Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Glasgow Thursdays


DogGod Qhar. the (‘orinthian. 191 Ingram Street. 552 1 1111. 10.31me 3am. £2. Weekly. New gay/mixed night promising everything from Kylie to house to electro-rock.

Glasgow Fridays


Halloween Party Bennets. 9t) (ilassliot‘d Street. 55: 57b]. l‘Tl .31 ()et. llpm 3.30am. £3 £6 (£2 £5). Bennets hosts its annual Halloween extrayagan/a with pri/es including £150 and a DVD player up for grabs for the best costume. SheBoom’s 10th Birthday Party Renfrcw I'erry. (‘Iyde Place. 429 1010. Fri 31 ()et. 8pm. £5. After a performance on the suspension bridge in er tlte Riv er (‘lyde to commentorate their first es er appearance. the fun heads onto the ferry with |)Js. the I)ohl Drummers and Bloeo Vomit.

Other events

Pride Scotia Meeting 1.(iB‘I‘ ('entre. ll Dixon Street. 221 7203. Hi 7 Nos. 7pm. 1-‘ree. ()pen meeting for anyone and everyone with art interest in helping organise (ilasgow Pride 2004.

Glasgow Wednesdays


Allure The Tunnel. 84 .Mitchell Street. 204 1000. 11.30pm 3am. £3. Weekly. New gay club from the people behind (‘uhe's l’assiotiality and MN.

Fourplay Tins y. 26 (‘atnbridgc Street. 332 3437. llpm 3am. £4 (£2 with llyer). Weekly. New gay club.

Edinburgh Fridays


Krampack (‘ameo (‘inema. 38 Home Street. 228 4141. Hi 31 ()et Thu 6 Nov. Time the. £3.50 £5.50 (£2.50 £3.50). Two boys. one chasing girls. the other comng to terms with his attraction to his friend. spend a sweltering summer together in this Spanish feature.


Blaze ligo. l’ieardy Place. 478 7434. Fri 7 Nov 1 lptn 3am. £3 before midnight; £4 after. Fortnightly. New club front James Longworth promising to ignite the gay weekend with a chart and commercial/ ftmky house soundtrack.

Thebans RFC Pop Idol Night Laughing Duck. 24 Howe Street. 220 2376. Fri 31 ()ct. 8pm lam. £4 (£3 members). The 1idinburgh-lxtsed gay attd gay friendly rugby team hosts its first fancy dress Halloween disco with a pop idol theme. Woman’s Own ('luh Jasa. (‘ommercial Street. 1.eith. 555 5622. Hi 7 Nov

10pm 2am. £5 before midnight: £7 alter. Monthly. Women only club with resident 1)] R0].

Edinburgh Saturdays

Cinema Krampack [in 31 ()et Thti 6 No\. See 1‘ri.


Eye Candy Massa. 36 39 Market Street. 226 4224. llptn 3am. £11) (£8 or £6 if outrageously dressed). Weekly. (iraeme l’opstar. Nejal Barton and Neil ('rookston host their glam house party

Men Only ('laremont. 133 I35 liast ('laremont Street. 556 5662. Sat 1 Nov. 8pm. l‘rec. Fortnightly. MS(' and the Bears

80 THE LIST 31,1031 '5: Ni): 200:1.

organise the men only night with a dress code as wild as you like.

Drop the Anchor ()eean Terminal. ()eean Drive. I.ei1h. 555 888. Sat 1 Nov. 10pm -3am. £12 (£10). Joint special event from Joy. Wiggle and 1.uvely featuring the cream of the DJ crop inclttding Trendy Wendy. Maggie Joy. Alan Joy. Jon Pleased and Newton & Stone.

Mingin’ Studio 24 (upstairs). ('alton Road. 558 3758. Sat 1 Nov. l0.30pm—-3am. £5 before midnight: £6 after. Monthly. Gay-friendly clubbing with Brian Dempster and Alan Joy.

Wiggle ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. Sat 8 Nov. 1 lpm-~3am. £9. Monthly. Trendy Wendy is joined by Jon Pleased in the main hall while Sally 1’ and Michelle hold the fort downstairs.

Velvet The ('ommplex. 39 40 (‘ommercial Street. 555 5622. Sat 8 Nov. l()pm -2am. £6 (£5): two for one before 10.30pm. Monthly. A new venue for the club night for gay girlies aitd their invited gay boy friends.

Edinburgh Sundays

Cinema Krampack Fri 31 ()et-7131111 6 Nov. See liri.


Bootylushous (‘oeteau Lounge. Iigo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. 1 lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. New gay /mixed night featuring Dale |.tish playing a masterful blend of Rth. soul attd fttnk.

Taste The Liquid Room. 9e Victoria Street. :25 2564. 1 lpm 311111. £5 before

1 1.30pm: £8 (£6 members) after; £10 rioti- members on guest 1)] nights. Weekly. Tasty brew of house and garage.


Oh Susanna The Venue. 17-21 (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Sttn 2 Nos. 7pm. £9. See (ilasgay 1. Mttsic.

Edinburgh Mondays


Krampack Hi 31 Oct Thu 6 Nov. See 1-1-1.


0 Lesbus ('ontac10141 334 7126 to

book and for further information on meeting places. .Mon 3 Nov. 6pm (Return

journey leaves at approximately 10pm).

£10 including entry to show. Iiast-coasters cart join in the (ilasgayl fun by catelting the l.eshtts to and from (ilasgow and enjoying the 1)] and a live performer on board. Tonight‘s trip is to see ()/1 Susanna/i (see (ilasgay. Music).

