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hax incurahle cancer and hax otil} tuo monthx to tire. Rather than telling people. xhc inxtcad keepx it to herxeli and xtartx planning what xhe \iantx to do in the time xhc liax leit. hotli ior herxeli and thoxe .xhe \xill leax e hehind. 'l'V mo\ ie-xt) le \\ eepie that never reall) catchex alight dexpite the line caxt. lt hax. houex‘er. been a huge hit in the IS. Spain and ('anada. No accounting ior taxte. ix there'.’ See review. ('(i(' Rl'ltfl'l’li' Street. (i/uienu:

Mystic River 1 IS) 000 t('lint liaxtuood. IS. 2003) Sean Penn. 'l‘im Rohhinx. Kevin Bacon. Laurence l'ixhhurne. lein. Three boyx irom a xiiiall .xuhurh in Boxtoti .xee tliiiigx iii their childhood the} nia)he xhouldn't. Yearx later the paxt comex hack to bite them on the arxe. Seamlexx. xlightl} north} \erxion oi Dennix l.ehane‘x hextxeller. hut ax tixual liaxtxxood deliverx xoinetliing that ix hoth timelexx and ixxue led. (it’ltt'l'tl/ I'(’l(’(l\(’.

Night of the Living Dead t l8) 0... ((ieorge .\ Romero. l‘S. [908) Duane Jonex. Jtiditli ()'l)ca. Rtixxell Streinei'. Utiniin. Seminal hlack coined} xhocker which xpau ned tuo iiicreaxingl} naxt} xequelx and countlexx unauthorixed imitationx. A group oi people harricade theinxeh ex into a lai‘iiiliotixe to xeek reiuge irom the liordex oi llexh-cral) undead. created h} mixtiring niilitar) experimentx. l‘ilmed on a xhoextring in l’iitxhurgh. real gore u ax xupplied h} a local hutcher. Though it no“ xeenix dated. the rough and grain} qualitiex oi the lilm onI} xcrxe to make it more horrihl) comincing. ll'urm'r li/luet’. Iii/inlimeh.

Nocturne lndien 1 I5) t:\lain (‘oriit-au. l‘rance. 1989) Jean-lluguex .-\nglade.

l 10min. 'l‘he xearch tor a childhood iriend hecomex an inner iourne} ior Anglade (Zorg in firm Blue) ax he emharkx on a quaxi- magical trek around India. An intriguingl} perxoiial lilm “ith xome xupcrh photograph). ('( 'xl. (ilmemi.

Northfork tl’(ii tMichael l’olixh. l S. 3002) Nick Nolte. Jaliiex \Voodx. Darryl Hannah. 04min. Montana in the l‘)50x. the [)laiiix tom] oi Noi'lhioi'k ix about to he ilooded ior the xakc oi a new h}dro-electric project. the ten characterx that remain in the to“ n are eccentric atid xtrange. Think Nick (.a\ e'x shit] the .lex Ki.\.\t’(/ Illl’ :lnut'l meetx Malick‘x [him of Ht’tlt‘t'll and you ma} he xome \xa) to imagining thix odd xlice ol magic realixm. l’art oi the l.l‘l" on [our xcaxott. xee pre\ ieu. (il'uli (i/usemr; Old Enough to Know Better tthc) t\'arioux. Scotland. 2003) I‘lmin. Anti-oar dctiio iiiade h) Scotlixh xchoolcliildren about the xtreet protextx that took place in March 3003. See Rough (‘lltx I'i/IH/IUHM’. Iz't/ililiiu'e/i.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico 1 l5) .0 (Roheit Rodi‘igiiel. l'S. 2003) Antonio Banderax. Johtiti} l)epp. Saliiia llayek. llllmin. lla\ing re-niade the original no-hudget Iz'l .lluriur/ii ax Dex/wrath). Rodriguel'x logical next xtep “ax to continue in the iootxtepx oi hix idol. Spaghetti \Vextern niaextro Sergio Leone. h} creating an epic ‘cliilli \xextern‘. Banderax

liax a lot oi iuii reprixing hix role ax the guitar-pla_\ing. gun-toting man in hlack.

\\ ho uanderx into a lau'lexx Mexican loan and cle\erl_\‘ pla)x e\er_\one oii againxt one another. The other actorx xeem to he

enio} ing theinxelx ex too. irom l)epp as the xcheming e\-('l.r\ agent Sandx to Ila) ck. in xome ilaxhhackx uhich llexh otit the relationxhip hetixeen the haunted. \engeiul lil Mariachi and hix murdered “iie. The problem ix that Rodrigtiel. ior all hix xkill and energ}. hax a B-niox'ie mind. So. inxtcad oi a magnilicent Wextern “ith xcopc and \ ixioii. \\ e lia\ e a cheap 'l‘ex/Mex action mo\ ie. (.(}(‘ Rt'ntn'ii Street. (i/usuoii‘: lliirm'r \i/luet'. [film/Hugh.

