textiles. ceramics. graphic design and tapestry. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. Robert Stewart And Colleagues - Posters t.'ntil Sat 1 Nov (Atrium Gallery. Foulis Building). To accompany the Stewart retrospective. a selection of innovative poster designs by Robert Stewart and his colleagues. Clydesdale Bank Art for All Prolect Mon It) Nov—Sat l3 Dec (Atrium (iallery'. Foulis Building: Mon—Thu 10am—8pm: l‘ri l()am--5pm: Sat 9am—-lpm). An exhibition of work by ptipils who attended one—day art and design workshops at Glasgow School of Art. NEW SHOW.


182 Bath Street. 333 199]. Mon-Fri l().3()am—-5pm: Sat lt).3()am— l pm. Autumn Collection tfniil Sat 29 Nov. A mixed show of 19th. 20th and contemporary paintings.


9—] 1 George Street. 552 202-1. Mon~Sat 9am-5pm.

Eric Doig L'ntil Sat 2‘) Nov. Vibrant images of (ilasgow by Eric I)oig. HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of (ilasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 543i. Mon—Sat 9.30am 5pm: Sun l2.3()—4.3()pm. For more information see www.whistler2003.coiii Copper into Gold: Whistler and 19th Century Printmaking tfniil Wed 24 Dec. This exhibition presents etchings and lithographs by Whistler and his contemporaries. highlighting his achievements as one of the greatest artist—printmakers of all time. Part of ll'liis‘ller 2003.

1890s Women tiniil Wed 24 Dec. [)epictions of women by Whistler's contemporaries Beardsley. Mackintosh. ('arlos Schwabe and others inspired by fantasy. imagination and symbolism. I’m-t of ll'lii'stler 2003.

Whistler Pastels tiniil Wed 24 Dec. A selection of Whistler's exquisite pastels focusing on the female form. The Whistler Collection The Hunterian’s internationally important Whistler (‘ollection is on view in new displays featuring 80 oil paintings. hundreds of drawings and watercolours and over l()()() etchings and lithographs. Part of li’liis‘tler 2003‘.

A Hundred Objects for 100 Years L'iitil Sat 17 Jan. A unique opportunity to see the most important works acquired by the gallery over the years with the support of the Art l-‘und. including such diverse works as Lucien Freud's After ('Iiurdi'ii (2000) and Alexander Naysmith‘s Dumbo/ion ( 'us-Ile and 'Iiiwn with Ben Lamond ( ISIb).


I8 King Street. 552 2540. Tue- Sat noon-ppm.

Desperate Measures L'niil l‘ri 2s Nov. A group show of work by (ilasgow

artists featuring painting. photography. film. video. sculpture and sound. Artists include James Robertson. limily l-‘ield. ()la (iustafsson. Mary Macken/ie and Kitll'i Walker.


I58 Bath Street. 33] 4060. Mon Thu noon lam; Fri Sat noon 3am.

Shape of Things t'niil Thu (3 Nov. The Shape ol Things is a series of exhibitions highlighting the work of recent graduates and students at (ilasgovv School of Art. Lesley Hepburn and Niall Taylor are the featured artists. '


ll Mitchell Lane. 221 (i3b2. Mon.

Wed Sat 10.30am 5pm; Tue Ilam 5pm; Stiii noon 5pm. £3 (Sop).

Clydebank Rebuilt t‘niil Sun 2 Nov. Photographs and scale models created by over 500 young people. capturing new developments taking place in their area. A Future in the Past? t'niil Sun () Nov. An exhibition based on proposals for an archaeology field study centre in Stromness. ()rkney produced by architecture students at lidinburgli (‘ollege of Art.

GIA Annual Awards 2003 t'niil l’ri 21 Nov. The annual (ilasgow Institute of Architects awards which includes the categories housing offices. leisure and retail. healthcare. education and conservation.

Lightweight Medical 'I‘liu (l Nov Sun l-i [)ec. Lightweight Medical unveil their new design for transport incubators Used for transferring critically ill babies. Furniture of the Future Sat 8

Nov Sun 7 Dec. An exhibition profiling the work of three designers and manufacturers of new school furniture: Matthew Hilton. \V. Modcons and A/uiiii. Scarpa - A Genius with No Significant Plans Wed 12 Nov. .-\rchitectural author and TV presenter Richard Murphy talks about the work of ('arlo Scarpa.


Station Road. Milngavic. 578 38-17.

Tue Sat 10am lpm & 2 5pm.

Hilda Goldwag t'iiiil Sat 3 Nov. A retrospective exhibition celebrating the work of Viennese artist. Hilda (ioldwag. featuring paintings. draw iiigs and illttstrations.