Edinburgh Tuesdays

Cinema Krampack Iiri 3| ()et '1th 6 Nov. See liri.


Vibe 1igo. Picardy Place. 478 7434.

l lptn 3am. £3 (£2 members). Weekly. James Longworth provides the sounds upstairs at this popular. sparkly. charty party while Nathan Scantlebury plays an Rth mix downstairs.


OOT on Tuesday The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. Tue 11 Nos. Monthly. See (ilasgay T. (‘omedy


O Boybus ('ontacl (1141 334 71261o book and for fttrther information on meeting places. Tue 4 Nov. 6pm (Return journey leaves at approximately 10pm). £10 including entry to show. [fast-coasters can join in the (ilasgay? fttn by catching the Boybtis to and from Glasgow and enjoying the 1)] and a live performer on board. Tonigth trip is to see The Hilde/revs! Lounge (see (ilasgay 5. Theatre).

Edinburgh Wednesdays

Cinema Krampack Fri 31 Oct Thu 6 Nov. See in.



i y. i. ~‘

/ W

Gary Carter and Neil McCarthy have been friends since student days in Cape Town in the mid-80$. They went on to be part of one of South Africa’s most alternative radical theatre companies, then their lives went different ways. McCarthy became a playwright and director in Johannesburg, while Carter made a life for himself in London as an actor, literary agent,

performance artist and TV producer.

Last year, both men worked together behind the scenes on Big Brother. Carter was in charge of selling the Big Brother franchise worldwide and McCarthy was the content editor of the South African version of the show. ‘Big Brother combines popular entertainment, like a game show, with real life drama. South Africa is such a young society and the programme was like a litmus test of how a youthful generation could live together without reverting to racial bigotry,’ says McCarthy as he tries to convince me of the

reality TV show’s merits.

Odd then that the two friends have gone from the global mega hit of Big Brother to premiering their double bill of intimate theatrical monologues Wildebeest Lounge at Glasgay. ‘Theatre is my first love. I’m really excited to be performing in my first one-man show. Gary and I wrote the monologues separately on other sides of the world, and then brought them together as companion pieces. I wrote the first half - a whodunnit about a murder in a garden which is performed by Gary. In the second half, which Gary wrote, I play the gay son obsessed by his mother’s jewellery box in 50s Africa,’ explains McCarthy. (John Binnie)

I Wr/debeest Lounge. CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. 0747 352 4900.

Tue 4 Nov. 8pm. £8 (£6).

Glasgayl listings '. [


The Politics of Fur (1171‘. Rose Street. 332 8128. Mon .3 Nov, 9pm. £4.90 (£3.50). A musician is ‘given‘ to a control freak music agent bttt refuses to submit to her will in this feature exploring power and sexuality in a lesbian relationship.

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant (ii-T. Rose Street. 332 8128. Tue 4 Nov. 6pm. £4.90 (£3.50). The power struggles of a one-sided love affair are exposed when a lesbian fashion designer sets her sights on her model. Endgame (ll-’1‘. Rose Street. 332 8128. Wed 5 Nov. 6.15pm. £4.90 (£3.50). British crime thriller about a a cute rent bov kept by a gang leader until the violence becomes too much.

Far From Heaven t'(i(‘ Cinema. 7 Renfrew Street. 0870 9070 789. Fri 7 Nov. 8pm. £5.90 (£4.20). Hidden sexuality and the pressure of conformity are examined in this 1950s set feature from Todd Haynes.

Safe l'(i(' ('inema. 7 Renfrew Street. 08709070789. Sat 8 Nov. 8pm. £5.90 (£4.20). Julianne Moore stars as a l.os Angeles housewife developing allergic reactions to everything around her. Calamity Jane (‘11-'12 Rose Street. 332 8128. Sttn 9 Nov. 3pm. £4.90 (£2.50). Doris Day stars as the irrepressible Jane as the audience gets to sing-a-long to elassies like .S't'r‘n'l Lure and A Woman 3’ Tilllt‘ll.

Velvet Goldmine I'GC Cinema. 7 Renfrew Street. 08709070 789. Sttn 9 Nov. 8pm. £5.90 (£4.20). An exttherant recreating of the 70s glam era starring liwan McGregor.

Big Sister (113T. Rose Street. 332 8128. Sun 9 Nov. 8.30pm. £4.90 (£3.50). Hundreds of interviews condttcted by Glasgow‘s LGBT community are edited together to make this film a hilarious and touching representation of gay Glasgow. Gasoline (11’1‘. Rose Street. 332 8128. Tue 1 1 Nov. 6.30pm. £4.90 (£3.50). Road mmie/lesbian thriller set in a petrol station.


Glasgay’s Tenth Birthday Party Revolver. 6a John Street. 553 2456. Sat 1 Nov. 8pm- lam. Free. 1)] Httshpuppy gets the birthday party started. with a live ’A from the (‘utting Room.


Alan Carr The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. Stilt 2 Nov. 7.30pm. £6. (‘ampesqtte comedy in the company of one of the most talked ahottt tip and coming perfomers.

The Kitsch Kittens The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. Tue 4 Nov. 7.30pm. £7 (£6). Frothy camp comedy as Sindy and Barbie recreate the girl groups of the 50s and 60s.

001' The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 0870 600 6055. Wed 12 Nov. 9pm. £6 (£5). Monthly. The Stand‘s monthly dose of camp comedy gets all (ilasgay! with