‘9 STEVE from Coatbridge, 5'9". short brown hair. blue eyes. 58". medium huild. Like to go to the cinema. cluhhing. puhhing. eating out. \VIII’M lady with similar interests. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. l3 16142]

w 36, DARK hair, talI. slim. 1.o\'cs music. dancing & most things in life. WISI‘M girl for friendship. relationship. (‘all me on (19067 563557 (k enter 11) no. I 1658130

W TONY, 34, half Italian. hall Scottish. 6'2". stocky huild. warm. caring. witty. quite shy. good looking guy. like to go for a drink ck dinner. ('all me on 09067 563557 tk enter II) no. 11655130 3559 TOMMY, GOOD bubbly personality. enjoys pubs. clubs. cinema. eating out. \VIII'M female who is like minded. enjoys a good time ck who is up for a laugh. (‘all the on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. l8805425

W BOB, PROFESSIONAL businessman, caring. reliahle & romantic. I like theatre. musical itctns. play the trombone. evenings in/out. nice meals. ('all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. 18560225

W“ KENNY 5'3", short brown hair. brown eyes, likes pubs. clubs. hay ing a good time ck the gym. (‘all me on 09067 563557 & L‘tttct' 11) no. 185-18325 W FUN MALE, 38, 5l'tl0. likes pubs. clubs. cinema. having a laugh ck good conversation. \\‘l.'l‘.\l female. Ior I‘un ck friendship. maybe more. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter 11) no. 13083-121

W ANDY, LIKES GOLFING, swimming. going out. cluhhing. cinema. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. 116-13130

it IdealPartner

because relationships are all about compatibility

PH”; FREE 08701 221 H 303 i

W LAID BACK, going, l'riendly guy. 33. likes music. driying. ty. swimming. \Vlfl’M easy going female to enjoy life together ck hay e some fun times. (’all me on 09067 563557 ck cntct' 11) no. 13169-131

W 5'7", SHORTISH HAIR, like to keep sell in shape. cluhhing. puhhing. sit down ck chat. or stay in ck relax. Very easy going. \VIII‘M similar person. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter 11) Ho. 1076-162 W 34YR OLD male, 5'6". short black hair. blue eyes. \\'I.'I‘.\l female of similar age for friendship possible relationship. (‘all me on (19067 56.3557 ck enter II) no. 18685425

31YR OLD, male, dark hair eyes ck skirt. half l-‘rench ('anadian. linjoys going out. Ioothall. looking fora female to share Inn with. Respectful ck a gentleman. ('all me on 09067 56.3557 ck enter 11) no. 31111-12 W GAY GUY, 30, 6'2", short black hair. hrown eyes. medium huild. Looking for a broad minded female to haye some fun with ck keep each other happy. ('all me on (19067 563557 ck enter 11) no. 18688-135 GOODLOOKING MALE 33, 5I't8. has own business. enjoys country walks. puhs. restaurants ck most sport. \VIII'M I‘emale with similar interests. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. l909-Il5l

W” SLIGHTLY BALD MALE, 6'. slim. quiet tit. no ties. own car. likes tray els. walks. \\'l.'l'.\l lady for Iriendship. possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter [1) no. 18686425 GLASWEGIAN MALE, 5'6", brown hair. glasses. looking 161' female to share good times with ck enjoy a relationship with. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. 18700-125

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male 24hr senvrce C H EA P C HA I" HUNDREDS OF UK GIRIS ON LINE 24 HOURS/DAY h I \ :9 ' w 5'7", CFCS. N h" 9 I slim build. hobbies are golting. ' /. I trayelling ck hasically going out to “loose YOUR GIRL AND CONNGCT IN SECONDS \ enjoy myself. ('all me on 09067

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-_ f,/ @3090 6 69 70. 4 f- ' p0 8921‘39'3 worker. Like cinema. 'l'\'. walking

ck cycling. (‘all me on 09067 I . 563557 ck enter II) no. l8779426 W 35YR OLD 5'7" male with brown eyes. black hair. (iS()ll. enjoys playing football. nights in (k out. is an entertainer. likes to haye a good time. ('all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. I3l68-IZI W DAVID, 22, 5'1 1", short hair ck eyes. I'un ck easy going. likes to relax. \VIII‘M someone I’or friendship. possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. 18683435

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W 4'9" NICE person, slim. petite. feminine. attractive. natural redhead. like cycles in the sunshine ck having lots oI‘ fun. ('all me on 09067 563557 tk enter II) no. 18798425

W BUBBLY outgoing female, 5'3" with long hair. Likes to haye a good time. nights in just as well as nights out. (‘all me on 09067 563557 ck enter II) no. 1317042]

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