Owning Mahowny 1 l5) tRicliard

Kn lL'llll()\\ xki. ('anada. 2002) Philip Se)mour lloiiman. Minnie l)ri\ er. Maury ('ha}kin. John Hurt. 01min. Brian Malioxxn} tlloiiinan) \\ ax a rixing xtar at the ('anadian Imperial Bank oi ('oninierce. Young. hard uorking and helpiul. no one had an} idea he \\ ax ahout to execute the largext xingle-handed hank iraud in (‘anadian hixtor}. groxxing o\ er $10 million in eighteen monthx to iced hix gamhling ohxexxion. li'uc xtor} irom 1983 gi\eii the big xcreen \iorkm ei' h) the director oi lore um! Ural/i on [one Islam]. film/muse. lit/iitlittru/i.

Party Monster 1 18) co. tl'ietiton Bailey/Rand} Bai‘hato. IS. 3003) Macaulay (‘ulkin. Setli (ireen. (‘hlo'e Sexign}. Nataxha l._\'onne. Wilmer Valderrama. Wilxon ('riil. U‘hnin. (iidd). niexx)‘. terrihl) camp take on the high timcx and mui'deroux lt)\\'\ oi Michael :\lig. the club kid \\ ho liked to cluh. Seth (ireen. ax Jamex St Jamex. and Macaula} ('ulkin clie“ the xceiiery \\ ith


Three Colours Blue Three Colours White Three Colours Red


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38 THE LIST ()<.f ':-; No. ;/‘<;:);s

Lick me, bite me mince)‘ delight. ('(i( Rem/rm Street. Glasgow: (‘(i('. lat/in/mreli.

The Piano 1 15).... tJane ('ampioii. :\lt.xtt'alia/.Ne\\ Zealand. 1903) Ho“) llunter. Sam Neill. llarxe) Keitel. l20min. Jane ('ampion‘x maxterpiece itillt)\\x mute Scotxmunan Ada tlluiiter) ax xhc tra\elx to Will centur} Ne“ /,ealand \\ ith her piano and daughter to enter into an arranged marriage. Soon xhe heginx a paxxionate and erotic aiiair \\ ith her illiterate neighhour ax a meanx to regaining her treaxured inxtrument. lmpeccahle periormancex liit thix highly charged piece to the realmx oi claxxic cinema. ('unit'u. Ink/iiilim'e/i.

Ping Pong tl’(i) tl-‘uinihiko tSori) Maxuri.

Japan. 2003) Yoxuke Kuho/uka. :\rata. Sam Sliido Nakamtit'a. Koji ()gui'a. l l-lmin. l’opular tahle tennix haxed coined} drama irom Japan. It did phenomenal huxinexx at the name box oitice. l’art oi the :\k’ihi}ot'i Ne“ Japanexe l‘ilm Seaxon. xee pre\ ieu. I‘i/Hl/IUHH'. Iz'tliii/nu‘e/i.

Pinjart 12A) tl)r ('handraprakaxli Dunedi. Iiidia/l’akixtan. 3003) l'rmila Matondkat'. Manoi Bajpai. Sania} Suri. l’ri)anxhu ('hatteriee. Ixha Koppikar. l.illete l)uhe_\. Kulhliuxhan Kharhanda. 190mm. Baxed on the iamoux no\ el hy Amrita l’ritam. l’injur poi'tt’;t_\x the itill xcale riotx and human xuiiering during the Indo- l’akixtan partition. In the mid- l‘Mtix iuxt heiore the creation oi l’akixtaii. a ianiily ix getting geared tip ior the \\ edding oi l’uro tMatondkar) \\ ho ix engaged to Ramchand tSuri ). hut tliiiigx do not go ax planned. 'l’hix romantic. hixtorical Boll_\\\ood muxical hax real political hite. Take a picnic though. it‘x a hit lilood} long. ('('I. Iz't/in/mrg/i. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl t DA) 0... ((iore Verhinxki. IS. 2003) Johnn) Depp. (ieoiire) Riixh. Orlando Bloom. Keira Knightle}. Jack l)a\enport. 133mm. Rattling good pirate )arn irom the director oi .lloini'limit. Jack Sparroxx tl)epp) and Will 'l‘urner (Bloom) hra\ e the (‘arihhean Sea to .xtop a xhip oi piratex led h} ('aptain Barhoxxa tRuxh). (it’llt'l‘tl/ I'l'll'tlfil'.

