King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Sat 11 Oct

Irish singer Damien Rice’s star is rising so fast that, while this date sets him in King Tut’s close embrace, his next Glasgow gig will be in the expansive, staggered Carling Academy. The delicate tones and arching beauty of Rice’s debut album, 0, offer some clues to his ascent. This packed and joyous performance offers a few more.

It’s not all acoustic soul-searching, either. Single ‘Woman Like a Man’ spits with scurrilous fury, while cellist Vyvienne Long, given a spell in the spotlight, announces: ‘This song is not a rebel song, this song is a cello song. This song is Purple Haze,’ before a wicked Hendrix cover.

‘Delicate’ and ‘Cannonball’ prove Rice hasn’t entirely deserted intense introspection. They’re not a million miles away from David Gray’s mournful mainstream, and the substantial promotional weight that’s been set behind Rice suggests that his record company think that he too could be a global unit-shifter. Here’s hoping the exposure

A last moment of intimacy in the story of 0

doesn’t blunt his weird, wild genius. (James Smart)

I Lamb (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 13 Nov.

I The Coral (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 17 Nov. I The Bluetones Liquid Room. lidinburgh. 17 Nov. I Cooper Temple Clause ()le. Glasgow. 18 Nov.

I Blondie Carling Academy.

Glasgow. 1‘) Nov.

I The Mars Volta Barrowland. Glasgow. l‘) Nov. I Emmylou Harris (‘Iyde Auditorium. Glasgow. I‘) Nov. I Linkin Park Sli(‘(‘.

Glasgow. 2() Nov.

I Blur Barrowland. Glasgow.

2(). 21 SOLD ()l'T & 22 Nov. I Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Arches. Glasgow. 20 Nov; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 21 Nov.

I Dave Lee Roth (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 21 Nov.

I Meatloaf Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow.

21 & 27 Nov. $01.1) ()lfT

I Stereophonics Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 22 8.; 23 Nov.

I Muse SliC‘C'. Glasgow. 25 Nov.

50 THE LIST 30 Oct—13 Nov 2003

i gems; am;

Ryan Adams’ Killers Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 Nov. I Electric Six Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Nov.

I Turin Brakes Carling Academy. Glasgow. 28 Nov. I Echo and the Bunnymen Barrowland. Glasgow. 28 Nov.

I David Bowie and The Dandy Warhols Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 28 Nov. S()I.l) ()l'T I The Skatalites (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 2‘) Nov. I Blazin’ Squad Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 2‘) Nov.

I The Dandy Warhols Barrowland. Glasgow. 2‘) Nov. I Radiohead Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 30 Nov. S()I.l) ()l'T I Danield Beddingfield (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 30 Nov.

I The Strokes Braehcad Arena. Glasgow. l l)cc. S()l.l) ()l'T

I Inspiral Carpets (‘arling Academy. Glasgow, 1 Dec.

I Simple Minds ('lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. l S()l.l)


MERCURY TILT SWITCH, won MISSISSIPPI cuocvmo AND (:Losan Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Wed 15 Oct .0.

Ayrshire three-piece Closer raised the proverbial curtain. but they didn't exactly have us howling for more. They're polished. for sure. but the sound is placed somewhere between the more predictable elements of indie-punk and metal. two genres which are already more saturated than a Junior football pitch on a rainy Sunday. More Interesting are Chocyamo. a band who at least turn their professed Sonic Youth fixation into a SOLind that throws up such agreeable oddities as ‘The Future'. But they're not yet the finished

vocal detracts from their not inconsiderable charm.

Next up: Won Mississippi, a band who still have the energy to fling themselves around the stage despite the fact they've come all the way from the Borders. Although their new album . . . Welcomes Careful Drivers is full of promise. the live show is hard to either praise or lambast. Enthusiastic. tightly played and. for the most part. sadly forgettable.

