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Serie Noire t 18) 0000 (Alain (‘orneatL l‘rancc. 1979) Patrick l)ewaerc. .\lyriam Boyer. Marie 'l‘rintignant. Bernard Blier. I l ltnin. ('Iassic (‘orneatL as he adapts the much adapted Jiin Thompson noy el. this is a class aboye all the other \‘Cl‘sitms mind you. l’ranck I’oupan (Dewaerei is a slightly neurotic door-to- door salesman in a l’aris' suburb. He becomes involved with .\lona t'l‘rintignanti. a teenager. who‘s been ttiadc a prostitttte by her ow ti aunt. I-‘ranck would like to change his life atid also say e .\lona from her attnt. The only solution is mttrder. (ireat gloottiy stuff this is one of the highlights of the (‘ot‘ncau season. (Ti-l. (i/usguw;

Siberian Lady Macbeth t lSi t:\ntlt'/L‘_i

\Vayida. Yugoslayia. I‘Nil i ()Ii\ era .\larkoyic.

Littba ’l‘adic. Kapitalina liric. t)Stnin. Based on Rtlssiatl noy'elisl Nikolai l.csko\ 's interpretation of the Scottiin play. \Vajda's Version has a rural peasant setting. and for the most part a prosaic naturalism. thottgli the ending does introdttce a more symbolic note. (’arel‘ttlly made. the lilm is a subtle exploration ol~ the tnotiycs lurking beneath the woman‘s callous brutality. l-[t/t'n/mrgli l'i/m (int/(I. lit/inburglt.

Snake of June 1 no 0.. tShinya 'I‘sttkamoto. Japan. 2002) .-\suka Kurasaw'a. Yuji Kohtari. Shinia 'I‘sukamoto. 77min. Wild techno-erotic thriller from the creator of 'Ii’lmo.‘ Illt' lnm .llun l‘rustrated housewife Rinko t.-\.sttka Kurosawa) is married to a boring 'salary man‘ with a fetish for domestic cleaning. She works part-time as a counsellor for patients suffering from terminal diseases. ()ttt ol the blue. Rinko t'cceiyes ati anony tnotts package containing compromising photos: itt them she is seen tnasturbating while wearing a leather mini-skirt. To t'ecoy er the incriminating pictures from her blackmailer. she must wear the mini-skirt in public while following his instructions on a hands-free headset of a mobile phone. 'l‘echnically astonishing. and acted with tar tnore

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cony iction than it desct'y es. lSllktllllUlU‘S yision indulges rather than challenges its audience. l'i/m/toust'. lit/mlmrglt.

Space Station 30 tt'i (Toni .\Iyet's. (‘anada/l‘S. 2003i 47min. Narrated by Tom ('ruise. this big screen I.\l.-\.\ presentation l'ollows real astronauts into the big blue. Impressive. bttt not as awesome as it should have been. I.II.-\.\'. (i/tngmr.

Spellbound (U .0000 thll Blitz. t'S. 2002i 07min. Brilliant documentary about eight children in their bid to win the WW) Spelling B championship. Magical. this stayed in LS cinemas for o\ er 2” months almost unheard of for a documentary. I'ilm/tottst'. Iz'tlirtlittrult.

Spirited Away tl’(i) 0.... (Ilayao .\liya/aki. Japan. 200] l Voices: l)a\'eigh (‘hasc. Rtnni lliragi. Sidonie \on Krosigk. .\Iiyu lrino. Jason Marsden. 125mm. .-\t more than two hours long. any Japanese animation with a children's certil‘tcate can only be a hard sell for western audiences. l)espite winning the best anitnated picture Oscar and getting a heayy push from Disney. SIN-IT“?! xlll'tH didn‘t get the audience it desery ed iii the States. Which is a shame because llay'ao .\liya/aki's film is an anitnated masterpiece arid truly takes you by surprise. ('hihit‘o tt'ayels through a tunnel into another world. where she happens upon a bathliottse for the spirits. Alter chowng dowtt greedin on some spiked local produce. ('hihiro‘s parents are transformed into pigs. leaving their suddenly dutiful daughter to seek work in the bathhouse in order to release them. Philosophy. anime and shamanism this is something really stttnttitig that needs to be seen to be beliey'ed. l’(i(' Rt'lifi‘t'w' Stru’l. (i/ttygon. Spy Kids 30: Game Overtt'i 0... (Robert Rodriguez. LS. 2003)

Antonio Bandet‘as. ('arla (iugino. .»\le\a Vega. Daryl Sabara. Ricardo Montalban. Ilolland 'I‘aylor. Sylyester Stallone. ltl()niin. When ('armen becomes trapped iii a sinister Virtual reality \ ideo game. Jtttti is the only

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