C. )5“.


If you are fed up with the scene and want something different. you’ll be glad to hear there’s a new club in town. Not a hands-in-the-air. Kylie worshipping dance venue. but a club for gay men, lesbians and bi-sexuals who want more from their social life. It's called the After 5 Club.

After two years of planning and research, the club had its first event in July and the membership has been growing ever since. The


events are all same sex and owners George Lyall and Peter Stewart hope they offer members the chance to make new friends as well as do some business networking. ‘It gives people an environment where it’s relaxed. comfortable. calm and professional. It is more than one-dimensional and you can have fun as well as chill out,‘ says Stewart. As well as dinner events. they also offer a variety of group adventure activities such as quad biking and white water rafting as well as ‘single and mingle’ nights.

Membership is tiered but no matter which level you choose you have the opportunity to attend events and select the kinds of activities you want to do in the future. ‘The club is as good as the members want it to be, it's their club and they can make it their own and take advantage of doing activities that they maybe wouldn’t normally do.’ says Stewart. Whatever reason you decide to join. there are plenty of well organised events to attend and plenty of new people to meet. What else are you going to do - sit in and watch the woeful gay storyline on Coronation Street? (Jane Hamilton)

I After :3. PO Box .’?()‘/'£_’r‘a’. Glasgow. (3’38 68 H). L'l".‘.’l.‘.’.(iflt’l'5(i/ili).(X).lll\.

Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to glasgowGlist.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by

Jane Hamilton.

Glasgow Thursdays


Cutting Room (‘iti/enx theatre. I It) (itit'lmlx Sheet. 43‘) “33. “ed 33 “Cl Sui l5 .\'o\ t.\'ot Strti or Mon). 7.30pm. [l3 ti-lt. Drama i'ollouing a ga} (ilaxgon attetioneer ax he \L‘iil'ChCS l'or tlte truth behind a eaehe oi Ill-lll\ por'ttogr'aph}. See ‘l‘heatt'e.


Merchant Pride 2i) (‘andleriggx 5o-l lZS’5. 0pm. l-‘r‘ee. l.i\el} har.

Court Bar 6‘) llutehexon Street. 552 3-103. (L‘stl Itlpm. l-‘ree. Popular traditional har.

LGBT Centre I i l)i\on Street. 331 7203. l lain midnight. l-‘ree. ('ai‘e/har. Polo Lounge 84 \Vilxtin Street. 553 i321. lilpm latti. l-‘ree. lintertainment from .\ion to Thu and a |i\‘el'\ bar at

\\ eekends.

Revolver (ta John Street. 553 245i). H.3ilpiit. liree. \Veekl}. Popular har.

Health and Support

Body Positive 3 Park Quadrant. 333 50“). Support i‘or' those affected h} HIV/AIDS.

Sandyford lntitiative 3 n SandM‘ord l’laee. Sauehiehall Street. 2| 1 0700. This eentre pro\ iding \upport. counselling and information for “omen. litt\i\ a monthl} lexhian health elinie teontaet 21 l S l 3i) tor tnore detailxt. a lesbian eotmxelling xer\ tee and one-oil xtlill‘ort teontaet centre for information or appointment) and tlte Ste\ e Retxon Projects In iee \\ eekl} \e\ual healllt and L‘Utliht‘lllllg \et'x iee i‘or ga} ttiert teontaet 2i l 8628 for appointment).

Glasgow Fridays


International Lesbian and Gay Association European Conference ()ttttlii) ('entr'al llotel. (iot'don Street. 33] 0080. Hi 17 Sttri it) Oct. Varioux times. lintr} h} registration on|_\. Seotland ltti\i\ three da} \ oi dixetixxionx and \xot‘kxhopx.

Theane Cutting Room Wed 33 ()et Sal l5 .\'o\ t.\'ot Sun or Mon). See 'l‘hu.

Glasgow Saturdays

Clubs Death Disco The Art-hex. Midland

Glasgow Lesbian Line Pt) itox nan. (i3 7'i‘l.. S47 0547. .-\d\ iee. Glasgow Women’s Library Inn 'l'rongate. 552 83-15. ()pen Tue Hi

i oprn; Sat 2 5pm. \\'omen\ literature arid the lexhian arehtx e. alxo hoxt to meetingx (ii. the LIPS gt‘tittp ittt‘ lL‘\l\ittn\ and hixeutal “omen under 35 ti'ortnightl} t atttl the lit“ l.ll’S grottp lot “when aged l8 or under teontaet Shona Bruce on 552 3345 lot more detailx on meeting tiniest.

