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Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I Audio Tourism at l’tyo Bar (‘luh ‘lpm 3am. l'ree \Veekly A \L‘rltlth alternatiye to eonyentional nrglit eluhhmg. I Bio-Rhythm at the lloneyeomh ltl,3tlpiii 3am. £the. 25 ()et. Bio-Rhythm continue to llll\ things tip with their loye ol all things heateenirte Another one oll special as they yyeleome the Lo-l'idelrty Allslars tor a night of tiL'.\ and l‘iX.

. Blooms til ('(' BltltllllS.

ll).3tlpm 3am. l'ree. Weekly. 1)] .-\lly ls back again ytrth more ot her trademark lllgll-L'tilllp-lti-lltlthc deekiireal eypertrse at llllS alyyayx hoaehiiig gay name.

I Colours Live! at the Liquid Room. Next date 3 .\'o\ tyyith Saxhar.

I Diggity at the liytahltshment.

ltlpm 3am. £3 helore llpm; '7 t£5 memhersr alter. \Veekly, I)J l‘ahulo/ and Harry l.(} get dottn \yith their bad xelyex. playing yyildstyle Rik”. lnp hop and street soul. \Veleommg special guest Shortee lilit/ lrexh olt tyinnmg a MUM) tor Best l'K (‘luh l).l tentry l’ot‘ llll\ night only rllll\ at £8 lot‘ non-members; £4 helore midnight. £(r alter lor lllL‘llllk‘l'\l. Set [ll't'llt'lL

I Disco Inferno at ligtr.

ltrfitipm 3am. £8 (Ur m laney tll'L'ssl. IS (let. A night ol dryeo cream on two floors. (ilammed up and iii your laee tllSL'U aetion trotn l)J Loye. .\'iek Silyei'. M(' ()ll\. l"tiiikiii;t\tt'i‘ liry er and 1)] ('asanoya.

I Do This Do That at Honey eomh. 10.30pm 3am. £the. IS ()et. l-‘onnightly l’lotighriig a deliberately underground \ihe yyhile still attracting ilie hest guests in ioyyn tand ayyard nominations) along the say. Relaunehing tyiih \pt‘eltll guest and queen ol' Radio 1 Lottie.

. The Egg til \Vee Rt‘tl Bar.

llptii 3am. £4.50 t£~tr. \Veekly Still the best miy ol‘ indie. (ills garage. northern soul. \ka. 7(ls punk and next yy ay e you're likely to stagger aei‘osx. A \\ ell ltryetl institution that refuses to change.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. ltlpm 3am. l't‘ee £5. \Veekly l’iesta Latina \yith 1)] lil l’atron and his \iI/ling selection of the hottest Latin hits of pthl and present.

I Eye Candy at Masxa. l lprn 3am. £ltl (£8 or £6 tt' ‘outrageously dressed' l. \VL‘L'k'l). Residents the liy e Candy T“ his and Neiat Barton litrsl their inlamoux glam and mainstream house party. Remember to ‘drexx glam or serum.

I Fiesta Latina at 'l‘ey iot Royy l’nion. 9.30pm 2am. £4.50 t£3.5()i. 25 ()et. Monthly. Still going strong alter ten years of supply trig the best in salsa. mereiigue. mamho arid other Latin rhy thmx courtesy ol‘ [)1 l’aneho yy ith a tree danee Class l‘rom the Salsa Angels at 9.30pm.

I Flaunt at Massa. l lprn 3am.

U) I“). 25 ()et. Back to Basics present this iiiglii ol‘ timeless eluh classics that made house music yy hat it is today. With .\'eil .\'a\arra and ()In er Lang.

I Funkysensual at Po Na Na.

9pm 3am. l-‘ree before I lpm; 4-£5 alter. Weekly. HUI tiit\ (ll. sexy funky house music from DJ Benehy and Roddy Mae. I Ginuwine at ligo. ltlpm 3am. £5 before midnight; £7 alter. 25 ()et. Next R& B and hip hop night from maintloor residentx Ritchie Rul'l'tone. SL and M(‘ Protisee and (lino many the basement.

I Give it Some! at the Bongo ('luh.

l lplllv5tllll. £3 before midnight; £5 alter. 25 ()et. Monthly l-‘eaturing the best in funk. soul. jau and all that inspired hip hop from the lil Segundo moh.

I Greazed Up at Spider\ Web (‘ellar Bar. Spin—2am. £5. 25 ()et. Monthly. Rockabilly night for DJ \ irgirix for those budding Alan Freeds and \Volt‘man Jack‘s Olll there.

