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Santa’s treats for all the family

The Edinburgh Wheel The capital's skyline appears in all its effervescent glory so take a backseat and enjoy the ride as the wheel allows you spectacular views of the city. the gardens and Winter Wonderland. The ofticial opening is this Thu (27 Nov; at 5.30pm. 27 Nov—4 Dec (not 25 Deci. Princes Street Gardens. lOarn— 70pm. £2 (E 7.50;.

Acrobounce Enjoy this high flying experience as you‘re catapulted 9 metres high to weightless freedom. 27 Nov—4 Jan (not 25 Deci. Princes Mall Rooftop Plaza. Princes Street. 07620 870378. Mon—Fri, lOam—8pm; Sat—Sun, 70am— 70pm. £4 for 3/7i/l73.

German Market Get a taste of a real traditional German market at the heart of our fair city with customary food. drink and gifts on offer. The official opening is this Thu (27 Now at 5.30pm. 27 Nov—24 Dec. Princes Street Gardens East, Princes Street. 473 3600. Mon—Sat. 70am—8pm: Sun. 70am—8pm. Free.

Winter Wonderland Now in its 6th year. Winter Wonderland's Spectacular frozen playground is bigger and better than ever before. Surrounded by tWinkling fairy lights and the dramatic Edinburgh skyline this is Sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. As well as the ice rink. Winter Wonderland includes an awesome Snow Slide. a tairground and traditional food and drink to warm your cockles. The official opening takes place on 27 Nov at 5.30pm. 27 Nov—4 Jan tnot 25 Deci. Princes Street Gardens East. Princes Street, 473 3600. Times vary. 25.50-86.50 62.50); 818 for family

Light Fantastic in St Andrew Square Don't miss the big switch on of the St Andrew Square lights. 28 Nov. St Andrew Square. 473 3600. 6pm. Free.

The George Street Christmas Trees This beautiful street launches its Christmas trees with illuminations. George Street. 6pm. Free.

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Thursday 20 continued

Patrick Geddes, Art and Social Reform: Edinburgh in the 1880 RIAS (ialler). l5 Rutland Square. 33‘) 75-15. 7pm. Professor Murdo .\lacl)oitald ol the l'nixerxit) of Dundee talks about l’atrick (ieddex and llix Views on art and \ticlttl l'L‘ltit'ltl.

Book events

Pedro Serrano Scottish l’nell‘) Librar}. 5 ('richton'x ('lme. ('anongate. 557 3870. £3 l£3l. .\ reading b} internationall) renowned .\le\ican poet and critic l’edt'o Serrano.


Curator’s Tour of Many Happy Returns National (iallei') of Scotland. the Hound. (>34 o3()(). l3.45pm. l'ree. (‘hi'ixtopher Baker gi\'e\ a tour of the .\lan_\ llapp) Returns exhibition. which celebrate\ llll) )L‘arx ol the .-\rt l‘und. See Art lixtingx tor lull gallei‘) details page ()0.

Book events

Word Power’s Ninth Birthday: Tom Leonard, Dilys Rose and Meaghan Delahunt ('ahai-ct \‘oltaire. So RS Blair Street. 33() MW). 7.30pm. £5 £3.50. The wonderful Word Power showcase llti\ literar) e\tra\agan/a with Tom Leonard. I)il)\ Roxe. Meaghan l)elahtint and olhet‘\. to celebrate Word Power bookshop'x ninth birthday


Monday 24

Other events

Performance Poetry: From the Page to the Freedom of the Stage .\Iu\ic Room. I l Buecleuch l’lace. (3.30 8.30pm. £05 for nine week course. See Mon l7.


Collecting Italian Old Masters Paintings Italian (‘uluiral Institute. 82 .\'icol\on Street. («is 3333. (rpm. The I('l waxex hi'ical on collecting Italian Old Masters in Scotland in the 17th. lSth and l‘)lll centuries.

The Night Sky in December Roytl ()bxeiwatoi‘) Vixitoi‘ (’entre. Blackl'ord llill. (iob’ 8-104. 7.30 8.3tlp1nt3lt'll. Rtlxxell liltel'xt letldx an e\plol'alion til this month's \k}. with \igltllng\ of Venus and a meteor \howcr ilx well ax the International Space Station. See photo caption.

Other events

The Order of Things: Making Sound, Pattern and Concrete Poems l'ni\er\it} of" lidinburgh. Adam Ferguson Building. (iii) Itltll). £05 Hell.i litt' nine week L‘Ulll‘\L‘l. See 'l‘uc l3.

Wednesday 26

Book events

Angela Leighton Scotlixli l’ttell') Librar}. 5 ('richton‘x ('loxe. ('anongaic. 557 3W». 7.30pm. Angela Leighton readx \ome of her poemx. accompanied b} a performance of" music b} her conductor lather. Kenneth Leighton.

Book events

Reading Group Scottish l’oetr)‘ Library. 5 ('i'ichton'x ('lme. ('anongate. 557 3876. (i.3()pm. £40 (for six w eeksl. See 'l‘llll l3.


Print Room Tours National (iallcry ol' Scotland. the Mound. 634 (1300.

3.30 4.30pm. l’ree. :\ free tour of' the National (iallery’x print room which houses a world class collection Ul- liuropean prints and draw ings. See art lixtings tor lull dctailx.

After Hours - New Compositions National (iallery of Modern :\l't. 75 Bellirrd Road. 634 6300. ppm. l’i'ee. .\ programme (it after galler} hours events featuring new work by students from St Mary's Music School.

Other events

SiLENCiO (‘ounting lintlxe. \Vext Xicolson Street. 007 0876.

7.30pm lam. £3 (£3). Surreal and glttlllnl‘tllh ol‘l‘ei'ingx as always. courtesy of this innoVative performance piece featuring experimental llllISlC. theatre. \ptikell word. \‘l\ll£ll\. comedy and more with surprise .\l(‘ .-\li and 1)] Daniel. (‘reatiVe \ image/glam encouraged.


See Capital Christmas hitlist for full festive fun rundown beginning Thu 27 Nov

Over the past few years Edinburgh’s Royal Observatory has excelled itself and has come to symbolise all that is innovative and inspiring about the capital’s permanent attractions. A mine of information on the heavens, the observatory showcases an inventive mix, from the latest interactive CD-Roms on space and astronomy to its ongoing work in Hawaii and


This fortnight’s winter talks line-up includes Adaptive Optics (18 Oct), which examines the best known telescope in history, the Hubble Space Telescope. Specialist Andy Longmore explains how astronomers are attempting to surpass its performance with new ground-breaking telescopes and techniques. The following week, Russell Eberst will be exploring the beautiful meteor showers so prominent at this time of year with The Night Sky in December.

Stargazing novices and aficionados alike can also enjoy the public stargazing sessions which take place every Friday night (7pm). The perfect winter warmer. (Anna Millar)

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