Glasgow Clubs

Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to clubsglasgow®, by post or by tax on 0141 353 2803. Glasgow listings are compiled by Johnny Regan.

Glasgow Thursdays


I Back to Mine at the l.ite Bar. Times the. Free. Weekly. livery Thu. the l.ite Bar party is taken over hy a different celehrity. l)J or media player. doing what the hell they vvant to on the decks.

I Bennet’s at Bennet’s. l lptn 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (‘ra/y night at this most popular ol’ gay venues. They alvvays get a great crovvd in and the alter parties are alvvays something to hehold.

I Budda at Budda. l lpm 3am. £the. Weekly. Relattnehed venue hack on track with details still the.

I Cheeze at Strathelytle Student's Association. 9pm 73am. £the. Weekly. The higgest attd tackiest student night

I Columbian at the Asylum Back Room. 8pm lam. liree to ('t'St‘ memhers; £1 otherwise. Weekly. Put some hreakin' tank in your trttnk vvith this entertaining night of student madness.

I Dirty Thursdays at Blanket.

l lptn 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (iet deep dovvn and dirty every Thursday vv ith Raymond Woods attd Naeetn mixing tip sotne ol’ the most hootylieious R&B in the city. vvhile Billy Milligan serves tip the hest student classics and dirty pop tunes.

I DogGod at Q Bar. l().3()pm 3am. £2. Weekly. New night ol eelecticism at the heautiltil eluh under Corinthian. It’s heen closed for ages. and novv they're getting back into the groove. Pttre class. I The Edge at the lidge. ('oathridge. l lpm 3am. £3 (tree). Weekly. Residents Steve llannan and Michael ()‘Shea give the decks a lull workout with the very best in eluh classics ‘til 3am.

I Fire Wire at Bamhoo. 5pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (iraham Ferguson spins R&B and chart classics lll room I. vvhilst l)J toast is in the red room playing indie pop and rock. In the lounge. Rohin B plays an eclectic mix of disco. funk and soul.

0 Freakmoves at (ilasgovv School ol‘ Art. I lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. l)J Dexter is the ultra-line guest at this hip hop night for the students ( 13 Nov. entry £4 £5). llis skills are unquestionahle. so get in early for vvhat promises to he a great night. For 13 Nov mtlv 'A-Lisl' (*unl Ito/(let's get [I (lift/1e mm- .S’Illt/(VlI/IHHI-Hl(’HI/)('I' price. See previctt'. I Homework at Vault. l lptn 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Ian and Stevie man the box. so all insecurities over the tttnes are dispelled. This night aims for student happiness vvithout compromising the quality levels.

I Hype at ('uhc. l l.30pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Jitn l)a Best teams tip with the Hype crew to put on a night ol' tvvisted. ultra-funky house. Plenty ol’ cheap hoo/e makes this a tan night ottt. I Instant Access at Stth (‘ltth.

l lptn 3am. £2. Weekly. The Spin l)oetors. Till Peaches and (ilen (' are the residents at this crazy 'l‘httrsday night down the Stth. (‘an ya ask tor more. can ya'.’

I Loaded at Liquid Lounge.

l()pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. The l.iqttid Lounge present a nevv Thu night eluh that starts every vveck with three live hands till latn. That's l'ollovved up hy a set of indie and lttnk lrom resident Watson.

I Madhouse at the Shack.

l().3()pm 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. ('J and Andy take you to the brink of insanity with some of the most outrageous and courageous student anthems.

I Old Skool Reunion at Archaos.

l lpm 3am. £5 (l‘ree £2.50). Weekly. Old school techno classics altd disco style tunes for the lien/ted students dovvn Arehaos vvay.

I Pinup Nights at Blacklt'iars. Next date the.

I Polo for Me at the Polo Lounge. l()ptn lam. l‘ree. Weekly. You. the lucky punter. take the helm tonight. as request cards are availahle over the bar and in the hooth. Notice for the ttnimaginative ones: ‘I am What I am' is prohihited hy law and punishable by spanking.

I Push and Pull at Stth (‘luh. Next date the.

