92, Glasgow, Mon 6 Oct

Despite losing out to fellow Londoner, Dizzee Rascal, at this year’s Mercury Music Prize, Terri Walker reaped the rewards of nomination. For a relatively unknown solo artist, tonight was surprisingly busy.

Having traded her garage past, singing on tracks such as TNT’s ‘Easy Loving You’, for a more mainstream, modern, and sassy R&B and neo-soul sound, the 23-year-old’s debut album Untitled has achieved moderate success.

Support came from Scottish L5“ singer Susan Culbert, whose set involved singing over a backing tape and bongos after being let down by her guitarist. Regardless of the setbacks, Culbert impressed the sympathetic audience with her strong vocals. However, the overall sound was poor. She would definitely been worth hearing with a band.

Luckily, Walker didn’t experience any such problems, playing with a full band, complete with horn section, and three backing singers. She put on a great performance: she was extremely charismatic, chatting and joking to the audience, and everyone onstage looked to be having as much fun as the punters.

Her singles, including ‘Guess You Didn’t Love Me’ got the biggest response from the crowd, and Walker joked that because only a few people there had bought her album, they must have known ‘Good Friend’ from the boofleg.

Tonight Walker showed that she’s as good as any American artist of the same genre. But you do wonder if, like Floetry, she’ll only achieve real recognition and success outside the UK. (Carolyn Rae)

Just how far can soul take her?



Bar Brel. Glasgow. Wed 8 Oct 0..

It's hard enOugh to see Roddy Hart performing in Brel's long and narroe. censervatOry ney er mind hear him properly The Glaswergan acoustic Singer songwriter. who resembles a young Justin Currie. plays two sets of folksy Young and Dylan Inspired tunes. at times using a harmonrca and a keyboard. Although he seems to think he's playing MW Unplugged. he is actuallxy playing the conservatony of a Belgian theme pub rn Glasgow's fashronable AshtOn Lane. Nevertheless. he does bring a host of Hart-felt emotions (arfi to the night. as he sings passronately abOut stuff Irke love and adolescence.

But the audience chattering renders hrs performance inaudible at

His Hart’s in it, but is the crowds?

times . and man\. appear oblnrour; to him. which is rnewtattle at tree putt gigs. Hart may be the leader oi the new acoustic rnmement. but tonight the sound of revolution war; lulled tCarolyn Rae)

ELECTRONICA OPERATOR Dfrnt Drum @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 2 Oct sees

There‘s no eaSy way to entertain a room full of people when you're Just one man twrddling a few pots on stage. but LeWIs MaeColI AKA Operator ~ manages rt by taking Route One and hrtting us With some great music.

Of course. the fact that he's in what appears to be an ObrWan Kenobt outtrt made of old pyjamas and a pan of novelty glasses also helps. He's; part of the BenbeCuIa Records stable. and the fact that Operator deals rn eeeentrrt: electronrca shouldn't come as a surprise. But It's nice to hear he's; also pretty damn talented. With the obligaIOry Aphex Tv-rrn fu// and rumble and the odd .ireh Frscherspooner moment neatly balanced by some basic. funky house breaks. (Davrd Pollock)

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I Roadrunner Tour (iarage. (ilasgoyv. 3| ()ct.

I Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Barroyvland. (ilasgoyv. I Nov. I Handsome Family Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2 Nov: Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 3 Nov.

I Oh Susanna Arches. (ilasgoyy; 3 Nov.

I Evanescence (‘arling Academy. (ilasgoyv. 4 Nov.

I Hot Hot Heat QMI'. Glasgow. 4 Nov.

I Jane’s Addiction (‘arling Academy. (ilasgoyy. 5 Nov.

I Music from the Virginian mountains teat Ralph Stanley, Laura Cantrell and Paul Birch Royal ('onccrt Hall. (ilthgoyy. 5 Nov.

I Insane Clown Posse (iarage. (ilaygoyy. 5 Nov.

I Electric Soft Parade Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 6 Nov. I Beautiful South (‘arling

Academy. (ilasgovv. 6 Nov

I Grandaddy Carling Academy Glasgow. 7 Nov.

I The Flaming Lips (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 8 Nov; l'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 9 Nov. I The All-American Rejects Barroyvland. (ilaxgovv, 9 Nov.

I The Distillers Qxlt'. (ilasgovv. ll Nov.

I Average White Band (iaragc. (ilasgoyv. l2 Nov.

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(ilasgovv. 17 Nov.

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I Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2| Nov.

I Meatloaf SE(‘('. Glasgow. 21 a: 27 Nov. SOLD Ol'T

I Stereophonics Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgoyy. 22 (k 23 Nov. SOLI) ()l'T.

I Muse SE(‘('. (ilaxgoyv. 25 Nov

I Electric Six Barroyy'land. (ilaxgovy. 27 Nov.

I Turin Brakes (‘arling Academy. (iltlxgoyy. 28 No\. I Echo and the Bunnymen Barroyyland. (ilaxgou. 2% Nov.

I David Bowie and The Dandy Warhols Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgovy. 28 Nov SOLD ()l'T I The Skatalites Carling Academy. (ilasgoyy. 2‘) Nov. I The Dandy Warhols

Barroyyland. Glasgow. 2‘) Nov

I Radiohead SECC. Glasgow,


I The Strokes Braehead Arena. (ilthgoyy. 1 Dec. SOLD ()L'l

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I lnspiral Carpets ('arling Academy. (ilaxgoyv. l Dec.

I Simple Minds (‘ly-de

Auditorium. (ilaxgovy. 1 ct; 2 Dec.

I Blue Sli(‘(‘. (ilaxgoyy. 3 it: 4 Dec. I Jools Holland (‘lydc

Auditorium. (ilztxgoyy. -l t”; 5 Dec.

I Feeder Sl{(‘(‘. (ilaxgoyy, 6 Dec.

I Alabama 3 Academy. (ilasgoyy. () Dec.

I Suede ('arling Academy. (ilaxgovy. 7 [)cc.

I The Human League Barroyyland. (ilaxgoyy, 7 Dec. I Basement Jaxx ('orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 7 Dec. I Fleetwood Mac Sli(‘('. (ilasgovv. 7 Dec.

I iron Maiden Sli(‘(‘. (ilaygoyy. 8 Dec.

I Michael Franti ()Mt'. Glasgow. 8 Dec.

I The Darkness ('orn Exchange. Edinburgh. ‘) Dec. SOLD ()L'T

I The Wonderstufi Carling

Academy. (ilasgoyy. 9 Dec.

I Elton John Sli('('. (ilttxgoyy. lll Dec.

I Turbonegro (iaragc. (ilaxgovy. ll Dec.

I John Cale Liqurd Room. Edinburgh. l2 [)cc.

I Shed Seven (‘arling Academy. (ilaxgoyy. I3 l)ec,

I Hell is For Heroes (iarage. (ilaxgoyy. l4 l)ec.

I Buucocks (iaragc. (ilaxgoyy. l(i Dec.

I The Proclaimers and Grim Northern Social Barroyyland. (ilttxgmy, 18 Dec; (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 2| Dec.

I Justin TimberlakeSli(‘(‘. (ilaxgoyy, I-l lo Jan. SULI) ()l'l I Athlete (’arlmg Academy. (ilasgoyy. 2‘) Jan,

I Liberty x Sl:('('. (ilaygoyy. I‘) Feb.

I Brian Wilson (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 4 Mar.

I Zero 7 ('arlmg Academy. (ilaxgoyy. 20 Mar.

I Sugababes ('arling Academy. (ilaxgoyy. 28 Mar.

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