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‘Truly a phenomenon of 2003

The Times


A cross media performance set in the world of Bangalore call centres, where workers are trained to

'pass off' as Americans


6-8 November 8pm Box Office 0845 330 3501

'www.tramway.orq www.a|


THEATRE ROYAL 382 Hope Street. 332 900”. Ill. \V(‘. \\'.-\l Boobies 'l‘ue l l .\'o\. U) £20. Israelis lnhal Pinto and At shalom l’ollak who designed. choreographed. directed and arranged the musical score for the piece presents this strange cosmic show for all ages. Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo Thu 13 Sat 15 \m. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.15pml. £6 £20. With their tongues tucked lirml} in cheek (and equipment tucked firmly beneath a tttttt i. this all-male troupe deliverx segments from a host of classical famuritex. Despite their comedic appeal. the 'l‘roclxx are all extremel) talented dancers. \\ ith stacks of technique to hack tip the litters.


25 .-\lhert l)ri\e. 08-15 530 350i. Ill. \\'('. \\‘.-\l

Blind Sight l'ntil Sat 1 .\'o\. 8pm.

£(i £8 (£3 £4). Ilene (iuihert'x cult

no\ el liliml Sig/II ix hrotighl to life h} Stewart l.aing thing digital \ixualx and sound. It is \et in a blind institute. \\ here Joxette and Robert dream of their future together. unauare of the inlidelitiex and murderous re\enge to conic. If/im/ Ste/i! is an intense e\ploration of \ ixual intager) and theatrical imagination. 'l‘here \\ ill he a post-shim discussion on Thu 23 (M. On Sat 1 .\'o\ there \\ ill he a free performance at opm h} participants iii the Blind Sig/t! “orltxhopx. Alladeen Thu () Sat 8 Not. 8pm. £8 (£4). .\'e\\ Yol‘k-ltthetl ensemble the Builders .-\\\ociation collahoratc \\ ith London-based compan} tnotiroti to l'C\\Ql'l\ the tale of Aladdin and his tnagic lamp. Set in Bangalore. .\'e\\ York and London. xii/(llll’l’ll merges \ ideo. lixe performance and cltih music to e\plore modern-da} cultural interaction. the desire for llhltllll \\ ixh fulfilment and the dislocating effect that technolog} has on our lites. Suitable

for ages o\ er l-l. :\ three-da} \\ol'l\'\l10p h} the companies \till run from 4 8 .\'o\. For tnore information call ()Hl 423 2023. A pQSI-SllQ“ tllxc‘llxxlotl \\ ill take place on Thu (3 .\'o\,


()3 'I'rongate. 552 4267.

San Diego l'ntil Sat l .\'o\'. 7.30pm. £3.50 £11 (£3.50 £6). l)a\‘id (ireig'x neu pla} inspired h} a trip to Salt Diego uhich takes a fresh look at modern societ). llllllitll} appearing at the Ro}al Lyceum for 2003's lidinhttrgh International l’estiutl. the iron 'l‘heatt‘e (‘ontpan_\ presents the uorld premiere of the latest \tork from the attard-tt inning l)a\ id (irieg.

Lifeboat Wed 5 (K 'lihtl () No\. See Kltlx lixliltgx.

Lips Unleashed ’t‘hu () .\'m. Spm. £(i (£4). Rachel .ltll’} teams tip \\ ith Big \Vot'tl to produce a night of p;t\\iott. \e\ appeal and laughs \tith ll\ e lltllNlCttl accoinpaniment from .-\tiute (’ouch. Part of (ilasgafl

Molly Whuppie Hi 7 & Sat 8 Not. See Kids listings.

The Haunted Man the It 't‘hu 13 Nm. 8pm. £8 £l| t£5 £oi. Jimm} ('hixholm stars in a one-man Performance of John ('liffotd‘x Dickensiztn masterpiece. which gi\e\ a fascinating and ltto\ ing glimpse into the mind of a death e genius.



Lad)“ ell \Va). Mttsxelhurgh. (ms 2340. ll’. ll. Tl. \\'('. \VAI

Kidnapped 't‘hu 30 Oct Sat 1 Not. 7.30pm. £9.50 t£(ii. .\ lie“ adaptation h} .\lull 'l'heatre of one of the all time great ad\enture stories. It is set in Scotland after l‘HS. \\ hen )oung l)a\id Balfour and fugitit e Allan Breck l]lll\l \tork together to \ta} alite. An exciting tale

u ith \tonderful characters and li\e music. Hail Caledonia Tue 4 a Wed 5 .\'m. 7.30pm. £11 (£8). .v\n e\ening of Scottish


Arches Citizens Main Citizens Circle Citizens Stalls

Thursday 30 Friday 31 I See l'olk ("titling Room ('tttttng,‘ Room Qtteen ot Spades Queen ol Spades l’tt\.tle l l\t'\

l’ti\.itt‘ i\t‘\

Spend a l’cnn}

Saturday 1

(.tllllllffi Room

l’l I\.tlt‘ l I\t'\

Sunday 2 Monday 3

See Folk See Rock & Pop

Queen of Spades

mesday 4

See Jan

Wednesday 5

(‘tttting Room (‘ulting Room

Queen of Spades Queen of S patties

l’ttxatc lixex l’tnatc l l\t‘\



- “WW . Sluml‘ 5mm]? Rocky Horror Rocky Horror Rocky Horror Paisley Arts ' i am .. '

Battle of the Bulge See Rock & Pop See Jazz Ramshofn watt- .\ Stng matt- .\ \Iltj.‘ mm- a Sing .\ (‘Itutn Sim-p V V A i i st-t- (latch-4|

See (‘lztssieal flamway lllttttl \ig'ltl nimti sit-m nimti Sight

. San Diego I San Diego - San Diego I Lifeboat Brunton Kl«in-It‘iml M'Imi‘tml K'd'I-Il‘l‘fil Hail (xtlcaunm 11...] (xtit-titmn

Church Hill Festival Theatre King’s

‘l'ltc Silt!“ of 3003 The Shots of 2003 The Shit“ of 3003

l’la} \\ hat I \\ tote l’la} \\ hat I \\ tote l’la} \\ l \\ tote Ranthcit Dante“!

(‘harlex i)l\‘ht'll\ ('hailex Dickens ('ltarle\ DIClKL'llS The Graduate The Graduate

Playhouse stump; \tym tit-m shunt.) \tt-m l-e\et sauna.) \‘iyht tut-t stump) \tgltt tut-t simian Nit-m tt-m stimuli \Ig'ltt tut-t Blood and Ice . Blood and Ice Blood attd lee . I Blood and lee Blood and Ice Haverse 1 \t‘llcant \itttt-tatt- \t‘tlt‘attl Mae-3...“. sent-tut Mutt-mt.

2 Didn't l)ie Didn't l)te Didn't |)ie

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