I Record Player: at (ilasgovv Scltool of Art. l().3()pm 2.30am. £3 (£2). Weekly. lli-lii Sean (lli-l‘idelity‘) and llushpuppy (Divine) perl'orm cheap deck suckin' to diseeau. dttmh eleetro and 80s phunk. They advise you to act up. dress dovv n and play easy to get. Special gttest on this night is the inimitahle Roger. so get up on this one.

I Retro at Trash. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. l)ave Young. Steven Brovvn and the Kra/y' Karaoke team ply their “tires at this ltthtllotls night under Pitt Street. A student night with stunning tunes. stunning looking people and a smattering ol drinks promotions.

I Skint at the ('athouse. l lptn 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Very much a night to reflect vvhat‘s going on in (ilasgovv at the moment. Tough chemical hreaks and heats. rock and indie lor a erovv d much like the one outside the (iallery of Modern Art.

I Speakeasy at the t'niversal (Sauehiehall Lane). l()pm 2am. l‘rec. Weekly. For those vv ho feel like a lievv drinks alter the puh. httt don't vv ant to go eluhhing. Speakeasy is tor you. The music isn't compromised. and the \ ihe is chilled. I Soul Shaker at .MAS. l lptn 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. An undiscovered gem. We have a mixed hag ol' eleetro. techno. house and lttnk courtesy ol‘ l)irty' Larry. the Junkyard l)og and John Mitchell.

I Theorm at the Vault. Next date the.

I Phunky Monkey at Belo (l‘ormerly Baha/a). 8pm 3am. l‘ree hel'orc l lpm: £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Scott (irainger. Vance and Richie Mc('olm take over spinning duties at this neyy cltth that is prohahly going to he even higger than Baha/a. Plenty ol drinks promos. lttnky anthems and lloor tillers make it a vvinning l‘ormula.

Glasgow Fridays


I Abnormals Anonymous at Glasgow School ol' Art. l()pm 3am. £7 (£6). l4 Nov. Monthly. Dressing up. eleetro-punk. homo-disceau (eh?) are the order ot‘ the day as D] llttshpuppy and Mooncat vvelcomc ('asa lilectro Novo l‘ot' their (ilasgay 2003 Party.

I Aerodynamico at the l'niversal. llptn 3am. £5 (£3). 7 Nov only. Billed as a late llallovveen special. you'll need to keep your costttme good for this one. Just make sttre it's one you can move in cos the Usual soul. _ia/./.. lttnk and hroken heats remain the staple.

I Afterglow at Ad l.ih. Next date the. I Archaos at Arehaos. l lpm 3am. £5 (£2.50). Weekly. Mainstream chart dance. soul and cheese at one (it the husiest l‘ri nighters in toyytl.


Your pass to great club nights in Glasgow 8. Edinburgh

See page 87 for details

I Audio at the l'niversal. Next date thc.

I Babaza at Belo. (lplll 3am (l)Js from I lpm). l-‘ree hel‘ore l lpm: £5 alter. Weekly. The venue's legendary l’ri nights take the name of the eluhhing institution that Used to he here. Patil 'l'raynor. Billy Jones and Ross Mactnillan are in charge of the music. and they’ve heen knovvn to rip it up in the past.

I Blunt: at (ilasgovv School of Art. Next date the.

I Black Rabbit Whorehouse at the Stth (‘luh. Next date the.

I Bombafusion at Sountlhaus. Next date thc.

I Budget Rock Showcase at Blacklt'iars. Next date the.

I Boogie Wonderland at linvy.

l lpm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Mad disco night with loads ol' drinks promos and a soundtrack to make the ladies shake their

I Budda at Bttdda. l lpm 3am. £the. Weekly. Relattnehcd venue hack on track vs ith details still the.

I Bughouse at Suh ('luh. Next date the.

I Canvas at At'ta. l lpm 3am. £the. Weekly. l)J Walter plays a plethora ol lttnk. sottl and Rtth at this hcatttilttl Merchant ('ity bar.

