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88 THE LIST “5—313 Oct 2003

THE JASMINE ROAD Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh. until Sat 25 Oct 000

‘.'.’atcl‘i;r‘g We u’t'ss'“ "e Rm: :1 a" unsettling exper e'tce The at“: e'\‘e s confronted head on by an irrxpassioried account ct the dam. plight of the Palestinian peopie The theatre shudders with the rear the bulldozers that tontinue to c’ain‘. Palestinian homes and Ines ll‘ Gaga »~ the same bulldcxers that killeil American actiyist Rachel Come

As an uncomfortable friendship deyelops between an exrled poet. Adham, and a young actixist. Rowan. the troubles of Palestine are brought back to this country They are retold and relived through the anger of the aCtIVist and the pain of the poet, Nabil Shaban iAdhami and Marnie Baxter (Rowan) cope well With an emotionally challenging script. but the running time stretches the story and weakens its |lll[)£i(lt.


Bulldozers and conflict

1 1:; the poetry at mite' \‘inax: Hussein that is the true strength ct this pret‘e His words haxe \l siltlplit‘ih that is more moxing than the angn tirade of facts. Endless reports at global suttering haw lett us news saturated our senses deadened Hussein}; poems are unable to prenent the demolition of a house, but the\ pinch at our numbness and lea‘a- a mark iCorrie Millsi

Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. Fn’ 24-Sat 25 Oct

A young couple one Serb. One Muslim shot ‘.'.llllt.‘ trying to escape their natixe city Dubbed Swarm/0's Romeo and Juliet'. their photo became a f§‘,’ll‘t)()l for\,'thing

that was wrong With Yugoslavia}; civil war.

Inspired by this. and other personal accounts of the conflict. choreographer Darshan Singh Bhuller created his higth theatrical work. P/anted Seeds; l xposirig the devastating effect war has on ordinary CIV'lllétlif‘) caught in the crossfire. the piece pulls no punches. DepicIIOns of n‘ass rape. ll‘tlrder and félll‘IIICS torn apart are set to an emotive soundtrack of Henryk Gorecki. U2 and traditional folk tunes Olltfll‘élll‘. staged in 1998 to great acclairr‘. by Bhuller's own company, Singh Productions. the WOrk is now being towed by one of Britain's longestrunning dance contrianies.

Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Starting life in 1981, the Leeds-based Outfit has consistently pushed back t"e boundaries Of dance theatre. and Bhul10r's arrival as artistic director in Bill)? has kept that trend in place. Phoenix has also )royed son‘ething o‘ a :r‘agnet for seneral talented members of Scottish Dance Theatre. Piani'ed Seeds tl‘Zifkf‘) their .'.'t,’l’;()lllC‘

return to Scottish seil. iKelly Apterl

SCOTTISH PREMIERE SLEEPING AROUND Gateway Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue 21—Sat 25 Oct

I smoke after I shag. Not long ago. came perilously close to setting my bed on fire because of this actiyity. The smoking, I mean. not the shagging, alas. I'll have to give up. Not the shagging. n‘ean, the smoking. If I'm successful, I'll write a play about it, Stopping and Fucking. anyone?

But it wouldn't be the only play which associates sexuali y with irtultnatior‘al industry. and one of the best examples of this genre in recent years is Sleeping Around. originally staged in England as a co—production between Paines Plough and Salisbury PlayhOLise. Cc-wrztten by the auspiciOuS line—up of Stephen

Sex and the single younster

Greenhorn, Abbi Morgan Mark Rayenhill and Hilary, Fannin, the piece explores the anXieties of yOurtg people in a cerOOrate marketplace. where sex gets mixed up with

COrtsurner Culture.

Until now. it has remained astonishingly unproduced in Scotland. but those cle/er Old lumes at the (Eaten-ray are abOut to rectifir this. Gateway supremo and director Maggie Kinloch speaks of the appropriateness of the young student actors of Queen Margaret Ufll‘.'ei'S|T\_.' COIIege's acting academy/s production. ‘lt's about globalisatiOn as well as sexuality. and this is the generatron it affects. In one way. it's about brand narrtes and COflSLlW‘lflg. using sexuality as a Substitute for intimaCy. because it's hard to find that in a globalised werld. it brings in other :SSues. too. like safety, In an (attainment u'rhere peOOle Sleep ar0und. ycu just never know who yOu're geing home with. and whether so'hething terr'b'e cowd happen) At the moment it might be a good start to avoid going home with professional footballers. but no doubt there are

other hazards. Stexe Craner