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Why what we buy is what we believe . . . the ultimate website for neds . . . the revival of the Doctor Marten boot . . . plus letters on The League of Extraordinary Gent/amen. Tramway and The List's film

editor. Paul Dale


12 The Flaming Lips How the band with the weird stage act is storming pop's biggest party

1 6 Paddy Considine The rise and rise of the untrained actor who's as good as Richard Burton

18 Snow Sports Guide The essential guide to snowboarding in Scotland; where to do it and what to buy

24 Glasgay! What it feels like when a woman gets dressed up as a Glaswegian man

107 Superstars Homage to the cult TV series that turned Brian Jacks into a legend

Thursday 30 Oct Thursday 13 Nov 2003

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Two bottles of Warre’s Otima ten-year-old port for this issue’s top letter

Offers page: 200 tickets for MTV in the Gardens, 300+ tickets for Intermission, two for one Body & Soul tickets

Film tickets for a screening of My Life Without Me

Gig tickets for N*E*R*D

VIP Morgan’s Spiced Mix It club tickets

A—List discount clubbing card

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