6 Casa at Ad l.ih. l lptn 3.30am. £5. 3l ()ct. Monthly. Alter a hrilliant lattnch night. (‘asa and their gang ol line residents return to this charming venue. (hunky. lttnk lttellcd deep house grooves and live pet'cttssion iron) the very line Mr Martin Mitchell. Sam Birkett. ('hris Reid attd Andy lilliot are l)Js.

I City Sessions at Q ('luh. Next date the.

I The Cathouse at the ('atltottse. l().3()pm 3am. £l hel‘ore l lpm: £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Riding high on the nu metal vvave. this is one ol‘ the husiest nights in toyyn. Rock. grttnge. indie and a dash ol‘ hrcakheat across three lloors at (ilasgovv's top venue tor rockers and alternatecns.

I Coded at Vattlt. l lptn 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. They’re from a record store. so the tttnes are going to he lt'csh and highly lttnky. aren't they"? A rotating roster ol‘ l)Js affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply house-led grooves at the neyy eluh. Steven .\lc('rcery is the main man. httt the pool ol' talent includes Billy Kilkie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

I Crash at the Shed. l().3()pm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. liuan and Andy play the lincst ol‘ everything at this hlinding sottthsidc cltth that alvvay s seems to he htisy.

I Critical Mass at the (ilasgoyv School ol- Art. Next date the.

I Creation at Corinthian. l lpm 3am. £the. Weekly. Paul Rea and Kevin Austin play in the l.ite har and then D] at this line eluh doyy nstairs in the hig classy

I Cypher at the Rettlt'evy l‘erry. Next date the.

I Death Disco at the Barlty'.

l lpm 3am. £the. 7 Nov only. Alan .\lc(iee‘s Death Disco (not the one at the Arches) returns l'or another session ol. the most exhilarating rock’n‘roll music on the planet. deployed nasty-style hit all you lt‘eaks ottt there. Time to have a bloody good laugh.

I Defected in the House at (‘uhe l().3()pm 4am. £8 (£6). 31 ()et only. This label redelined the lttnky house compilation throughout the nineties. and their previous eluh nights in (ilasgovv have heen nothing short (it era/y. This time it's Sandy Rivera in the place to he. and you knovy that makes sense.

I Destiny at Destiny. l lpm 3am. £the. Weekly. l)estiny ‘s relaunch continues vv ith llp-lttl‘dl party tunes. house and Rth l‘lavas.

I The Edge at the lidge (‘oathritlge

l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Residents Alex Kay and Scott (iranger bring you the hest ol house and cltth classics.

I Electrobix at Bar Bloc. Next date


listings Clubs



Casa Let's get the tables cleared for another wild one in Ad Lib. The night that launched last month does its best to keep up with Glasgow’s insatiable thirst for deep-fried, thumpin‘ house music. Ad Lib, Fri 37 Oct.

Gilles Peterson The best known (and arguably the finest) broken beat and eclectica DJ in the world returns to his beloved Sub Club to show the punters that it doesn’t always have to go boom boom boom. Paul Cawley (pictured) is the host at what will no doubt be a very busy night at the Sub. Sub Club, Fri 37 Oct.

Superfly Halloween Special The psychedelic cabaret puts on the glam for one of the more striking seasonal occurrences on the clubbing calendar. Duncan Superfly and Ian Lamarra are your hosts, and the live band action comes from the Red Bee Society. Woodside Social, Sat 7 Nov.

Heads Up Ay up. here's Paul Cawley again, with his mates. the rather inventive live band that are the Bays. Heads Up is a great night anyway. so this is an extra special date. Sub Club. Fri 7 Nov.

Strange Rain Glasgow house don Graham Wilson brings it to the Vaults on Queen Street to toughen things up with a set of the best techno and electro. Kerso plays alongside him, and Nick Hopkins of London town is the very, very special guest, from the Haywire Sessions. Vaults, Fri 7 Nov.

Freakmoves The finest hip hop collective in Glasgow welcome the considerable talent of Dexter (or Dexta, depending on how cool you are) to its decks. Expect the direct drives to take quite a pounding on this date. Dema and Nice are your guests. so expect an Avalanche of good music. ha, ha. Glasgow School of An, Thu 73 Nov.

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