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The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 26 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow, Tue 28 Oct

Lady luck is smiling beatifically: Scott Capurro is in high spirits. He’s just bumped into the leading beau from east-meets-West End extravaganza Bombay Dreams and he’s impressed. ‘He’s so gorgeous. He's so charming and so attractive,‘ Capurro swoons. ‘I wanted to crawl all over him.‘ Ah, that’s more like it.

It wouldn’t be Scott Capurro without that biting sting in the tail. The San Francisco-born comic is the catty gay archetype we all love to love. He’s bitchy, frank and brutal. His material causes more walk-outs than Chubby Brown has experienced indignant sniffs. During the 2000 Edinburgh Fringe he courted outrage with material about the Holocaust and Anne Frank. In 2001, Capurro horrified and titillated with his graphic play Fucking Our Fathers. ‘Caustic’ is a good word for him. Isn’t it? ‘I think I’m kind of cuddly,’ he counters. ‘ls that weird?’ Cuddly? He must be high on pheromones. ‘I can get mean, I’ll admit that. But mean for me is to get dirty.’

Partly inspired by his stand-up profession, and partly by a love of smut, Capurro has labelled his national tour ‘Erect’. He’s back in the UK for two months, splitting his time between live gigs and punting for TV work. He’s also pursuing a publishing deal for the follow-up to his first novel, Fowl Play. A non-

fiction work, Loaded is a catalogue of Capurro’s correspondence with Californian killer Eric Menendez. It began life as a theatre show in San Francisco and stems from his morbid fascination with murderers. ‘It all started over here, actually. I was on a trip up in the moors staying in a farm. They had a book about Myra Hindley. I didn’t know who she was and read the book

and found it fascinating.’

Like his reading pursuits, Capurro’s stand-up has developed more teeth. He’s increasingly political, voicing his opinions on Bush, Blair, New Yorkers and Iraq. It’s all familiar territory for Fringe-goers, but

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The Pleasance, Edinburgh, Tue 21 Oct

The young Dennis Leary?

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‘l’m kind of cuddly’

Capurro is too long in that particular molar to return to the festival anytime soon. ‘I don’t do coke and I’m not going to fuck a girl on a balcony somewhere. So, really, what is there for me in Edinburgh?’

While Edinburgh holds little interest for him in August, he says he’s relishing the chance to play Scotland again, if only because it’s within days of a

working jaunt to Milan. ‘My family is Italian and

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Where the laughter matters

IT’S ALL SYSTEMS GO IN THE Shawlands’ comedy scene. The Comedy Vault has been granted a licence and will open on Thursday 6 November. Set in a converted bank on the corner of Pollokshaws Road and Kilmarnock Road, the venue will host comedy four nights a week (Jerry Sadowitz is rumoured to be playing the opening night), with special music gigs from the likes of Engine and Sandy Nelson, plus a quiz night, magic shows and performance poetry. A weekly gong show begins on Thursday 18 November, with acts competing for a prize fund of a thousand smackers. Anyone interested in taking part should email comedyvault@hotmail.com l()(;Al MUSO (:tJM (Kit/ll {HAN cum-actor Sand, Nelson :~; to Champion the cause (A stateless; African American poi” r:al exrles;. Aisha I'prr;t.irerlr. a :errlr' :;

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soul Singer who hat. :r‘a'le ."e' name rn (lhreagr), and her hi.~,r,and Bankole. are eXrlei; flow the US; and make therr Irving perform:ng and lecturing around Europe lhe; w it he performrng alongwle Sand, and the Hall Bar Al: Stars on luewla, 28 Octoher at Nice'n'ESIea/V, See listings A MIXED BLESSING IF EVER there was one, Ross Noble has been named Loaded’s best stand-up comedian at the Lafta awards. The 27-year-old Geordie received the award earlier this month and now counts sponsors JongIeurs among his many fans . . .

Al l EAST HE. CAN I SCAM the admiration on a recer‘fl‘,’ announced tour of the UK Unfortunatel/ there aren't my 'late'. planned for Glasgwr. hut eager fans Should make their way to the \fv‘hitehall Theatre in Dirvlee Monday 24 Nomrntler, ar‘d Aberdeen MuSrr. Hall or: Tll‘:.‘.'lél/ 2"; November. BUDDING COMEDY filmmakers are invited to ply their trade at the Stand’s monthly Comedy Shorts evening. Films can be any length or quality - the kedy requirement being a decent laughter quota. Anyone interested should email jason©edinburghmediabase.com