Re: Why Scotland needs Tramway (480)

Thanks for your support for the campaign to keep Tramway 2 as a public space for the arts. The List is well placed to understand how destructive and divisive a situation such as this could be to all the art forms involved. We've just got through one decade of embarrassment at Glasgow's visual arts policy. Let's not have another one!

Toby Paterson



Appalling. disgusting. saddening. deplorable. Should I go on? The Tramway situation is a tragic reflection of the state of the arts in Scotland.

I have only learned today of [the curator] Alexia Holt's mysterious 'suspension' this leaves me speechless and smelling a large rat. I find it hard to put into words my feelings about this whole scenario. The lack of knowledge. understanding and appreciation of Tramway within Glasgow City CounCil is incomprehensible.

Isn't it time that Scotland began to realise that Glasgow has produced some of the finest (and most famous) contemporary artists Britain has seen in recent years? Tramway is a unique venue which has hosted some fantastic. inspiring exhibitions. Know this. appreciate this and Support its continuation for the next generation of artists before they all move to London Or abroad.

Wctoria Jones Platform for Art London Underground

Needless to say. Scottish Ballet has another perspective on the Tramway debate. /n the interests of editorial even- handedness, here is an edited extract from its website

(www. scottishba/let. co. uk):

2 THE LIST (if) Oct-«113 Nov 9003


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email

‘The bulk of Scottish Ballet 's home will be a 'new build' on the unused part of the Tramway site. Tramway 1 (the theatre). the Stables. Tramway 4 (the studio) and the 'street' would remain untouched. These programmes would complement the current community and educational activity at the venue and the performance programme in Tramway 1.

The issue regarding Tramway 2 is not a subject for Scottish Ballet to adjudicate on. However. despite everyone‘s best effOrts. Tramway is currently under used. The beautiful new Hidden Garden at the rear of Tramway is a gem and would be seen by so many more people should Scottish Ballet take up residence . . . This is a rare opportunity to make a significant and wondenul building really work.‘


Re: Paul Dale’s comments on Lisa Greene’s letter (480) Who does your film critic Paul Dale think he is? Coming down from on high to sort out the ignorant peasants. Putting a halt to the moaning and bickering about films that. because we do not like. we clearly do not have the capacity to appreciate. Thank God we have publications like The List and all those very clever people working there to help us ‘understand'. What would we do without you? If it were not for Dale slapping down Lisa Greene's opinion I would have made a total twat of myself and agreed with her. Thanks for putting me right. Paul.




A pile of shit is a pile of shit is a pile of shit. Your film editor should take note of this when he pronounces de haut en bas on the films he sees.

Angela Havel



RE: Edwin Morgan documentary (480) Regarding the above piece. why did you have to spoil it by harping on about the fact that Mr Morgan has cancer? Is it integral to the programme? Probably not. Does it add anything to your piece? Definitely not. Here instead. is what I think you should have said:

THERE'S MORE TO EDDIE THAN CANCER White-haired. tousled and Alive on the stage

He stands. book clasped Firmly in hands. nose

BEWARE THE COMIC GEEKS Re: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (480) Listen up: I've never read the comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I don't intend to read it and I probably never will. But I‘ve seen the film and I love it! So here's the thing: why do you have to get some adoring fan of the bloody comic to review the mowe? It's unfair and stupid. It's like getting a huge Batman fan to review the Tim Burton classic. Or a ZOOOAD fan to review Judge Dredd ‘He never takes his helmet off! Judges aren't allowed to kiss each other!‘

It's a film based on a comic book for Christ's sake. Lighten


There's a big difference between the comic world and the cinema world which most peOple recognise. However. it seems to me that y0ur reviewers haven't noticed. If you're such a fan of the comic then keep buying the bloody comic. Don't slag off the movie and give people who've never even heard of the comic the wrong idea. It's a spectacular film! A brilliant film! I'm going to see it again this week and I suggest everyone else who never read the comic does the same. But don't bring any comic geeks with you. They're a bunch of whingeing bastards!

John ‘Hannibal’ McNee Edinburgh

Sad/y. John. yOu're in a small minority ‘Wit/ess '. repetitive '. sentimental ' and ‘over-egged' are the words we have heard used about this film. But you 've made a spirited defence of a terrible movie. so two bottles of finest port are yours.

An ideal drink for any occasion


Pointed and clasped

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Documenting Scotland from past

To present. through space. Through Glasgow, through wars Both personal and political Through heartbreak, humour and

Most of all. verse

He tells it like

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He sings and dances Through poems on the Stage. of love. literature And most importantly life Jonathan Muirhead

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