Glasgow life

Get your winterfest off to a flying start with these treats

- Christmas Lights Switch- On George Square comes alive when Lord Provost Liz Cameron turns on the Christmas lights. Radio Clyde DJs kick oft the celebrations before the tree. lights. statues and City Chambers start to sparkle. George Square, 0877 200 3940. 6.30pm. Free. Sun 76 Nov.

Glasgow on Ice Glasgow on ice is fast becoming a Weegie Christmas tradition. A wobbly skate around the rink followed by a glass of mulled wine and some roasted chestnuts. OK. so it's not Central Park but it’s the closest we've got and definitely worth throwing caution to the wind. hiring some skates and having a go. George Square. 087 7 200 3940. Sun-Thu 7 0am— 7 0pm; Fri 8 Sit 70am- 7pm. £3.50—E 7 7. Fri 28 Nov—Wed 24 Dec.

Panto Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some men dressed as women. girls dressed as boys and everyone living happily ever after. In panto land at least. A truly British tradition that no other country understands but the kids can't get enough of it. Shout at the cheeky Gerard Kelly as Chester the Jester and laugh with Elaine C Smith as Good Fairy in this romantic tale. Sleeping Beauty, King '5 Theatre, 282 Hope Street, 240 7777. Times vary. Edi—£77.50. Fri 5 Dec—Sun 78 Jan.

Christmas Concerts For something a bit tamer. yet still as much fun. the BSNO's family concert is ideal. The BSNO Junior Choir and the full orchestra will perform an array of festive songs and the orchestra will accompany Howard Blake‘s magical film The Snowman which will be narrated by TVs David Bintoul. RSNO Family Christmas Concert, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 Sauchieha/l Street, 353 8000. 7.30pm.

2 7 2. 50—22450. Sat 20 Dec.

100 THE LIST tit 27‘ Nov 2001i

Glasgow life continued

Wednesday 19

Book events

Wordjig Borders Books. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. (rpm. 1-‘rce. Six young vvriters will be reading from the Him/jig collection. which shovvcases all the up-and-coniing Scottish talent.

Cafes Litteraires Alliance l’rancaise de (ilasgovv. 7 Bovvmont (iardcns. 33‘) 4281. (rpm. 1"ree. Stu/mm cl Yl't'III/t/('III('III.\‘ hy Amelie Nothomh is the book under disctission.

Other events

Visual Elements (ilasgoyv Science ('entre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. 10am (rptn. £5.50 £14 (£4 £10). See Thu 13.

Design 1860 to the Present Day (ilasgovv School of Art. the Mackintosh (iallery. |(r7 Renlrevv Street. 353 4500. 10am 4pm. See Mon 17.

Get Bush (icorge Square. 07985 797022. Noon. l’ree. Join in this nationwide day ol non violent civil disobedience to celebrate the arrival of (ieorge Btish in the l'K. Sec lidinhurgh Life panel for other related events.

Book events

Andy Ferguson Borders Books. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. (rpm. 1"ree. Motivational speaker Andy l’erguson “ill be giving tips on living life to the 11111.


Art: Speak! - Exploring the Sublime ('(':\. 350 Satichiehall Street. 352 4900. 7pm. £3 (£2). A discussion exploring the themes of nature. the suhlime and their place vvithin contemporary arts practice. Alastair Dinsmor: History of the Glasgow Police 1800- 1975 Mitchell l.ihrary'. 20 North Street. 287 299‘). 7pm. 1‘ree. :\ talk through the history of' the (ilasgovv Police Force.

Friends of Glasgow Botanic Gardens Talk (ilasgovv l'niversity Boyd 011' Building. 33-1 2422. 7.30pm. £2. l’eter 'I‘hoday gives a talk entitled "l'he Horticulture Behind the liden Project ..

Other events

Visual Elements (ilasgovv Science ('entre. 50 Pacific ()uay. 420 5000. 10am (rpm. £5.50 £14l£~1 £10). See Thu 13.

Design 1860 to the Present Day (ilasgovv School ol' .'\l‘t. tltc Mackintosh (iallery. 1(r7 Renfi‘evv Street. 353-1500. 11am. See Mon 17. Sale of‘ exhibits starts today.


