RACE COMEDY REGINALD D HUNTER The Stand, Glasgow, Fri 7 & Sat 8 Nov

American comedian Reginald D Hunter ruffled feathers at this year’s Festival with his show, White Woman. It dealt with issues surrounding racism and the imagery and status of white women in society. In particular, it examined a view of white women in terms of how they relate to Hunter, a black man. One white, female critic accused him of being a racist and a misogynist. Luckily for us, others viewed him as brutally honest, to the point that it might hurt, just a little. He was thought-provoking and hilarious.

Originally from Georgia, USA, Hunter moved to the UK in 1997 where he got classical acting training. Failing to find work in that field, he tried his hand at comedy five years ago. ‘I went to auditions and people would take one look at me and go: “We’re not doing Othello this year,”’ he says.

Hunter became the first black comedian to be nominated for the Perrier award this year (after being nominated in the Best Newcomer category last year). ‘I thought it was really amazing, because I’m the first black man in my family to be the first black man to do something.’

Although Hunter’s two nights in Glasgow won’t be entirely material from his White Woman show, the subject of racism and people’s perceptions will feature heavily. ‘A lot of times when you say words like “racism”, the first thing that

pops into people’s head is racism towards black people from white people, but there’s an assortment of racism here: black people giving it to other people.

‘When you think of sexism, it’s men giving it to women, but women can be as sexist as men it not more so,’ says Hunter. Keen not to be labelled as a comedian who only discusses race issues, Hunter continues: ‘The best of all scenarios is that I might encourage comedians - black and white - to go: “Hey, this is easier


A fish called Simon

No MacGroper out of water


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(Carolyn Rae)

‘Hi kids. how's it going? I'm Hamish MacGroper! Woohooh!‘ Don't woriy. Simon McKinney used to be on New Zealand kids~ TV. He was the voice of an animated Scottish fish. young and eager. dreaming of working in Britain. McKinney that is. not the fish. Being bright red and purple. the fish had clearly spent enough time off the Scottish coast already.

But the Kiwi comic and his radioactive spawn share similar ancestry and McKinney now lives in Edinburgh. ‘lvly greatgrandfather came over from Scotland and l was born in a wee town named Dunedin. the Edinburgh of the south. It's all based on this: same hills. same street names. but a different layout. and you get bloody confused thinking the roads are wrong here before you realise that they were here first. I'm enchanted. though. I love it here.’

Having moved to Britain a year ago. the 25—year-old chose Auld Beckie over London slurry only recently. but he's no MacGroper out of water. Or

This Georgia boy is th

m *' w‘,‘ v

ought-provoking and hilarious

to talk about than I thought.” It will be very unlikely I will be in Edinburgh next year doing White Woman 2.’

At the moment he has got a real beef with television news and politics in the US and UK. ‘I don’t like being lied to and being bullshitted and I think that’s what television news does to you. It’s like having a lover and every time they talk to you they’re lying, and you know they’re lying.’ CNN, be prepared to feel his wrath.

scotch to mix it with. It's lpm in the afternoon. but after a heavy night he's finally surfaced and is getting dressed. His piscine past is undisclosed at this point. so the opportunity to confirm that he does indeed. drink like a fish. escapes.

"A big film buff'. he appeared at the Fringe in Moving Conversations. a look at the best and least intentionally funny movies ever. HaVing seen LOTR's director Peter Jackson's notorious Bad Taste aged 1 I. he was ‘running about in fake blood' for the camera shortly after. and in 1999 worked on Robert Sarkies' action comedy Scarf/es l‘No. not Scarface. That's my accent'l. More recently. he followed Jerry Seinfeld in making a documentary abOut stand-up, successfully persuading a student film crew to follow him to the pub. Definitely one to catch while he's still doing small ponds. (Jay Richardson)

I Simon McKinney gigs regular/y throughout central Scot/and. See listings for details.


Where the laughter matters

2003'8 FESTIVAL WAS A PRETTY successful time all round for Janey Godley. First she talked round a man who was threatening to jump from a building on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, then she was the only female to make it onto the Perrier panel's Ionglist. And now the Ebury Press has commissioned her to write a book about her life. With her background as a pub landlady in Glasgow's East End. it should make for interesting reading.

IT MAY ONLY BE NOVEMBER, but the comedy competitions are hotting up already. Laughing Horse comedy has just revealed details of its 2004 New Act contest. Heats will start in early 2004 and this year the prize money will be a package worth £2000. Anyone interested should email newact2004@laughing horse.

DO YOU LOOK LIKE MILES JUPP? Are you aged between four and ten years old? If so. put down this magazine immediately. If you know a tot who does bear an uncanny resemblance to the Edinburgh-based posh chappie. then BBC Scotland wants to hear from you. Children in Need is searching for mini-Mileses to perform with the cast of Ba/amOry on its televisual marathon on Fri 21 Nov. Videos or photos of potential nippers should be sent to Mini BalamOry. Children in Need. PO Box 9212. Glasgow (312 82H.

EDDIE IZZARD HASN’T LOST HIS appeal, judging by ticket sales for his forthcoming tour, Sexie (pictured). Only 2% of tickets for the two-month arena tour remain - with both Glasgow dates selling out weeks ago. Apparently promoters were concerned at the time of booking the tour that the public would have lost affection for his surreal meanderings. Evidently not.

A VIDEO OF SEX/E WILL BE IN THE shops in November for those of you who c0uldn‘t get yOur mitts on tickets for the live show. Don't miss next issue. though. when we'll have a round up of all the best comedy videos and DVDs including Peter Kay. Bottom. Dave Spikey and Billy Connolly which will be filling the shelves of an entertainment store near you. just in time for the Christmas rush.

so Oct is, No. Rat‘s THE LIST 75