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JOHN SIMM is a rising star in the new wave of British actors. He was once just Human Traffic, then he went to Wonderland, and became one of the 24 Hour Party People. In his new film he is besotted with a mysterious girl called Miranda, played by Christina Bicci. Interview: Paul Dale

A Hollywood starlet walks into the quiet Yorkshire library where you work and asks you to recommend a book. Which do you choose? l/'/aler MUS/c 0y l Coraghessan Boyle. You’re working on a documentary about African football and voodoo. What’s your sneakiest tactic on the pitch?

Drug the half tune oranges.

What’s your favourite dream?

Right Wing. Man Unrted. European Cup final . . . etc.

If you had to nominate an arch- enemy so you could join a club of super-heroes, who would it be and why?

Arsene Wenger

What is the single greatest thing life has failed to teach you?

So far"? lnat tnere Is a (Sod.

You played Bernard Sumner in 24- Hour Party People. Joy Division or New Order?

Both. l or different reasons.

When did you last feel mortally embarrassed?

Watching Pop Idol and New Best r’rr/end' etc. If I watch “car-(:rassn' TV lo." longer than five minutes I start sx'xeatang. What’s your least favourite country? And why?

Turkey. Never been out as a football fan. It doesn't realiy appeal.

If you could quit your job and start afresh tomorrow and have the skills to do something completely new what would you choose to be?


Is there a part you have been offered that you wanted to do but had to knock back?

Oi)! wan Kenom. Wasn't realry arsed. Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Who do you actually think would play you?

A young Al Pacino. lan Beale or Martin Plat! from Coronat/on Street

I M/randa IS .Ie/eased on M Nov.

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