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86 THE LIST iii-JP Oct 2005


The Boogaloo Investigators

I Headspin at the Bongo (‘luh Next date 8 Noy.

I Henry’s Late Nights at llenry \ Jar/I (‘ellaiz Midnight 3am. £(i. \Veekly Liy e ja/z and the house l)J\ take you into the \yee small hours. Rumba (‘aliante mash Latin. (‘uhan and Ne“ York \ ihex together i lh’ ()etr tyhile Tony King's soul and jan l'tmkers (irooy'el)igga/ return alter a ten year break t25 ()ei r.

I Hoffbeat at Berlin Bierhaus.

llpmr 3am. £5. l .\'o\. Monthly. The litinkeymagie guys and llol'lheai put on a neyy night iii a next y'enue \\ ith more or that deep hou~e you loye st) mueh yyrth l)'.lti|/ t2()/2() Vision) flying in t'rom Paris.

I Ignition at (iaia. 6.45 9.45pm. £thc. 25 ()et. Rth and hip hop \ch‘litl tor the under lh’s eroyyd. Featuring the talents ot‘ 17-year-old l).l.\ lay arid .\'iek (i. this ()et date \L'L’S the Ignition .\l(' hattle commence. hosted and judged by

l)iggity \ l‘ahulw. Harry 3!) and M(~ l-‘loty.

I Joy, Luvely and Taste Drop the Anchor at Ocean 'l‘erminal.

ltlpm 3am. £l2 t£l() memberxr. I Not only. lidinhurgh'x biggest and best

gay /gay friendly eluhs join forces for this almighty party ot~ house and other t'unky heats.

I Joy at the Venue. l lprn 3am. £ It) t£x members). 25 ()et. l‘p-t‘ront. dirty house grtroyes on the main floor from Alan tk Maggie Joy and Brett King to yyork yoti tip into a lather on the tnain tloor. l’llh Trendy Wendy and Sally F‘s cheeky mix of soul. funk and chart in the doyynstairs suite. Note that Joy' is a club for gay people and their friends.

I Luvely at the Liquid Room. ltlpm—5am. £l2 t£ltl metnherxr. l8 ()et. Monthly .-\ \auey soiree. geared lt)\\ttl’d\ a gay/mixed erotyd and featuring a lllllslc policy of full-on. driying house from

READY STEADY GO-GO Filo. l tliiilriiitili. i ii ‘34 (let

Just like the Queen. the tollts at the Go-Go aren‘t content with haying just one birthday a year. So. to recreate the spirit at birthday parties gone by. they're movrng to a higher .floor than usual at Ego lot the tirst iii a series ol hopefully l-regular Ready Steady Go-Go events. to show oil the club to its lull, live. psychedelic lreakout glory.

‘We're a (SOs-orientated club and obvrously live bands

were extremely popular tn the explains

tor/DJ Tall Paul Robinson. ‘So we're rust trying to

get closer to providing a flavour ol how it was then.‘

Along with resident DJ Angus A-Go~Go, Robinson

hlnisell Will be playing With special guest Mikey

Collins, the Go—Go Dancers and the tr'ippy lightshow.

The live element ot the night Will be handled by

Glasgow tunk, soul and R88 combo the Boogaloo lnvestigators. Edinburgh surt band Preston Plan:

and Seaton Sands. and Modus teatutitig Rod

Spark (a ligure Robinson assures us was a mod

lace in the late 80s and Very nearly a member

ol the Charlatans, to boot).

Willi each band perfectly suited to the dancetloor, you're well advrsetl to show

your lace. It's just like Austin Powers.

except with real people. and the gag rust

residents 'l'ommy K. (il’. Neyyton tk Stone and Jared. Another era/y night from the Luxely tolk as they introduce their 'llells :\ngel\' theme.

I Messenger Sound System at the Bongo ('luh. I lpm 3am. £2. IS ()et. Fortnightly. Bass ot' hoyyel—xlillllttg proportions as the mighty Messenger Sound System lllthls otit the hext in righteous roots and duh reggae yy ith neyy regular M(‘ lxhu. Settling into the Bongo'x neyy yeiitie yyitli special guext and singing \L‘ll\ttll0ll Kenny Knolls.