25 Years On t'niil Hi 7 Nov. the 25m anniversary exhibition by the Strathendrick branch of the limbroiderers' (itiild.

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 200 Bath Street. 33l 0722. Tue Sat 9am r (iplil.

Dino Squillino t'iiiil Wed 1‘) Nov. Abstract paintings.


5 llyiidland Street. 342 4 l 24. Wed in l lam bpm: Sat llam 5pm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Bead-head 2002 by Jim Lambie forms part of Love Over Gold on show at the Iery of Modern Art

Contemporary Painting and Printmaking t'iitil \Ved ll) Nov. Paintings by Simon Laurie (RH. RS\\'i and Sue liia/otti with prints by Harry Magee.


322 «k 324 Duke Street. l)eimistouii. 556 7270. Tue Sat noon (vpm.

Blink Hi 7 Fri 28 Nov. The first in a series of three \\ indow «based installations in the gallery space. lltigh Wall is first up with his video work l’uvvi'iieeri projected across three window s.


270 Stttlc‘itleitttll Street. 505 Jilltl.

Mon Sat Illam 5pm; Stiii noon 5pm. Art Treasures of Kelvingrove t'niil Nov 2005. As the Kelv ingrove Mtiseum & Art (iallery has now closed its doors for major refurbishment. over 200 paintings from the Kelv ingrovc collection take up residency at the Mclcllan (ialleries. The display includes Thomas l‘aed's The lust of the (inn and Reiiibrandt's .-l .llun iii .Ilrniom'. plus work by (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. Dutch and l‘lemish art.


47 l’arnic Street. 552 5027. Tue Sat

llam 5pm.

Peter White l‘ntil Thtt (i Nov. .\ solo show of new work by Peter White. Mixed Exhibition Hi 7 l-‘ri 2| Nov. A mixed show including ceramics by ()liv ia Brown. woodturiiiiig by Scott lrv inc and paintings by Pat Semple. James Hawkins and (ierard M Burns.


7 “es! (ieoi‘ge Street, H7703 ()5: i i. Noon 5pm

Plantation t'niil liri RI Oct. Work by lietb l’orde exploring the links with Scotland and the West Indies sugar trade. Part of Black History Month.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (v. liloor l. 248 37l l. Tue l‘ri noon 5pm.

6 Toby Paterson Hi 31 ()ct iii 28 Nov. l‘ollowiiig on from his successful solo show at the ('(':\ earlier in the year. Toby l’atersoii presents more new work. The show features new paintings and a structure which comprises l’aterson's mental maps of(}lasgow and London with imagined architecture. See preview and llitlist. Ni Si lt)‘.‘v’.


22l West (icorge Street. 243 0755. Mon Fri Illam 5pm.

Gary Anderson l-‘ri .il Oct Sat 22 Nov. New paintings by (iary .v\iidcrson.


36 Washington Street. 22l 2l23. Mon l’ri 0am 5pm.

Contra-Flow t‘niil til it Oct. l-‘ive emerging site-specilic artists i5 Sited +l and three iiiv ited guest artists explore the environment of the Pentagon ('entrc and the city of(ilasgow.

listings Art

Plunder Picasso used it. So did Braque. We're talking collage here. Plunder takes a fresh look at this art form from the paper variety to digital media featuring the work of major artists including Douglas Gordon. Sarah Lucas. Jim Lambie and Eduardo Paolozzi. See preview. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Sun 2 Nov—Sun 7 7 Jan.

Toby Paterson He's at it again. Making new work, that is. If the CCA show earlier in the year wasn’t enough. Paterson shows new paintings and a structure comprising his mental maps of Glasgow and London. See preview. Modern Institute, Glasgow, Fri 37 Oct—Fri 28 Nov. Boyle Family The first ever retrospective (what took ‘em so long?) devoted to the Boyle Family is one of the best exhibitions held here in recent years. From rooms full of their highly realistic reproductions of the earth's surface to trippy films from the 608. this is one show you can't afford to miss. National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh, until Sun 9 Nov.

After Nature Three artists explore ideas surrounding nature and the environment through the medium of video. featuring Rachel Reupke‘s stunning four-part piece. Infrastructure, shot on grainy DVD. See review. CCA. Glasgow. until Sun 30 Nov.

John McLean and Andrew Mackenzie New and existing works by abstract painter John McLean accompanied by site- specific works in the round room from Andrew Mackenzie. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Nov—Sat 73 Dec.

Storm Artist duo Dalziel 4.- Scullion explore our place in the natural world in this commissioned piece in which one image is projected each day of the installation. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. until Sun 7 Mar.

so on as No». mint THE LIST 97