M' {7' lint." «fl'uux Ar. (1" A'w'

A debonair George Clooney, sporting a dazzling set of teeth, plays Miles .zrt ,' In”, E 1: '~ :

Massey, a hot-shot Bel Air matrimonial attorney and the creator of the 'i.‘r"‘~.~!.: .2": :w Yr 1 ,1 . legendary Massey pre-nuptial agreement. An impeccably groomed l 12:14))" ; r: ‘V: - Catherine Zeta Jones is Marilyn Rexroth, the ruthless gold-digger seeking m: z "'i ' w " r’xnfi: "" ‘- w l. Feel the belly laughs Grasshopper to divorce her latest wealthy husband. Rex (Edward Herrmann). Round one A v a: m‘ i

goes to a smitten Miles, who trounces her case in court. prompting Marilyn MW" h v .. I;'~ '..: w v :: 2' " - v- v

to plot her revenge with the aid ofadisgracedTVproducer Donovan a: w '51: .i" '1. ml: : :' z n ' '

(Geoffrey Rush), and oil millionaire Howard (Billy Bob Thornton) who‘s :uxmm. «a: :r 2w? m it I“ : : ' ' " -- 'w "

guaranteed to stir her suitor's jealousy. (iv-"w: t »- ' '~ v :i ' ; i 1 :z « « ' .- :' '. Yes, there are plenty of droll moments (a magazine for people without ll".:‘-"" king; 1) i 2' in . Ll I‘m

intestines) and wisecracks along the way, yet somehow Intolerable Cruelty I f/(K). lz‘uv'u .‘;.' " Fr I ,> _'

never manages to sustain the escalating comic chaos integral to great

farce, nor the visual adventurousness of previous Coen outings. While (X n q I 1", A, w (i N Y‘ W Mum

Clooney sparkles With his wusecracking patter and double-takes, Zeta- SECONDHAND LIONS

Jones lacks the expressweness (facral and verbal), that would give the (pe) 108mm ..

material extra piquancy. And too many of the bizarrely-named supporting

characters fail to make any lasting impression. Temporarily, at least, the \.‘.’.i!t<:r ll him .erI ():;r~.mt 1‘; .1 run. r?’ 5'11" .wrtwl, m (rm 1., , v: frw-

brothers Coen seem to have lost their Midas touch. (Tom Dawson) (l(:(;'t;I<:-:> (>f reluctant (um? minim; (3mm MM mu warm .1" Hill!) ‘H' ii w." {}'...l:‘ I ()w‘rr'm wwwrw l." (Ii! llllf‘,(ill:i‘.'.'()()llll"()‘,<>l<l'l‘(r'1.'.'l‘r:‘i_¥vf)".:',i~ 1.'li-').'.a"x"yaha/I‘m;rug-mung:

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