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Thursday 13

Book events

Reading Group Scottish Poetry Library. 5 ('richton's (‘lose. (‘anongate. 557 2876. 6.30pm. £4() (for six weeks). Six-week hook group led by (ierry Loose to consider the poems in The I-in'u'un/ Book ()fl’oelijy .3004. As the pilot session. this opening gathering is totally free. So no exctises.


Leadership in a Hostile Environment Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). £15. An ominous tital if eyer there was one. Assemny hosts a seminar based on real life experiences of B'l"s (ilobal (‘hallenges Round the World Yacht Race.

After Hours - Tour of Parallel Lives Exhibition National Portrait (iallery. l Queen Street. 624 62()(). l2.45pm. l-‘ree. A progratnme of after gallery hours eyents featuring a tour of the Parallel l.i\'es exhibition with Robitt Baillie attd Helen Watson. See art listings for full details.

Donald Smith: The Work of the Scottish Storytelling Centre Sotlth Morningside School. (‘omiston Road. 7 9pm. £2. The Scottish Storytelling ('entre provides a strong focal point for literature in the capital. This potentially illutninating talk comes courtesy of the Morningside Heritage Association.


The Site N Sound Project Out of the Blue. the Drill Arts ('entre. Daltneny Street. l.eith. 556 5204.

2 4pm. Free. A tnixed tnedia


Bristo Square, 2pm: Parliament Square, 6pm, Wed 19 Nov

You’ve got to imagine the Buckingham Palace PR machine is close to meltdown as the remarkably unexceptional revelations of the butler/baker/candlestick maker continue to ooze from every orifice. And as this trite media circus gains momentum, the most harrowing coup of all goes un-noticed: on 19 Nov George W Bush flies into London for some cosy 8&8 with HRH Mrs Windsor. Tony is presumably invited to join the party.

Gill Hubbard a spokesperson for the anti-war coalition is resolute that this is a perfect opportunity for anti-war demonstrators to voice their anti-war protests. 'When people actually understand and consider the implications of us welcoming this man to our country they’ll realise how crazy the whole thing is. It’s about giving people back their voice and getting them back on the street.I

The anti-war movement is off the ground and planning a host of demonstrations all over Britain with the Stop the War coalition providing firm support. Action is planned in Bristo Square (2pm) on the day Bush arrives followed by a march on the US Consulate in the evening (6pm). Edinburgh’s Stop the War has also organised for one citizen from the thirty countries Bush has attacked to come and speak. Hubbard’s adamant that the message to Blair should resonate with equal emotional fervour.

'We want to make sure that Blair realises that his pals aren’t welcome here. If he wants to have his friends round for tea this is what he can expect to get. Bush is the representation of brutality and butchery throughout the world. We’re not going to have many opportunities to protest where he is and truly have our voice heard

throughout Britain.’

Bush and Blair may have ignored the democratic voice once. But nothing good was ever gotten without a fight. Thankfully we don’t need arms or ammunition for ours. (Anna Millar)

I See Glasgow life listings on page 99 for full (leta/ls; of events In and

around Glasgow.

exhibition created by the Bonnington Resource ('entre. (’ommunities That ('are and l.eith Sure Start. featuring video and sound installations. drama. photography and documentary footage of l.eith.


Imagination and Childhood Roxy Art House. 2 Roxhurgh Place. ()77l7 744383. 0.30am 5pm. £45 (£40). An exploration of the natttre of childhood with ('hristopher (louder. complete with workshops led by course leaders at the Iidinburgh Steiner 'l'eacher 'l‘raining seminar.


Christmas Workshop Apex International Hotel. 3| (irassniarket. ()7753 6|6‘)‘)6. 0.30am. £65. "l'is indeed the season to he jolly as lileanor ('latisen from In Interiors and Scottish florist Shan Beyeridge from Spiral I'lmt‘t’rs set the mood for floral festiye decorations.

Other events

Antique and Collectors Fair Royal Highland ('entre. lngliston. 335 62()(). Illam. liree. A chance to peruse or buy front the wide range of antiques and collectibles on offer.


