VI saw you in ('oral. You looked very hot. You were win- ning lots. I'd feel like a winner with you x [7481/42

V I saw you ('raig in the Basement (‘afe on Saturday night. Whenever you're ready for round two. bring it on? By the way. I'm a girl! And so are you! [7481/43

Vl saw you you sexy Atistralian boy. You know who you are - you know that I love you. [7481/44

V I saw you Jar Jar. We met in (‘(‘S. You were with your friend Karen. My flat was messy. Didn't we hit it off'.’ (‘all me. Martin [7481/45

V I saw you you saw me. Should have got off the hits at St. Andrew's Square 19/101 but was mesmerised by your eyes. ()oops. my mistake?! [7481/46 VI saw you Irish Kirsty in WllSmith. early Sunday morn- ing. 1 was too shy and hungover to chat. You saw me on the seats opposite. I don't know if you liked rne or thought 1 was going to die! [7481/47

V I saw you ('arrie 1’. You're one hot mama? Remember the tarots and stay happy. Muchos amore. Rufe xxx [7481/48

VI saw you sexy shon cum‘rny blonde bannaid at the Stand. Your eyes stole my heart. Want to dis- ctrss its rettrm over dinner‘."1'all dark skinny. [ 748 1/49

V I saw you lieng Shui man. You may have cleared your clutter but the cooks are leaving you all a llutter. There's a few more out there. (from a nutter). VI saw you amigo - thin face. short hair. piercing blue eyes: possibly frorn Manhattan. You rocked my world? Be my bitch 4 ever. [7481/50

V I saw you the puppet mas- ter on the 4th liloor at Harvey Nichols. Tall. lanky. a private smile that I would like to get It) know...and yes. 1 would love a glass of champagne. [7481/51 Vl saw you Kath llowden and will hopefully see you always! Love a cheeky wee friend xxx PS. You are a goddess! [7481/52 V I saw you keeping it curi- ous in neverland. Will 1 see you cavorting at the carnival of the dead'.’ [7481/53

VI saw you with a thin line of sweat on your upper lip. as you told me I was a 'brand champion' for 'llarvey .\'ics'. Push me around on an office chair and I'll be yours forever. [7481/54

V I saw you Sir hunky 'l'im. You're my dream boy and l lova lova you. Love always. your girlie. Ruru xxx [7481/55

VI saw you Blonde lillie at the ligg. It was your birthday? loo shy and drunk to talk. [7481/56 V I saw you Scrooglehurns and dedrickwiggle bashin' on with the llyers. Keep on truckin'. fae .\'oo .\'oo. [7481/1 V I saw you (ireggless buttella sen'ing drinkyptxrs at the Cafe". (let out and drop some kebabs on the floor. from .\'oo .\'oo. [7481/57 Vl saw you through the gate- ways of my heart. 1 said no thorough fare. but love came and said no 'thorougli fare'. Love you. Lillie ('. [7481/58

V I saw you sexy narcoleptic fat boy. ass man at route one. 1 can't breathe! [7481/59

V I saw you Schganger yah with your hoopy earrings and your silly scarf. (‘an 1 have your daddy's money? [7481/60 VI saw you Andy-the girl from lidinburgh with waist length blond hair dated a gtty named Mike-lived in Seattle WA. 10 years ago. Alex (Julie) is search- ing for her. If anyone knows any- thing about .-\ndy please get in touch. have been looking for years. thanks. [7481/61

VI saw you (iilly. at the Lyceum Theatre. October 10th. You kept looking tip at me to exchange intriguing glances. Tell me. good Brutus. would you like to meet'.’ [7478/63

VI saw you Hands up who's a radge Miss Jack. You float my boat. (iet a grip on whatever.[ 7481/64

Clubs & Activities

Velcro Speed Dating. Stuck finding someone‘.’ lixperience the ultimate profes- sional speed dating night. Ryan's ('ellar Bar. lidinburgh. 20th & 27th November. Tickets/ info contact: velcro_.speed_dating Modern dating for busy profes- sionals. Are you single'.’ Looking for a great night out'.’ 30 llash- dates every event. lilain seminar: The Art of Seduction'. Results issued on the night. .\'ext event: 1 December. lidinburgh

Tel: 07904 243 946

Personal Adverts

I Affectionate profes- sional male, 55. now semi- retired. seeks warm lively- rnindetl woman with whom to share and explore new life. (Box Number: l’/48l/l)

I Happy but single henna brunette female. 39. seeks cul- tured male to rock her boat. Music. poetry. the great out- doors. tai'chi and good dinners on offer. (Box Number: l’/480/l ).

