FOOTBALL EURO 2004 PLAY-OFF As Scotland take on Holland for a place in Portugal’s ‘festival of football’ next summer, we compare the nations on and off the field. Words: Jay Richardson

Total Football 1973 v Pass and Run 1872 The Ajax European Cup- winning sides of the early 708 may have dazzled with their movement and tactical ingenuity. But their beautiful game owed much to football's first international. where England's 1—-t —8 formation. dribble- till-tackled style received a runaround from the impudent ‘pass and run' of a Scots team who revolutionised the game. The reth? A wholly predictable 0—0.

Alan Hansen v Johan Cruyff Hansen calls Cruyff Europe's

‘If that was

a penalty, then I’m a Dutchman’

greatest ever player. But this didn't stop the scar-browed One constantly interrupting and questioning his fellow pundit during the Beeb‘s Euro 2000 coverage. Gary Lineker grinned weakly as his ex-gatfer seethed.

Flatlands v Mountains No contest. Ask a Dutchman to draw a llOIl/Oll and you'll get a boring straight line. Just don't ask one named Van Gogh. Rembrandt. Van lell. Bruegel. Mondriaan, Van Hals. Deu. De Kooning . . .

The Flying Scotsman v the Flying Dutchman The first train to reach tOOmph. a five star hotel on wheels. the epitome of Great British engineering. Or a ghost ship. doomed to sail for eternity. bringing death to all who see her. Check your ticket


Van der Valk v Taggart He looked pretty hard chasing crims round Amsterdam. And the theme tune was class. But Piet Van der Valk's pastel shirts and blond perm wouldn't last five minutes in Jim Taggart’s Glasgow. where severed limbs and thumping neds in the holding cells were all in a day's work.

Anne Frank v James Boswell A damning indictment of the Nazis“ racial purity programme. Frank's diary was translated into (37 languages and is one of the most widely read books in the world. Boswell's windy. brown-nosed tomes on Dr Johnson, meanwhile. make you wish he'd been holed away too.

The Bay City Rollers v 2 Unlimited Neither side emerges Wlllt credit.

Tulips v Thistles Erm . . .

I Scotland play Holland at Hampden Park. Glasgow on Sat 75 Nov and in the

Amsterdam Arena on Wed 79 Nov.

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Maureen Ellis.


I Football: Scotland v Netherlands llampden Park. l.etherhy Driye. 616 6000. 3pm. £20 £30 (£5). Scotland cross another bridge that leads to Portugal in liuro 2004 as they play host to Holland and a merry band of orange- sporting supporters. The Dutch team bring with them a rich football pedigree and some pretty fancy players. But let's hope the y'ocal support of the Tartan Army can ptit the frighteners on their superstars. See prey new.

I Wrestling: Scottish Championship Wrestling (‘ouper Institute. 86 (‘larkston Road. 020 1585. 6.30 9.30pm. £10 (£6): family ticket £24. 'I'estosterone-oyerdriye as some of [K wrestling's major talents ply their crowd- hleasing tnoy'es. The main event is a 30- man ('aledonian Skirmish. wrestled under Royal Rumble rules. I’or more information go to w

Outside the Cities

I Horseracing: Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. Ayr. 01292 264179. 12.50pm. £8 £15. Tally-ho? Scrape your pennies together for fun and frolics at this National llunt race meeting. l’ine haunches on View for non-gamblers to enjoy.

98 THE LIST iii 77' Non/70011


I Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Teesside Mohawks Braelieatl Arena. Kings Inch Road. 561 1140. 5pm. £7 £10 (£5 £81: famin ticket £20. After a winning start to the season. Scotland‘s only pro basketball team will he hoping to keep tip the good form.


I Motonracing: Supermoto National Event Royal Highland ('entre. lnglislon. 335 6200. Hundreds of motorcycles descend on the outskirts of Iidinburgh for this national race meeting. I Ice Hockey: Edinburgh Capitals V Dundee Stars .\1urraylield Ice Rink. Riyersdale ('rescent. 337 6933. 6pm. £10 (£61; family ticket £26. (iet your skates on for an epic battle between the two leading Scottish teams in the I’indus British National League.

Outside The Cities

I Motonracing: Hot Hatch Knockhill Racing Circuit. Knockhill. Dunfermline. 01383 723337. 10am 4pm. £7 £40 (£31. A special ‘Ilot llatch' race meeting with modified and import cars.

I Horseracing: Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. Ayr. 01292 264179. 12.15pm. £8 £15. See Sat 15.

I Winter Sports: Almondell Winter Olympics West l.othian Ranger Sery'ice. Visitor ('entre. Almondell ('ountry I’ark. Ilroxburn. 01506 882254. 2 3.30pm. £1.50 (£1 1'. family ticket £4. Wacky races to warm up the winter with wellie boot throwing. snowhall eating. snowmen and skiing races. w ith chocolate medals to win.

