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V I saw you I keep seeing you. basement bookseller in Waterstones (ilasgow Sauchieball street. You shaven- headed saviour with the devilish smile and the marilyn tee... (iraemei’ Restirrect me! [7481/1

VI saw you small. smiley. ponytailed girl(a‘cocteau lounge taking over the dance floor. crazy moves in great shoes. How do yoti do it‘.’ [7481/2

V I saw you Suzanne'.’ The red haired girl who's just started working in barlIy. I'm the man who kept forgetting your name and was too shy to ask you out. Duh! [7481/3

V I saw you I spoke to yoti at the Arches 3 in I alter party. You were Lorna in white top. I was knackered and a bit quiet. Sorry botit that. [7481/4

V I saw you Micheal at the traxx alter party. I asked you to get me my bottle of beer in the queue at the bar then we talked all night but when you left you gave me your bottle of beer but it was empty '.’ want to go for some more beers. [7481/5

VI saw you Patrick. your cheeky grin brightened tip my night and distracted me from my work. You owe me a drink! [7481/6

VI saw you in Mosquito picking your nose - it really turns me on. (‘an you pick your bum next time bebba [7481/7 V I saw you dark haired strangely named twin of mine in ['isge Beatha. (‘ome back soon? Love Stully xxx. [7481/1 V I saw you the bald bouncer at Brel. You opened the door for me - that was helluva sweet. Love (ierald. [7481/8

V I saw you Roddie the amazing gtiitar/pianti/harmonica genius! (ireat fun+ great music. 1). [7481/9

V I saw you lady in red. sitting in Brel. being gently murdered by (‘hris l)e Burgh. [7481/65

V I saw you me hearties. drinking the bar dry of rum. aboard the old medina ship. Let's walk the plank again soon. K. [7481/10

V I saw you lIame haired sexy like chilli door man. (iive us a call. will meet you in the foyer x. [7481/11

V I saw you Frankie 7. sitting in your sltara pilIa haze. con- templating your Italian roots. Fancy a walk in the park'.’ Love Nuru. Son of lilon. [7481/67

V I saw you Doug and Sammy at the Tron. What a couple of Harolds. [7481/12

V I saw you from the top of the ['ni tower as l abseiled down - you. long blonde hair. me. scared [7481/13


"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night?

V I saw you Brian (‘ the teacher in 'I‘unbridge Wells. 1 think the world of you. [7481/66 V I saw you Jenni S don't worry about him. he's an idiot. What's going on with tis any- way‘.’ You‘re a nutter. Alk 3. [7481/14

V I saw you (iraeme - in the most popular flat in the West lindll See you shakin' your booty on the dancelIoor to some top chocolate milk tunes on Friday. . .weIcome to (ilasgow! We love you - Laura + Jill xxxx. [7481/15

V I saw you Your ear lobes shining from behind the bar in Sleazys. Moody man. btit sweet when you smile. [7481/16

V I saw you Adam (i in the appointments section of the Herald. You thought you got away with it. But. you didn't. nae luck! [7481/17

V I saw you Diane. Yer a pure minger. (iet yer tits oot. Love 5ft. Xxx. Shake the beat....\l:\3 [7481/68

VI saw you IIBS ruling the school. dancing like fools. main- taining their cool. [7481/18

VI saw you at b-lo on Wed 15th Oct. with your Blk/Wht stripcy skiit and black top. You were the sexiest thing I ever saw. [7481/ l‘) V I saw you bunch of for- eigners at the Barfly on Saturday night. Where were your tiny skirts'.’ [7481/20

VI saw you with that sexy blue cardi and Tom + Jerry nightie! Please please set fire to them as 1 can't concentrate! [7481/21

VI saw youjust because you've got a scar on your head. doesn't make you Harry Potter? [7481/22 V I saw you at Barfly skanky redhead. cute T—sliirt. gorgeous eyes - hope that handsome indie kid [I were with isjtist a pal! I'll take you shopping for jeans anytime! [7481/23

V I saw you birthday girl. looking btit not touching...hope you had a good one XI The llop-italers x. [7481/24

V I saw you you make me want to be gay?! I know your name's Kirsty [just wish I knew more?! [7481/25

V I saw you happy-go-lucky goth chick called l‘i. [Tnshroud your mystery honey. [7481/26


VI saw you Somerlield Dalty Road. sony dude but 1 am more interested in a female colleague with dark hair illitl glasses? [7481/28

V I saw you Zeb-we met in front of John Lewis ages ago- still tip for coffee'.’\\'asn't able to respond to your- 1 saw yoti..So perhaps now‘.’ Juliet from Maine. [7481/29

V I saw you Jen patton got your note btit lost your number. I was never angry with you I always understood. 1 want you to know that. Send a text. Natalie W. [7481/30

V I saw you we saw you at costa del telford facing a tricky interview panel. You handled it well without perspiring too much. How about a drink with your lovely coursemates before you become a superstar culti- vater‘.’ [7481/31

V I saw you 14/10. 2:3()ish. 34 bus. (iorgeotis brown eyes. long black hair. stripey hand- bag. you sat sideways before me (back seat. black leather jacket. glasses). Swapped glances ttnlil & alter I got off (Restalrig). I‘ancy chatting. loo'.’ [7481/32

VI saw you at l‘avorit. Sunday 12/10. You; gorgeous guy with brown cord jacket... me; dark haired girl with upset gtin Wasn't how it looked. would rather have coffee with you! [7481/33

VI saw you sexy new barman at the 'l'raverse. You were so btisy admiring yourself

you messed tip my cappuccino (again). let's take our tops olf like a couple of totigh gtiys. [7481/34 VI saw you (irape. Iidinburgh 17/10/03. You black jumper with friends in the first booth on the right. .Vle black shirt with friend in the booth behind. ('aught your eye a couple of times. Interested? [7481/35

V I saw you In Broomhandle (Sun 1‘) ()ctl being a hairy monkey. [7481/36

V I saw you in Kebab Mahal ( 10pm. Thursday 16th October). Me tousled paleface with 2 male friends. you groomed caramel with 1 female friend. Our eyes met and seemed to find the parting sweetly painful. ('hilli sauce or yoghurt sauce‘.’ Both please. [7481/37

V I saw you Wendy and 2 friends off to the (‘andy ('1th a few Saturdays ago. You wanted to have sex with the taxi driver and he wants to have sex with you. [7481/38

VI saw you in I-‘rankensteins - Fri 17th Oct - we stared each other otit at the bar (or com- pared our white shirts) then your friend took my picture! get in touch [7481/39

V I saw you at the (‘itrus ('lub. .\Ie. long. black cttrly hair; you. black slashed top. See you at the Mission? (‘an't stop thinking of you - text me. [7481/40

V I saw you Iggy. I know Ali & Adele want to keep us apart. They won't. Just a little time baby... I.ove Lottie [7481/41

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