Dazed & Confused and Topshop Re:creation Creative Seminar (‘(‘..\. 350 .s‘auclrieliall Street. 352 4900. 2pm. l-‘ree. .\ live disctission vvith a panel of key industry figures from the \yot'ld ol‘ fashion. film. photography. journalism. design and milsic discussing hovv to get ahead in the creatiye industry. See previevv in shopping page 1 12.

Star Gazing Mugdock (‘ountry Park. ('raigallian Road. Milngavie. ‘)5(r (r100. 7.30 0pm. £1. 1’ind out more afrout the stars vvith this short talk followed by it look at the November


Other events

Visual Elements (ilasgtm Science (‘entrc. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. 10am (rpin. £5.50 £14t£~1 £10). See Thu 13.


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘.-\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 2pm. 1’ree. Sec Slit 15.

Other events

Visual Elements (ilasgoyv Science ('entre. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. 10am (rpm. £5.50 £14t£~1 £101. See Thu 13.

Farmers Market Mansfield Park. Hyndland Street. 287 2000. 10am 3pm. Free. A chance to huy fresh produce direct from the farmers.


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘..\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. .352 4900. 2pm. Free. See Sill 15.

Monday 24


Stop Bush Lauries Bar. 3-1 King Street. 0708.5 79702.2. 0.301)”). l-‘ree. See Mon 17.

Other events

Learn Secrets of Speed Dating Success Yates’s. I34 West (icorge Street. 0131 400 0205. 7.30 0.30pm. £12. 1-‘ind otlt hovy to gel tlte best results from any speed dating event. More information at

\vvv \v.relationshipacademy.

6" Film Quiz (ill. 12 Rose Street. 332 SI2S. 8.45pm. £1.50. Put your film knovv ledge lo the test in this popular quil.


Cultural Meeting (iarncthill ('ommunil) ('entrc. 21 Rose Street. 332 97(r5. 7.30 9.30pm. free. The monthly meeting of the (ilasgovv Branch of the Scotland-( ‘hina .-\ssociation.

LET THERE BE LIGHT You've hardly had time to hang up your Halloween outfit and put out the embers from bonfire night when the build up to Christmas starts. This year Lord Provost Liz Cameron will be switching on the lights in George Square and marking the start of the city's yuletide shopping. But before the tree starts to sparkle. the City Chambers are lit up and baby Jesus gets stolen from the Nativity scene, there will be the usual Radio Clyde DJs on hand to gef the festive party started. {ti (Jane Hamilton)

D Christmas Lights Switch On. George Square, 0877 200 3940. $309171. Free. Sun 16 Nov 0 u‘rv‘ .

Wednesday 26

Book events

Chris Eubank Borders Books. ()8 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. (rpm. ’I'ruck driving. jodhpur vvearing hover ('hris liuhank signs copies of his eponymotIs friography.


Countryside Action in the Trust Hutchesons' Hall. 158 lngram street. :43 9-1-18. (r.3()ptn. £(r.50(£-1.50 .\"1'S memhers). (iordon Riddle. Property Manager of (‘ul/ean (‘astle and ('ountry Park gives this talk entitled (‘ountryside Action in the Trust: The (‘ul/ean listate as an Iixemplar of (iood Practice.

Other events

Pysanky Tree Ornament Workshop l’ollok House. l’ollok ('ountry Park. 2000 l’ollokshttyvs Road. 0106410. 10am 1.30pm. £12. Learn the ancient art of pysanky and decorate an egg tising vvax pens and dye lot‘ (‘hristmas decorations.

Book events

George Best: Scoring at Half Time \y'atcrstone‘s. 153 157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105.

1 2.30pm. 1-‘ree. l-‘oothall legend. George Best signs copies of his nevv hook.

Mortification Borders Books. ()8 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. (rpm. l’ree. Top authors such as Janice (iallovvay talk about their most embarrassing moments. which have been compiled in a nevv hook. .llU/‘IIj/ir‘rlllnll.


Three Paintings and a Tapestry Burrell ('ollection. 2t)(ro l’ollokshavvs Road. 287 2550. 1pm. 1-‘ree. Alan Blakcy takes this themed tour round the Burrell.