we KILL YOUR TIMID NOTION DCA, Dundee. Fri 17-Sun 19 Oct

Imagine Karlheinz Stockhausen just had sex with Girls Aloud. Messy, no-holds-barred, but unfeasibly fertile sex at that. Now imagine the mutant progeny of such a seemingly unholy, exhausting and at times ugly alliance between iconic, ear-splitting classicism on the one hand, and gutter-snipe bubblegum trash on the other. Such is the ongoing, inevitable, chicken-and-egg, dangerous-liaison juxtaposition between ‘experimental' music and 'manufactured‘ pop. The genius spawned might just sound like Kill Your Timid Notion.

This very latest excursion to the off limits of noise takes its cue from Glasgow‘s lnstal and Stirling‘s Le Weekend, putting the forbidden fruit of avant-garde sound at the centre of a Sensurround universe, and allowing every other art form to filter through it.

‘This music is accessible,‘ insists KYTN curator Barry Esson with near evangelical zeal. ‘People shouldn’t be scared of it. A culturally aware audience, who are used to art installations or performance existing in different spaces, will be able to engage with it quite easily.‘

What all this means in real terms for KYTN, or ‘Kitten' as Esson cuter dubs it, is an in-the-round no-man’s-land, where contemporary minimalists Ryoji lkeda and Carsten Nicolai can generate speed of light sounds absorbed and projected onto four huge video screens, or where Montreal's (the user) can use a huge grain silo as an instrument.

Elsewhere, drone duo Mirror improvise a score for 1922 horror movie, Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages’ Japanese proggers Ruins and Acid Mothers Temple, and Yankee doodling psych folkloricists Sunburned Hand of the Man provide the missing link in east/west alliances. lra Cohen’s

Frances-Marie enjoys grand designs

Clockwise from left: Acid Mothers Temple, Mirror and Philip Jeck

LaMonte Young soundtracked ‘The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda' is also screened.

The art of noise, then, but the noise of art as well, a slow-burning, multi-tiered performance for head, heart and feet. Strange racket it may be, but it’s nothing new, and before long, a lifetime, say, it'll be everywhere. Think of Joe Meek and Telstar, Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer, or any chart bound techno cheese you‘d care to name but probably can't.

Think too of Austrian electronicist Christian Fennesz, who plays KYTN as part of Phonographics, providing an instant soundtrack for


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a cut up of silent movies. He‘s just worked with former Japan pretty boy David Sylvian. Philip Jeck's obsessive plundering of ancient turntables on which hiss-ridden 785 are reconfigured, has just surfaced on Jah Wobble‘s latest release. Okay, so neither of them will make number one with a bullet, but you get the picture (yes, we see)?

‘lt's deliberately provocative,‘ says Esson. 'lt‘s a punk thing. I want to throw down the gauntlet, and for people to take a chance on this, and find out it‘s maybe not as difficult as they thought.‘

This KYTN, it seems, may be cuddly, but its claws are razor sharp. (Neil Cooper)


Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 17 Oct

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