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I Football: Scotland v Croatia liaster Road. 12 Albion Place. 661 1875. 7.45pm. like their senior counterparts. Scotland’s l'2ls are inyoly'ed in a tricky play-off situation for I'Iil’A glory. l'nlike the senior squad. the first game was away. so this match will be the decider.


I Badminton: Bank of Scotland International Championships Kelyin “all International Sports Arena. 1445 Arger Street. 445 1218. 2 7pm. £1.50 £4 (75p £21. Many of the world's top players compete in this Iiuropean badminton (irand l’rix championship. which. for many of them. will be a warm tip to the Olympics in Athens next year. See photo caption.


I Badminton: Bank of Scotland International Championships Kelyin llall International Sports Arena. 1445 Argyle Street. 445 1218.

9.30am 10pm. £1.50 £4 (75p £21. See photo caption.


I Badminton: Bank of Scotland International Championships Kely'in llalI International Sports Arena. 1445 Argyle Street. 445 1218.

10am 7pm. £1.50 £4 (75p £21.See photo caption.

I Football: Rangers v Aberdeen lbrox Stadium. Iidniiston Driye. 0870 600 1993. 3pm. Always a beefy clash this one. and the Dolls w ill be looking for rey'enge for a close 3 2 defeat earlier in the season.

I Football: Partick Thistle v Kilmarnock l-‘irhill. at) I'irhill Road. 579 1971. 3pm. 'l‘histlc need to pick up points quickly if they are to mold the drop this season. but Jim Jeffries' battlers will prove to be no pushoy'er.

Outside The Cities

I Football: Motherwell v Livingston l‘ir l’ark. Manse Road. Motherwell. 01698 333333. 3pm. 11' the papers are to be belieyed. this may be one of Stephen Pearson’s final home matches in ‘\\'ell colours as a host of riyals get set to encircle the cash- strapped club in January. ('an l.i\'i’s Roddy Macken/ie keep another clean sheet'.’


I Badminton: Bank of Scotland International Championships Kelyin Ilall International Sports Arena. 1445 Argy Ic Street. 445 1218. 2pm. £1.50 £4 (75p £21. See photo caption. I Basketball: Scottish Rocks v Sheffield Sharks Braehead Arena. Kings Inch Road. 56] 1140. 3pm.

£7 £10 (£5 £8); family ticket £20. the Scottish Rocks take on the I‘S import- enhanced Slieffield Sharks. last season's championship runners-up.

I Ice Hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Paisley Pirates Murrayfield Ice Rink. Riyersdale ('rescent. 337 (1933. £0 (£41. The (’apitals face the Pirates in the desperate fight to the top of the S.\'l. League. There can only be one winner.

I Football: Hearts v Hibernian 'l'ynecastle Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 7201. 3pm. Setting aside all talk of new stadiums. plastic pitches and Iiuropean adyentures. Hearts will be looking for revenge alter a rare reyerse against Bobby \Villittlllson‘s troops earlier in the

I Ice Hockey: Edinburgh Capitals v Guildford Flames .‘ylurraylield Ice Rink. Riy'ei‘sdale ('resccnt. 337 6933. 6pm. £10 (£6): family ticket £26. Another 1"iiidtis British National League corker as our boys the ('apitals take on (iuildford's y'eteran team. the Flames.


I Football: Celtic v Bayern Munich ('eltic I’ark. Kcrrydale Street. l’at'khcatl. 551 8053. It’s the big one as Martin ()'.\'eill’s men face the not-as- mighty-as-they-once-were Bayern Munich. Should l.yon beat Andcrlecht and ('eltic win here. the lloops will be in the last 16. Defeat and it will all come down to a tricky away clash in l-‘rance. l’repare those nails for biting.


I Football: Hearts v FC Girondins de Bordeaux 'l‘ynecastte Stadium. ('iorgie Road. 200 7201. Another massiy'c game for the Jambos this week. as they attempt to protect that pl’cciotls I 0 lead from the first leg. A safe passage will also giye the Scottish game another much—needed boost on the liuropcan stage.


The build up to the sports extravaganza that is 2004 has started: the qualifying rounds for the European Cup are well under way and now athletes are starting to battle out the rankings for Athens. The International Badminton Championships in Kelvin Hall (20—23 November) gather together competitors from all over the world and will help set the pecking order for next year’s Olympics. Players will be coming from as far afield as India, Canada and Russia but in the Scottish team, the top names to look out for are Yuan Wemyss and Kirsteen McEwan, the dynamic women's doubles duo who have secured a place in the UK squad heading for Greece. For younger enthusiasts, there will be a badminton carnival with games, coaching sessions and the chance to play with first- class competitors.

I The Bank of Scotland lnternati‘ona/ Badminton Championships. Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena. Glasgow. Thu 20 Sun 23 Nov. 0747 445 7278.

www. badmintonscot/and. org. uk