It’s hard to know quite who is the most annoying Osbourne of them all. Could it be Ozzy with his Steptoe shambling and tedious cursing; Sharon for \"‘ her hair and cackle; Kelly for her big mouth and . game of tirade tig with Ms Aguilera; or Jacffir, well, just being Jack? Still, the chubby junior member has enough about him to get his own series in which our bumfluffedr‘Brit' hero strolls around LA, hanging ewith P Diddy' an.deer Lavighe. It’s called Union Jack. Which might actuallyb'e really clever. Or dumb. Eitherwayfrtflis a ' ster for the all-new adventures of the whoFé'Clan. But who’s the other guy~on the stairs?‘3(eep watching. Catching ufiwith the Osbournes is on Fri 21 Nov, 9.30pm; UniggJack'starts Sun 23 Nov, 12.55pm;

The Osbournes series two starts Fri 28 Nov, 9.30pm. All show/g are on, Channel 4.

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