Re: Scotch on the Rocks (479)

|.'.ranteri to aorrtrrrend ,ou for toxerrtt'; the Hebrides rScotch on the Rocks. 4/0; rn such a. 'rurte literally. spirited way III your trauel section, I have felt for a long time that It's a place totall, misinterpreted In the press, lhe people are great.

the scenery as beautiful as

anything I've seen abroad and.

as Anna Mrllar so nicely puts It.

It's 'a trppler‘s paradrse'. My mates and tread there regularly to go kayaking and If really rs ama/rng, lhanks for remrndrng me that The I rst rs bravr: enough to cover thrngs more Interestingly than rts bland counterparts.

Dylan Walker

By ernarl


So. John I ardell. artrst on art Slaggrng's a crrrne. for a start Ashes to ashes dust to dust You've now lost tlrrs poet's trust

Natronal Poetry Days a day When we get our say Iaken seriously for once Not treated Irke literatur'e's dunce

You forget. Dear John

You'd have nothrng Wrthout us No thoughts on canvas

()r oprnrons to brush

I know you're pard

To make things funny But why didn't you show Poetrys srde sunny

Could that not have made For amusement more

Or drd you thrnk

The audience would bore? W B Yeats

Bx email

Apo/ogres Mr Yeats rtee heer. but our cartoon/st John Faro’e//'s gent/e huh/rig of poetn sterwtipes r/SSUO 479) was rrrterrdeo' more as a celeb/anon than a 's/aggrng'. Check out Far‘de// own prose

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re .n hrs n of the mtg/rural graph/r. owner

orrrrage rue


Re: The Lieutenant of lnishmore (479)

Your I(:‘.'tl:'.‘./ of [he I reuterraht of lrrrshrrrore. and of course the play. raises rillportatll Issues about the nature of terrorism and how thrs uncomfortable fact of modern lrfe should be represented on the stage Ierrorrsrn has been a Iertrnotrf of the 70th century and seems set to remarn so for the 91st. The more we thrnk about rt. Its rnotrves and consequences the better Steve Cramers pornt about the difference between the Troubles in Northern Ireland and E) It rs well made. llo\.-.rever. people have been drawn to extreme action by a variety of motrves whose relatrve strengths vary wrth the rndrvrdual belref rn polrtrcal or relrgrous causes combrne to varying degrees Wrth rndrvrdual psycho;)athology and can become addictive. Whatever the reasons. the results are the same: horror. parn. loss and grref. 'l he more the reality rs brought home the better. John Taylor



l have been readrng The Lrst since rt was first published and It has taken me untrl now to realise that there rs no special feature section for radio. I've probably noticed It now because. wrth the deterioration rr‘. the duality of TV. radio has taken over as an important

source of artrstrc strmulatron. have found. to my delight. how much Scotland features on all the BBC stations. For example. Festrval Concerts on Radro 13. plays on Radro -1 and there was listening to You and Yours and up pops New Lanark as a feature. I thrnk rt rs really Important that The Lrst starts a regular page each edition on radro programmes and here's hoping this wrll cause an Improvement rn Radio

Sift/,tlatlrf, .'.’iil(‘.ll has bertorr‘t- n‘ore rr‘arnstrearri and less eclectrr. and rnterestrng Ill recent years.


B‘. (:Iliélli

l"/hr/e we agree that rad/o rs a huge/l rrrrporta/rt riled/um, our prob/err) rs srrrrph that space /_s' a/readl’ trght m the pages of the Irragt'r/rrre,


Re: Cabin Fever (479)

In what way was this frlrn Irke a Davrd lynch frlm'? l ynch's frlms tend to be really good. but this one was terrrble. and could go rnto lots of reasons why. -1 f) seemed rrdrculously generous

hf r‘ ' kt: i rv ° ' ‘1'. i 'r (.rrr .v. ' 'r r' rv a<tuwkrraw~.rnrls. .: ye

tr‘ get» r.’. ‘ntnsrrtr Lynn McKenzie

H, errarr


Re: The Birthday Party (479) l.'.as llr'llilllfi' t In KH' a tr>tr' star tor rather four I’lltlrt‘r rexrev.’ for IA( )3; current snr )'.‘, The/irrttrtra‘. Parr".

b‘, Steue (Zrarr‘er, But I did

It It f‘.'.'t If

notice a srr‘all mistake one of the artresses. who pl; ys l ulu rn the shosr rs. III fact called Jo lreer and not "Jill I reer' as the revrex'.’ states

Helen Black, TAG Theatre

(‘rlz rst ](

Re: The Lieutenant of lnishmore (479) In hrs artrcle about The Lreuterrarrt of /hr:;hrrrore. Steve Crarner

spends almost the entrre artrcle talkrng about himself. I can

almost always tell when a theatre revrew rs written by Mr

Cramer because It so often begin:

;wrth ’I .' or has 'me' rn

the first sentence. (This rs rather fortunate for me bout/ever.

because then I can stop readrng rtl.

Oh, perhaps I'm exaggerating! But it must be because of hrs

rrrrtatrng persistence rn putting himself at the forefront of hrs

articles and revrews. He seems to crave attention? Perhaps he

wants to be loved. Maybe he wants a cuddle? Or could rt be

because he's wrrtrng about people who are actually dorng

somethrng worthwhrle wrth therr lives?

Hrs revrews do serve a purpose though. A good revre.‘r

means I wrll almost certarnly sleep through the [)l()(illl,ll()ll. so

mrddle—of—the-road and consematrve wrll It be, A bad revrexr

means that usually somethrng daring. interesting or exciting

rnrght happen. So now I look at the (under normal

crrctrmstances. reductrver star s\ stem employed by Mr C. One

star ~ fantastrc! Five Stars -grve rt a m ss.

Will Riley Glasgow

There's no doubt/rig that Steve sorrretrrrres puts hrs heart and sou/ rnto hrs revrews, and that's precrse/y why we thrnk they're arr excel/ent rearr’. I‘veverthe/ess. we '// take your advrce and adrnrrrrster the prescrrhed cudd/e to hrm rrnrrrrxjrate/y


An ideal drink for any occasion


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