Carling Academy, Glasgow, Wed 5 Nov; MTV Party in the Gardens, Edinburgh Thu 6 Nov

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but surely rock’n’roll sexiness comes from the guts. And over the last three years it’s been hard to keep down a square meal, such was the queasiness induced by, in particular, the bloodless drive of nu metal. That’s not to say there hasn’t been some good rock music out there: Deftones, Glassjaw, Muse, the Mars Volta, System of a Down, Kings of Leon, the White Stripes and Queens of the Stone Age have all inspired excitable screams and uncontrollable flailing. But only the latter two have been able to rise above the angst and exhibit any kind of sensuousness. Perhaps it’s an indication of the perpetual (re)cycle of music, but one band that inject that required degree of spark to fire up the most latent loins make a welcome return this November Jane’s Addiction. Despite having been around since the late 80$, their return is significant. They hit a creative peak in 1991 with Rtiual De Lo Habitual, an album that changed rock music completely, such was its ambitions. But this wasn’t to last as they soon imploded in a

mess of white powder so the feeling of unfinished business now is palpable. A decade of faffing around has ensued as the respective band members bided their time until egos and habits had subsided sufficiently as to render a reunion feasible - although one, bassist Eric Avery, never quite made it back. Their comeback album, Strays, might have been a mite under par, but it did suggest that the potential for something truly brilliant was there once again.

It is the band’s live performances however, that make them a truly sexy prospect. They proved they hadn’t lost it with a visit to Gig on the Green in 2002, their first Scottish show since their monumental

was about the write this column

about the life-defining experience I'd

just had by watching Keith Richards jamming Bob Dylan's 'lsis' with Malcolm fron‘ Arab Strap in the backroom of a dial" & bass club before realising that I'd dreamt it. How strange. and oddly frightening.

In a typicaly tenuous link. I can add that the reason I got to sleep was that l'n: home after our UK tour and wasn't woken up by almost falling out my bunk when we turned a comer. The tour went well and rather than jumping on the bus home after the second London show I went to Electrowerk/ to DJ at the ham Ferdinand show. which was part of the

Jane’s Addiction bring rock back from the edge of angst


Good bands finally getting what they deserve? It must surely be a dream?

Domino records tenth anniversary. The venue was utterly oversold. which is indicative of the FF's status as one of the best new bands in the country. They went down incredibly well and sweat was literally dripping down the walls. kind of like the start of Blade but Willi sweat instead of blood. and indie types instead of vampires. l was particularly pleased to see them doing so well as Paul and Alex were members of the Yuininyfur and the Blisters Karelia respectively. two bands who started out the saii‘e time as mine. And both were yen. unlucky not to achieve the llifl‘lllélllOlléll recognition that other bands from that time did. Alex, when

carnival-like appearance at the Barrowland in 1993. They still enjoy the same sense of urgency, physicality and passion as they did back then but also understand the importance of a balance between sounding raw and rich. Jane’s Addiction mix glitter, eyeliner and sweat and bury them under a thunderous 70$ rock groove, but happily, Perry Farrell's unique wail and Dave Navarro’s flashy, virtuoso fretwork are tempered by emotive melodic pangs which are littered liberally throughout the music to wondrous effect. Something to make even the moodiest of moshers feel good about themselves. (Mark Robertson)

booking the bands in the 13th Note. also operated a policy that faVOured originality over tightness. or how many mates a band have. This. c0upled With their refusal to adopt a pay to play system worthy of its own rant another time. I reckon). combined to prOVide the best local live scene I've ever encountered. Of ceiirse Stereo and Mono continue these traditions but certainly in Edinburgh the lack of that kind of place has stifled the live music scene considerably.

While on the subject of all things Scottish. l recently contributed to The Scots/nails list of the 100 best Scottish albums. From reading the list I can only guess that l was one of the younger folks involved. which isn't a sentence I utter too often these days. It's all fair enough. actually falling into three distinct categories: 80's faiix funk stadium cheese bands. underground 80s and contemporary acts. All fine and well but. for fuck's sake. who voted for Deacon Blue?

All the romping, stomping and canape chomping in the wonderful world of music.

THOSE FINE PEOPLE AT MONO have organised a very special one- off for Sunday 9 November. John Cavanagh, author of a new book on the early days of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd. entitled The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. will be reading from it with psychedelic backing by none other than renowned Barrett covers band Teenage Fanclub. The event begins at 9pm and is free and unticketed.

BAD NEWS FOR ROCK FANS AS the Distillers have cancelled their upcoming show the Glasgow QMU on 11 November. Claiming phenomenal demand for tickets as the reason behind the re-jig, the band will now grace us with their presence at the Barrowland on 13 February 2004. All original tickets are still valid. Please disregard any mention of them in our listings this issue.

lN OTHER AWARDS NEWS, THE last tickets for the MTV bash with be going on sale at Foot Locker in Glasgow on 4 November and Foot Locker in Edinburgh on 5 November. There will be 50 tickets each on sale in each shop. See the stores for full opening times.


DF Concerts and Tennent’s Lager present ‘The AfTershow’ featuring N'E‘R'D, the on-stage persona of production wizards, the Neptunes. On 6 November the MTV Awards will attract the world’s stars to Edinburgh. On the same night, Pharrell Williams will dash straight from the ceremony to take the stage at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, and you can bet his fellow stars will make the same journey to this exclusive live gig. Tickets: 9pm—23m 0870 169 0100. We have two pairs tickets to give away, courtesy of Tennent’s Lager. To win a pair simply send an email marked ‘N'E'R'D’ to promotions@ no later than 4 November. Please include your daytime telephone number. You must be 18 years or over to win. Usual List rules apply.

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