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DVD is the future. We know that and have to learn to live with it. But DVD is not the same for music fans as it is for film buffs. It’s more than just a change of format - it replaces boxes of crappy bootleg tapes accrued over the years and fuzzy footage of your favourite bands taped off Top of the Pops in 1987.

Nowhere is this more stylishly illustrated that in the most complete and rounded example of how to fully use DVD and that’s Fans Only (Jeepster) 0.... by Belle & Sebastian. This has enough to keep the most dedicated obsessives busy for weeks: early scratchy promos, interviews, documentaries, numerous live performances from the last decade (see them interviewed on Portuguese TV!) in an easily-navigable package that even casual perusers will enjoy.

Conversely, in a swift display of marketing nous, Justin Timberlake’s first DVD Justified - The Videos (BMG Music Programming) 0. reminds us why his album is an absolute stormer. But including three takes of ‘Like I Love You’ on a slight 11-track collection is, frankly, taking the piss.

Jane’s Addiction combine vitriolic live footage from their early 90$ heyday with some artful pontification in Days (Sanctuary) 0.. . They happily display their surfing skills but still end up coming over a bit smug. Prog madrigals King Crimson (Sanctuary) .0. illustrate what all that weird, pricey looking equipment that never shifts from your local music shop is for as they fill a stage with 12-string basses, electronic drums and Robert Fripp’s weird guitar effects boxes. High on aural expressiveness, low on visual spectacle, even the over four hours of live footage would test the most dedicated of proggers.

Boadrage 2003 (Roadrunner) 0.. runs like the finely honed highlights of Kerrang! TV, being an unimaginative, but


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extensive collection of 22 promos from the likes of Slipknot, Fear Factory and the Misfits.

Meanwhile, the Chemical Brothers’ Singles 93-03 (Virgin) 0.0. shows us how the metallic chic of the mid-90$ has dated painfully quickly on the promo for ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’. Great extras, comedy interviews with Gallagher, Sumner, Ashcroft and more. Plus the inclusion of the inspired ‘Electrobank’ video, you know the one with Sofia Coppola doing gymnastics - genius makes this more than just for fans. Anyone who jumped about in a club or festival over the last ten years will appreciate the sentiments explored here.

In somewhat stark musical contrast, mock rock legends Kiss had the fairly obscene idea of teaming up with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to produce a night of righteous indignation down under. Kiss Symphony (Sanctuary) 0... is the two-disc journal that came out of the experience, and it is actually one hell of a hoot. The boys in make-up, catsuits and platforms certainly wash out those orchestra pits with the silliest and liveliest pomp rock from the far side of the Darkness. The best thing, though, is the documentary segments, where they are so cheesin self- regarding, it has to be a joke. Somewhat disappointing, however, is Love’s The Forever Changes Concert (Snapper) COO . There’s no doubt that Arthur Lee, the man behind these 605 psychedelic rock behemoths, is currently the returning god of the live circuit, but this gives no flavour of the true Love experience. The links are poor and the extras fairly mundane.

Finally, REM In View 1988-2003 (Warners) 000. manages to successfully change the notion that they are not a ‘video band’ as there are some truly innovative clips here. An incomplete, but incredibly watchable collection of a band going through the most turbulent period of their long career. (Mark Robertson and Paul Dale)

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