I Mission at Studio 24. llpm ‘yam, £5 t£4 memhei'xr. \Veekly. \rght ot metal mayhem. goth rock and more lrom the darkxide a real lidmhtirgli lll\llllllltill. I Moving Through at (‘aharei Voltaire. llpm 3am. £S t£()t. IS ()et. Monthly. A tree lloyy m‘ _|;tlll that prtx the \\ ll\ till ll\L‘ hi‘eakheat tll’ellcllt‘tl lititht‘ outlit 2\l(l ttgtillhl the turntahilixm annex ot' lleadxpm ntit-iohx. the Resonance. l)lgg\ titttl \Vlitrirsli Hi the DIV eolleetrye and yeteranx ol the LR tree party scene join the musical mash tip.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. ltlpm 3am. £5. \Veekly. l)a\e Shedden with his mr\ ot' disco and ttmky house tracks.

I Out Of til Ntelltil l‘.tl\\;il'tl\. ltlpm 3am. £4. IS ()et. .-\ llll\ oi lllllSlL‘ttl styles lrom some ot the best tip and-coming talent the capital has to otter. RL'\ltiL‘lll\ liUix}Uhlll. \ltill

MeKet'y ey. Stuart Jillllhltilt arid Jamie Bohaney lead you through the realm\ ot old school to ttmky house. hard house and Naked \ly le lotmgeeore.

0 Pressure meets Bugged Out! at the Venue. Itl.3tlirtii 3am. £ l 3 «£1 1 r. IS ()et. Motilltly. (ilaxgoyy \ biggest techno/house night Joins loi‘cex \\ ith Manchester's underground \upereluh right here in the capital. .-\\ per usual it‘s a killer line-up yy ith the James Lay elle'x l'NKlJ-L Sttlllltl\_\ stem lll\ er trexh oil the

gets better each time. fiat/rd Pollock)


lt'lt'.l\t' til \l ll 1, \t it/ Iii/141'. Hilly

.\'a\ty and the l''it l\try\

I Progression .il the I liltlltl Room

I” itlpm iam £1” 25()tt \lomhly l)etek \lattin. (iay (iiant and \lan l)ol\\on are turned by tlll.tllt'll_\ resident l)t'\}tl \lastello lot another progressin- llt'li\t'\\t|ll\iill1 \\illi pie t lttl~ \t'\\ltrll at ('ity (‘ale lioiit Spin In; fit/x rial. ur't. .‘l/\Ilttl’t//ll‘/i/t/\L"(.'f.‘1"’ti/I‘I'/l’llltl tl/l rue/r!

I Redemption at Ieyiol lx’oyt l llli'II ltlpm iam £2 t£l memlyeiw l \m. (iotlr and llltlll\ t ltily lion. l l)( ..\ lx’ I Sophistifunk at (‘in Itlllll‘llli'il llpm ‘am 9," \\eekly l\’t'\ltlt‘tll l)l~\ playing elrait It'tlil\t'\ and ttmky llt'll\t‘ m the mam eltrh and lokyolrln m llar o ‘.‘.Illl their deliciously tlilteient lylentl o1 hottxe tk garage

I Souler Power at l tlinlrmz'h l.t‘\| ('ltih Spin latii £1 IS (lit l ndeiplayetl Ultllt‘\ and tip Itom one \trtll tiom lt'Nltlt'llh \li l)till. llaitimy and Mary Marme and Sit/i ('ameion a\ well special guests Kenny litritt-ll_i\1ttlt.( .ill \\ illingham and Lenny lmhat k QStereotype at lletlm lilt'lllalh

Ill zllpm 5am £5 hetote midnight. Ur alter 25 ()et \lonthly lltl‘..".'_\ Burger Queen lt'lllllh m ith neyy guise at Stereotype. bringing home the lrext house around 'lhix month lltiggy I\ ruined by x\'l l'(' taka \ytlin iit1\ll\ll the man helimd the mawa e tltih llll\ lit and Uni tll l.llt'.. .liatl llaltils' .illtl '\lt't'[‘ Alalk' laying doun a no nonsenxe tip lilttiig house set

I Tease Age at ('itttix ('ltily

llpm ‘am £5 \Veekly lill\ mdre \l;tl\\.tl'ltl1\llt'\lll‘ eyetythmg ttom \yymging (rtlx illI\ to baggy Mamhwter la\e\ as \‘st'lliIStlllll51l‘i\Ullt'lli \ l/l chart htrllieiets

I Thee Jailhouse at leyiot Riv}. l'mon llpm iatii £4 250d Righteous rock and old \xill'tli metal in a classic