Homophobic Crime Reporting (‘ontaet S-l'r' (lo-l7. ()pen 7 ltlpm dail). Phace Scotland 4‘) Bath Street. 333 5355. lililL‘ liltlllt \L‘i‘\ ice in the “CH til Seotland tor thoxe ai'i'eeted h} HIV/AIDS.

Strathclyde Gay and Lesbian Switchboard Pt) Box 38. (i3 3Qi-L. 84704-17. ()pen 7 lilpttl darl}. (‘oniidential adx iee.

VividYouth S'i‘i't' (‘entt-e. 333 Woodlands Road. 3-18 lS—il. Meetingx neck!) on Tue 7 0.30pm ior )tttlllg people aged I5 25.


LGBT Centre I I l)i\on Street. 33l 7303. Main ga} eentre lltkllllg lit-)ond Barrierx tehallengmg homophobia). Ste\e Retxon ga} men‘x \e\ua| health adxiee t'l'hu 5.30 Sfitlprnr. llolixtie

Street. 5h5 lthi \at l\(let llprn lain Ll5 \ionthl} llettro legend \iatt \lrnond t‘l.t}\ a \et \ee (lulu


International Lesbian and Gay Association European conference lrt l~ Sun I" i let \ee l'rr

ILGA Ceilidh St \tidre\\ \ llall. ott Saltrnatket. St \ndreu '\ Street. 5 1\ NC" Sat IS ( )tt Spni rnrdntght Ll: IL ltlt \ laxte ot Stottoh hoxpttaht} and krlt \urthng tun tor the 1‘” l5“ delegatex in town tot tlte ll (i \ I urope ("ontetente Illlli l‘.ll|U_\ the \iatappella Hand utth tlte added honux or tree entr_\ to the l’olo lounge or liennetx later

Theatre Cutting Room \\ed 33 (kt \ai r< \t\\ t.\ot Stilt or \iont See lllii

Glasgow Sundays


International Lesbian and Gay Association European Conference In I“ Sim ltrtitr See t rr

Glasgow Tuesdays


Erect in Glasgow: Scott Capurro 'l'he Stand. Hi \\ood|and\ Road. “NW MN! (M55, 'l'tte .‘h t\ \\ed Ill ( )et «L5» ('ult eomte teaehex Seotland See ('omed}

" illprn L"

Theatre Cutting Room \\ed 33 ()et Sat H \m I.\'ot Sun or \lonr See l'hu

Glasgow Wednesdays


Fourplay Ian}. 3h ( 'amhtrdge Street. 333 Hi", llptit iam Ll it} \tth liter» \\'eel\l_\ \ext gay eltih

Comedy Erect in Glasgow: Scott Capurro THU 23 t\ “ed 3‘) ( )t‘i See lllt'

Theatre Cutting Room \\ed 33 ()et Sal IR \ot tNot Sun or .\lonr See 'I lit!

Edinburgh Fridays


Blaze ltgo. l’teatd} l’laee. -l".\ "-1 :-l ltr I" ()et. llptti lam U heiote midnight. L-i alter. l'or'tnrghtl}. Janiex longttorth ignitex

Healing (irotrp t.\ion ". ill lilprnt. l’et'iormanee (irottp t \ion ". itlpnir. and the monthl} meeting\ of ()l.( i.\ not-ral group ior' older lt'\l\l.til\l. leehreakerx riot tho~e nen to the \eene i. lit (ilaxgtm. (‘ro\\|.\ n\ (it'oup. (hit on Sunda} miormal |.('rll‘l' group. |,l(' lexhian \oetal group. Speakeax} poet and \\ i‘thl‘x



Habana (ilt‘t'il\|tlt' Plate. 555 ll-‘il. Noon lam. l'tee. |).l\ exer} lit and Sat attd tttn/oke on Thu.

Flashback ‘) ilope Street. 33o moi -lpni lam. (‘liee\_\ dtxeo and pop Mon to Sttn.

Frenchies Roa- Street 335 "Ml lprti lain. l‘t'ee. I’opttlat.