Metamorphosis in Nature and Design Roxy Art House. 2 Roxburgh Place. 07717 744383. 9.30am 5pm. £45 (£40). An exploration of the fundamental principle in the deyelopinent of organic forms with guest speakers Margaret ('olquoun and John Wilkes.

Other events

Supermoto National Event Roy al Highland ('entre. Ingliston. 335 62()(). Time and price tbc. Hundreds of motorcycles descend on the outskirts of lidinhurgh for this national race meeting.

Antique and Collectors Fair Royal Highland (‘entre. lngliston. 335 6200. See Sat 15.

Big Word Edinburgh Poetry Slam The Bongo ('lub. Moray llouse. llolyrood Road. 558 7604. 8pm. £4 (£3). Anita (ioyan and Jeni Rolls introduce more hopeful slammers in this furioust paced and popular poetry competition.


Curator’s Tour of Advertising and the Artist [)ean (iallet‘y. 73 Belford Road. 624 6200. l2.45pm. l‘ree. Alice Strang and Ann Simpson giyes a tour of the Ashley llay'inden exhibition. See art listings for tnore details.


Performance Poetry: From the Page to the Freedom of the Stage Mtisic Room. ll Buccleuch Place. 6.30 8.30pm. £65 for nine week course. Workshop led by Anita (io\att and Jeni Rolls focusing on writing for shows. and how to maximise your performance on stage.

Tuesday 18


Adaptive Optics Royal ()bset'yatot‘y Visitor (‘entre. Blackfot‘d Hill. 668 S404. 7.30 8.30pm. £2 l£l ). ('an hendy mirrors beat the llubhle Space 'l‘elescope'.’ ('onfused at the may thought of a hendy mirror'.’ Don't be. See photo caption.

Other events

The Order of Things: Making Sound, Pattern and Concrete Poems l'niyersity of lidinburgh. Adam l-‘et'guson Building. 65() [000. £65 (£43) for nine week course. Ken ('ockhurn leads a series of classes focusing on reading and writing poems iit traditional and innoyatiye forms.

Wednesday 1 9

Book events Sally Evans and Jim McGonigal Scottish Poetry Library. 5 ('richton's

Edinburgh life

(’lose. (‘anongate. 557 2876. 7.30pm. The ever eclectic programme of the SP1. continues to shine with this dottble whammy organised by the Poetry Association of Scotland.

Other events

Get Bush Parliament Square. off High Street. 473 2()()(). 2pm. Join in this day of non-Violent civil disobedience to celebrate (read: commiserate) the arrival of (ieorge Bush in the l'K. See preyiew‘.

All Scotland Demonstration Parliament Square. off High Street. 473 2()()(). 6pm. As part of the (iet Bash campaign. assemble with Stop the War outside Parliament Square before rallying outside the [S Consulate. Don‘t just talk about it: do it. See preyiew.

Learn the Secrets of Speed Dating Success ()y'erseas House. 100 Princes Street. 7.30 9.30pm. £l2. Find out how to achieve total success at speed dating eyents with these talks courtesy of the relationship academy. 'l'ruly' tragic‘.’ You decide.

Book events

Reading Group Scottish Poetry Library. 5 (‘richton’s (‘lose. ('anongate. 557 2S76. 6.30pm. £40 (for six weeks). See 'l'hu l3.


After Hours - Reflections on the Spanish Collection National (iallery of Scotland. the Mound. 624 620i). l2.45pm. l-‘ree. A progratnme of after gallery hours eyents featuring piano lttllsic with St Mary's Mtisic School. See art listings for full gallery run down.

Dazed & Confused and Topshop Rezcreation Creative Seminar (iilded Balloon (‘ayes. South .\'iddry Street. 226 2l5 1. 2pm. liree. A liye discussion with a panel of key industry figures from the world of fashion. film. photography. journalism. design and music which looks at how to get ahead in the creatiy'e industry. See preyiew' in Shopping page l 12.


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