Dundee's Mercury Tilt Switch strike a Similar vein of edgy. reflective emo-pop. but on this showing they're the only band here who are fully-formed and ready for success. New single 'I Hear as What The Kids are Buying' comes complete Wllh bounding energy and a lasting chorus. and the yOungsters should indeed shell out fer

article. and the odd gratineg out-of-tune


this if they've any taste. lDaVid Pollock)

Rarely do you get a local gig With such a diverse and interesting line-up. as tonight is totally free of any guitar-fuelled posturing. First up are Mammal. an experimental analogue electro group who create songs which c0u|d soundtrack computer games

but don't make you want to throw yOLll' telly across the room in a pixel-fulled rage.

Edinburgh's Penpushers show you why Scotland hasn't produced any hip hop superstars yet. While their instrumental tracks are stronger than those featuring their trio of rappers. it seems the lTiLlSlC they rap over lacks the same impact. If they shaped their fast paced rhyming round their music and had the structure of a song they’d be far more entertaining.

Launching his new album. Without Vocabulary. David Jack. doesn't disappoint with his sample-laden. electronic soundscapes which successfully combine hip hop beats. breaks and scratching into something new. His performance was superb tonight. the occasional use of bass guitar giving the set a bit of edge. and displaying

why the audience should get down their local record shop sharpish. (Carolyn Rae)

are available assesses


()l'T & 2 l)cc.

I Blue Sli('(‘. Glasgow. 3 & 4 Dec. S()l.l) ()l'T

I The Levellers nylt'. Glasgow. 3 l)cc.

I Jools Holland (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 4 & 5 l)cc.

I Hammel on Trial Arches. Glasgow. 5 l)cc.

I Machinehead Barrowland. Glasgow. 5 l)cc. I Feeder Sli('('. Glasgow. l)cc.

I Alabama 3 ('arling Academy. Glasgow. 6 l)cc. I Suede ('arling Academy. Glasgow. 7 l)cc.

I The Human League Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 l)cc. I Basement Jaxx (‘oi-n lixchangc. lidinburgh. 7 l)cc. I Fleetwood Mac Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 7 l)cc. $01.1) ()l'l I Iron Maiden Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 8 l)cc.

I Michael Franti and Spearhead QMI'. Glasgow. 8 l)cc.

I The Darkness (‘ui-n lixchange. lidinburgh. ‘) l)cc.

seal; flame

I Wonderstuff (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. f) l)cc. I Elton John Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. ll) l)cc.

I The Dammed ('arling Academy. Glasgow. |() l)cc. I Turbonegro Garage. Glasgow. ll l)cc.

I Runrig Barrowland. Glasgow. l2 l)cc.

I John Cale Liquid Room. lidinburgh. l2 l)cc.

I Shed Seven Carling Academy. Glasgow. l3 l)cc.

I Belle & Sebastian

t'sher llall. lidinburgh. 14 Dec.

I Hell is For Heroes Garage. Glasgow. 14 l)cc.

I Madness and Aswad Sli('(‘. Glasgow. I4 l)cc.

I Buzzcocks Garage. Glasgow. 16 l)cc.

I The Proclaimers and Grim Northern Social Barrowland. Glasgow. I8 l)cc; (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 2| l)cc.

I Mondo Generator Garage. Glasgow. l7 l)cc.

I Saw Doctors (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. l‘) l)cc.

I UB4O (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 1‘) l)cc. I Status Ouo (‘lydc Auditorium. Glasgow. 2| l)cc. I Kings of Leon (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 22 l)cc. SOLD ()l'l I Justin Timberlake Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. l4r<lo Jan. SOL!) ()l'T

Primal Scream ('arling Academy. Glasgow. to l7 Jan.

Magic Band Liquid Room. lidinburgh. 24 Jan. I Athlete (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 2‘) Jan. I Damien Rice (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 1 1 Feb. I Liberty X Sli(‘('. Glasgow. l‘) l’eb.

The Ataris Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Feb. I Brian Wilson (‘lyde .»\uditoriuiii. Glasgow. 4 Mar. I Busted Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. lo Mar. I Zero 7 ('arling Academy. Glasgow. 2() Mar. I Sugababes (‘arling Academy. Glasgow. 28 Mar.