SEEKING FRIENDS I Woman, 46 650“, many

interests. seeks new soul-triates to share in the joy of living. (‘olourz gender. sexuality. etc. ln‘elevant. eccentrics encouraged. Honesty and confidentiality respected. All letters answered. (Box Number: l’/479/11

Q7 female seeks male

“5 NAUGHTY BUT LOVELY 29yr old female. looking for a good man 25-35 to keep some discipline. ('all me on 09067 510145 & enter 11) no. 4038809 W SONIA 39, a carer. small. petite build. like clubbing & having a good time. WIII‘M male to have a good laugh with. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18788426

W 5'3" lady, blond hair. blue eyes. Likes walking. cinema. swimming. nights out/in WL'I'M man for friendship. possible relationship. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18827425

W 33YR OLD, single mum of 1. likes driving. swimming. pttbs. clubs. WLTM nice. caring male to enjoy life together. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 1002334

W SINGLE FEMALE, 32, 5ft2, loud. likes working out. running. gym. pubs. clubs. socialising. meals out & reading. seeking similar male to share fun times. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18330225

W BLONDE FEMALE with green eyes. quite tanned. 40. from (ilasgow. Like going to saunas & swimming. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 1 1660130 We VICKY, 37, freelance personal trainer. single. looking for some company. Like to keep fit. socializing. W1.'I'.\1 someone lidinburgh area. just to be a friend. who likes to keep lit. ('all me on ()9067 563557 & enter 11) no. 11670130

v SLIM BLONDE, likes socialising, dancing. eating out. country walks. hols abroad. WL'I'M male for friendship. possible relationship. ('all me on (19067 563557 & enter ll) no.18699425

‘19 BLACK AFRICAN lady, short hair. smoker. mum of 2. likes staying in. sometimes going out for drives. WIII'M someone for good company & possible relationship. ('all the on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 1 1675130 '9" BLOND, 5'1", slim, likes clubbing. pubs. socializing. WI II'M man for friendship possible relationship. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 1 1648130

it?” BUBBLY 22yr old female. 5'4" with blonde hi- lights. likes talking. clubbing. performing arts. most sports 8; having fun. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 3118142 W NICKY from Glasgow. (iS()ll. bubbly.5'8". short browny blond hair. like pubs. clubbing. eating iii/out. music & chilling out WLTM similar male. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter II) no. 18790426

“Wt CARING FEMALE SEEKS S()['1.M;\'I'li Friendly. honest female. 39. 51't4. medium build. Dark hair & blue eyes. divorced. WL'I'M someone special & caring for fun. friendship 84 maybe more. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter [1) no. 1801209 BLUE-EYED,CUDDLY FEMALE. linjoys cinema. pubs. theatre. going fora walk & in need of 'l'L('. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18564225

5FT3 FEMALE, 33, enjoy socialising with friends. having fun with my kids & relaxing. WIJI'M perfect male for friendship & maybe more. (‘all me on ()9067 563557 & enter 11) no. 2704150 CUDDLY FEMALE, 5' with brown hair 8; blue eyes with (}S()ll. very bubbly personality enjoys socialising. Looking for a male for friendship 61; companionship. maybe more. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18582225

5'3", medium build lady. dark hair. green eyes. bubbly. Likes music & cinema. Wlfl'M man for friendship. possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 8; enter 11) no. 1 1667130

ROSE dark hair, dark eyes. rather dark skin. very bubbly. 1 like socializing. travelling. go fora drive. walks. Wlfl'M man for friendship. possible relationship. ('all rne on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18812425

FUN BUBBLY FEMALE SliliKS l"[.'.\' MALli Divorced female 35. enjoys meals out. cinema. nights out with friends. Seeks male for fun & friendship. ('all me on 09067 563557 8: enter II) no. 1811958 We PETITE Glasgow girl, bubbly & ftrll of ftrn with serious side also. like cosy nights in with a takeaway & bottle of wine. Wlfl'M friendly. bubbly guy for some great times maybe relationship. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter II) no. 18695425

W 39YR OLD, work with children. 1 like drinking. walks. driving. going out to the beach. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18761426

W KAREN, 5' tall, long blond hair. green eyes. small build. like to go ottl to pubs. clubs. meals. cinema. lots of different things. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18802425


Calls cost £1 per minute. Lines open 24hrs. Fusion-ICS. L82 8JA

Looking for

Calls cost £1 per minute. Lines open 24hrs. Fusion-ICS. LS2 8JA

MARY ANNE brunette, single mum. loves theatre. cinema & moderate drinking. Looking for someone with (iS()ll who's honest. kind & trustworthy like myself. Single dads very welcome. (’all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 1881 1425 GERALDINE 36, 2 children. single parent. work full time in a l)e1i. my hobbies are hill walking. ck an avid ('eltic fan. WL'I'M tnale for relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18567225

5'4" FEMALE, dark hair. l.ikes socializing. crosswords. going out & enjoy myself. ('all me on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 18563225

malt: sews

ATTRACTIVE bright, caring 28yr old male. enjoys pubs. clubs. meals & cinema Wlfl'M fun-loving laid-back girl 26-35 who enjoys life. (‘all me on 09067 510145 & enter II) no. 4085809

6'2", fair haired, blue eyed male. Social worker. doesn't drink nor smoke. likes keeping fit. going to football or going for walks. WL'I'M lady for friendship. possible relationship. ('all the on 09067 563557 & enter 11) no. 13159421

"-~-5 WILLIE 24, 6',well-built. dark hair/eyes. affectionate. honest. romantic & funny. like music. keeping fit. clubbing tk meeting new people. ('all me on (19067 563557 ck enter II) no. 1 10631.3()

110 ()(:t 111 Nov 20011 THE LIST 125