Pressure at the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 31 Oct

Dave Clarke, the man John Peel dubbed ‘the baron of techno’, the man behind the seminal stabbing ‘Red’ series, has to be the main attraction at this month’s Pressure. Slam always pulls out the stops, so big names come as no surprise to the faithful. We get Ivan Smagghe, Jon Carter, Agoria, D’Julz, Maurice Fulton and Mu (live) joining Slam themselves. But all that pales in comparison with Clarke’s live set - a rare and beautiful thing.

It’s been eight long years since his first long player, Archive One, and his new album, Devil’s Advocate, out on 3 November. His live sets this year are the first for six years. ‘l’ve only done one before and that was 1997 at Tribal Gathering,’ explains Clarke. ‘That was pretty amazing as Carl Craig and Kraftwerk were down there, it was when British festivals actually cared about Detroit and music. It’s weird because I never really enjoy playing my own music when I’m DJing, I find it a bit nepotistic. I mean, I do play it and I can be seen dancing quite badly to it, but I wouldn’t play lots of it. But live, obviously it’s all your own work.’

Clarke’s never been one for sitting still, and the hiatus between albums was mainly due to legal wrangles with former record label Deconstruction. Now with Skint, Devil’s Advocate mixes punk, hip hop and even reggae, featuring vocals from DJ Rush, Chicks on


The latest club news


YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED A little thing called MTV is in town, bringing some high profile clubs in its wake with names such as Erick Morillo, Felix da Housecat, Sasha and Trevor Nelson. Check listings and feature p12 for more details.

HOWEVER. IF YOU FANCY something a bit different on the night (6 November) Edinburgh's Bongo Club is hosting Freequal, a night aiming to raise awareness of the plight of asylum seekers. Great music and a great cause all rolled into one and the perfect antidote to Dido. Britney et al.

TALKING OF CONSCIOUS clubbing Sound Sauce raised over £600 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids charity. In fact, it went so well they are planning another

bash on 20 November at ‘l’m fast living but so what?’ Dave Clarke Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. FANCY SHOWING THE WORLD

Speed and Lif. ‘There’s either very shite or very good and they are the only pigeon hole I use,’ he says in

his trademark forthright style. ‘When I had the Chicks passion,’ explains Clarke. ‘Don’t just treat it as “yeah, I your DJ skills? Well, you're in luck in the studio I felt like I was the fourth Chick on Speed, can get free drugs, free girls and loadsa money, loadsa because so: is sponsoring the trying to be diplomatic and finding it a lot easier to be cars.” It’s bollocks. That’s not the right reason to get Scottish Open Decks Competition diplomatic than I thought. You learn things and that’s involved in anything.’ 2003. DJ equipment, residencies the whole point of the creative process.’ So says a man famed for his love of cigars, fine wine and more are on offer. The heats Clarke is also involved in Soma’s education initiative, and fast motors. ‘l’Il be honest, when we talk about take place at the Sub Clue Soma Skool, in association with MusicWorks a day of music we should talk about the music - not the people Glasgow. 1446 & 21—23 workshops, demonstrations and more with a Q&A who make it. I’m fast living but so what?’ November and at City Cafe.

session with Clarke himself. ‘One of the first things I (Henry Northmore) say is please don’t treat it as a job, treat it as a

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