Planet Out (it‘eenxtde l’lttt't'. 5:4 noel. Mon l'r'r me lam; Sat Sun 3pm lam. l't‘ee. Regular ttrn e\errt\. pre eluh. l)J\ rneludtng 'l't‘end} \\'end} (Mont. t|ill//L'\ and hrngo.

Health and Support Lesbian Line 55" W51 "Hill lllpm. Helpline. LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing *) lltm e Street. 53‘ I too Ne“ t‘L‘lllt'e Hpettetl it) Pl'illiltllk‘ lt'\l‘l.iil.

\lon tk 'l htr

the weekend xx :th .hatt and farm 'tome

Edinburgh Saturdays kjltiilti Men Only ( latentont 1* l .:\'. (laternotti \tteei “h Sorr.‘ \.:i ‘\ i it: \prn ltee lottntentlx HM and the lieau \\llli an open tli\'\\ eode Joy \t'lltlt',( .lllt‘ll i\"‘.i\i “- ;"‘; \a', \‘ (ltt llt‘tn :attt Ll“ :\ itit‘lel‘t'ix \lonthh \lan and \l.r;‘-.'te lox ettlt‘.ez: Ytte net-Lend \\illl .r nm or tnnkx tested

hottxe .r\ lo\ \eiilm Il‘.l-' :tx ne'.\ \etzea'


Thebans v Spartans l‘ortohello Rt (a\ah\ l’ark lliltltllii:'\lt‘ll lx’d \\e\i Nd 155‘ \ai )5 ( ltt lttne tltt l 1.. ldrnhnteh'x lll\l j.'.~.\ :‘.r\ ttrendlx rnz'hx thrh take on the \l.rntl1e\ter \i‘.:il.tll\

Edinburgh Sundays

l tlrn Flying With One Wing l illillit‘il\t‘ \\

Iothtan Road. .‘.‘\ .‘t~\\ \trn ‘h t )tt .pn. 1‘5” {,5 ‘llrt,.‘ ti llotnophohra and \e\tral hteotu are \atntxed rn thrx \rr

lankan teattrre


Erect in Edinburgh: Scott Capurro Stand. \otl. l’lat 5“ ' \nn .‘h ( ltt illt‘


“'l‘m t. ’r e M \ee t il.t\‘.‘l‘\‘~

Party Monster : tr

‘t'r..',r .‘ir i'r: .r' ‘q‘.- ' r u

Private Lives i“ ;"..:':‘

I". .0: Rd /',‘/’( u ,,t

(' l'..ill’,.;.- ..I.‘r

“irrt'i‘x‘rt'fll .'.l'. .)‘:" '

ga}. l\l\t'\ll.tl and trarngender health lhe lltth lnlorrnatron ('entre \‘.Ill he open Mon -l Spin t\ “M i "pin LGBT Police Link I tilt t 'ernre. on liroughton Street \lon tr "pin \\eel.l\ (hall (CU 5| Wit)“ 5M” ii tori want a eliat \xith _\ont eoniniutnt} otirter Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard “it tow " Hr lllptri e\et} da_\ Helpline

LGBT Youth Scotland t‘onratt o3? 33h“ l( )llit t‘l til ll.\ 1; l ill llll5 iYoutltlttter l,\ent\ ior l (illl tinder .‘li Waverley Care \ol..\. 3 t ;\hhe)rttourit. Nil HUS} Iree \.tllt>ll\ \et\ teex tntlttdtng a mu ral group lot z'a} nten atieeted h} lll\ \||)S tl il

3 -lprni


AD (.(lllltlk'i 550-1010 lHt lt'\l‘l.ill\ H‘ter lit \leeh ntonthl) to plan \tlelttl e\etti\ (all lot more detarlx

LGB Centre (ill lirotrghtori Street. -i','.\ “no” ltnportant ga} tentre hmtinz' llte \Vornen'x (rtotrp Drop In t'l hur. (ta) i).itl\ Seotland tittotitlil} l .t\ u ell .t\ lit l;drnhttrgh the \ottalrxupport group lot l\l\t'\tl.tl\ and thoxe titrextrontng their \t‘\ll;tlli} trnonthlp

Scottish TV/TS Group lhe l’hoent\ ('ellar “at. it» lirotrghton Sitt't‘i “— U: ;-1 \itiltllll}