Pistol Opera t 15) tSeiiun Sit/tiki. Japan) Makiko lixtimi. Sa_\oko Yaiiiaguclii. Kan llanae. Maxatoxhi Nagaxc. l l-lmin. lligh octane iemale axxaxxin thriller irom the man behind the Bram/ml In Kli/ irancliixe and the brilliant Iii/tin Uri/Iv): Akihiyu‘i Ne“ Japanexe l'ilm Seaxon. xee pre\ ieu I'i/nt/iuuu'. I'filiIi/mre/i.

Police Python 357 t 15) t.'\l;tlll (‘orneaiL l’rance. I070) 85min. .\ non- conioi'niixt policeman adoptx the terror tacticx oi gaiigxtcrx. creating hix o\\ n gaiig and kidnapping a pair oi Malia hoxxex. (1le. (i/itxemi:

The Portrait of a Lady 1 ll) .00 tJane (’ainpion. l'S. WW») Nicole Kidman.

, any way you like me, Meg Ryan is In the Cut

John Malkmich. Barhara llerxhe). l-l-lniin. ('anipion'x iollou -tip to The Piano ix a dark and diilicult adaptation oi llenr} Janiex‘ tio\cl \‘ihlcli xta}x true to the original’x xuhtle px} chological ohxenationx. Kidman at once proud. iiai\c. xenxitn e and determined ix excellent ax the _\outig “omati almoxt tlcxlt‘ti} ed h} a dixaxtroux marriage. “llile Malkoxicli Ix a little too cold and amhiguoux. Beatitiitil. hut emotionall} remote. ('umm. lit/in/uu'g/i. Roger Dodger t IS) 0000 ll)} Ian Kidd. IS. 2002) ('aniphell Scott. Jexxe liixenhei‘g. lxahella Roxxellini. lili/aheth Berkle}. Jenniter Bcalx. lll-llllilt. .\ comic. urhane look at the modern male ego at \\;It‘ in the xiiiglex xcene trenchex. Roger Suanxon ix a liopelcxxl} c)nical ad\ertixing copy“ riter \\ ith a ra/or-xharp \\ it \\ ho helie\ex he liax maxtei'ed the art oi manipulating \xomen. But Roger'x xeeniingl} ioolprooi world oi xmooth talk and caxual xex heginx to unraer “hell he ix paid a xurprixe \ ixit h) hix teenager nepheu. Nick. Hoping to xettle. once and ior all. the ixxue oi hix Virginit}. Nick hegx Roger to xchool him in the art oi xeducing “omen. Welcoming the challenge. Roger guidex Nick through the cit} ‘x \iild nightliic ioi' an all-night craxh courxe. otil) to realixe that he the adult xtill hax xonietliing to learn about \xhat “omen. and men. reall} \xant. I'i/ni/Imm'. lat/inhure/i. Seabiscuittt’o) t(iai‘_\ Rlixx, tix‘. Joni) 'l‘ohe} Maguit'e. Nick Noltc. (‘ht‘ix (‘oopctl Jeii Bridgex. 150mm. Baxed on the true xtor) oi the underxi/ed horxe. Seahixcuit. and the men \\ ho helped him earn the llorxe oi the Year honourx in PBS. l’re\ ieu x onl}. (it'iiem/ re/t’mt’. Secondhand Lions ll’( i) 00 (Tim .\Ic(';inliex. [-5. 3003) Michael (’aiiie. Rohert l)u\all. llale} Joel ()xnient. K}t‘a Sedguick. Nick} Kati. 108mm. .-\iiaemic ritex oi paxxage drama \\ ith l)u\a|l and ('aine hamining it up ax a couple oi eccentric hillhill} unclcx irom 'l‘e\ax \\ ho take in their xh} lonel} nepheu \\llll unc\pected rexultx. ()xnient. _\oii ma) want to xtart looking tor a lien agent. (ii'm'm/ I't'lt'ttu. Sense and Sensibility it”) 00000 (Aug l.ce. l'S/l'K. 1005) limma 'l‘hompxon. Kate \Vinxlct. Alan Rickman. llugli (irant. l.i5niin. l)cmed their inheritance \\ hen the iathcl' til the hotlxcholtl die» the telltale mcmherx oi the l)axli\\ood iamil} iacc a precai'ioux iuture “hich coniplicatex tlic roinaiicex oi xenxihle lilinor t'l‘honipxon) and emoti\c Marianne t\\'inxlet l. ‘l‘honipxon'x adaptation kccpx the \xoi'dpla} engagingl) tart and xharp-uittcd. hut iie\ er loxex xiglit oi the poxxcritil iruxtt'ationx ximniering beneath the xuriace. lnlinitel} more xatixi}ing than _\our l}pical iluii} period piece. SI Ii’rit/ox (in/n; lit/Ui/mre/i.