l’llSl()l3l(3/\l DRAMA CHARLES II 8801, Sun 16 Nov, 9pm 00.

lgnoro tho choosy as holl subtitlo [ho POP/O." and tho Passon. oh. ploasoi ~ this :5; actually a protty f;ll'l‘l)itl()tlf; romp of a dran‘a. and by tho look of ll. it's cloarly had plont‘, of n‘onoy chuckod at ti. [)oaling tunsuri)risinglyi with tho Mo and tin‘os of Charlos II. this has lasnings of all tho stuff you'd ‘.'.'ant in a historical dram; : loads of violonco. buckots of pon‘posit‘.' and ridiculous outfits plus an absouto .'.'-:>alth of dirty shagging and trcachory. Rufus Sowc-zl doc-s a good lob portraying tho king. and tnc—ro aro also oxcoliont lu'i'ts fron‘ llolon McCror‘, as his schom'fi; mstioss. and a surprisn‘gly austoro Diana Ragg as King Chuck's misoiablo Jélill()ll(i mum lhoro's r‘o groat insight into tho ll‘l 1d of a king or tho naturo of [)()‘.'.'(}l horo. to bo nonost. but thoro is a unscorai -::-:lg-:: to procc-odings. a bit liko a s-zghtlj, lo‘.'.'-::-r "opt British ‘.’(3ff$|()l‘. of [)a'tgoroos l '(1/5;()t.‘f;.

‘Doug .Johnstono {)(Xllllvil NlAl-W


5 AND MICHAEL 8802, Sun 16 Nov,

‘,'()ll'fl havo ‘."ougt‘.t l/lichacl

.‘xouirl havo had withing n‘oro to do ‘.'.’lill


soc-cc, lfiiitzsh lourno t.;,i<;s. H.f', yoar tron‘ holl

'aga'm had coon n‘ado

110 THE LIST ' -, I; \m. L"

largon unboarablo by tho ‘assassiiiation' unloashod by Martin Bashir. so nows that Louis l‘horoux is hot on Wacko's trail would suroly havo had his n‘indors' fingors twitching for thoir loadod woapons.

But this is all largoly misloading. as Louis' show is mainly about his failod attompt at gotting within a milo of waorland. dospito haying a word in Uri Gollor's oar and hassling tho ono—glovod suporstar's favourito kiddios' ontortainor. Maiostic Magnificont. Still, having soon lhoroux scrambling around loaking Novada prostitutos in tho oponing opisodo of tho sorios. it's good to soo hin‘ back hunting down mad colobritios.

«Brian Donaldsoni


I AM UNrdnTUNATELY RANDY NEWMAN Channel 4, Fri 21 Nov, 7.30pm 000

Mooting your horoos is a porilous proJoct. Thoro's tho dangor of boing uttorly un(lorwholmod or totally torrifiod. but gotting a groat intorVIow is raro. So. whon Jon Ronson wont to chat with Randy Nowman. ho knows ho's on shaky ground. ‘Pooplo think I'm boing ironic whonl say ho's my horo.' ho says. and ovon admits by tho ond that ho's failod ll‘ h'“ mission: to convrnco us that Handy

Nowman is a genius. Still. wo got a livoly. it fairly ompty account of an agoing singor- songwritor who has succoodod throughout his caroor in scything audioncos down tho middlo. ‘Short Pooplo' hato him but his rnoro obsossivo fans havo ovon takon to rocording an album of cover vorsions of his songs. Thoro's ovon footago of tho all—now Mastermind in which a gooky advocan fails misorably to do woll in his choson subjoct. This Art Show half hour is ontortainingly divorting but far loss vital than Ronson's moro darkly comic work. (Brian Donaldson)


JERRY HALL’S GURUS 8803, Sun 23 Nov,

Goodnoss. somoono's givon Jorry Hall a proper Job. Havrng conguorod tho worlds of fashion iconography. colobrity botrothai and child boaring, not to montion putting tho box back into box offico with hor turn as Mrs Robinson. Hall has docidod it's limo to discovor hor spiritual sido. Tho first instalmont in hor intornational iournoy of solf-discovory finds tho Toxan boauty attompting tho gargantuan foat of losing hor ogo. which involvos trips to Indian ashrams in ordor to connoct to God through various gurus.

Yot tho programmo mainly involvos its prosontor swanning fabulously botwoon Rishikosh. LA and London. sporting dosignor saris and sunglassos and commonting on tho A— list colobs who havo mado tho samo trip. Most amusingly. Hall's accont changos as ofton as hor clothos. But thoro's a wondorfully witty solf-awaronoss and a surprisingly (:hooky scopticism about Jerry

SEX DRAMA BETWEEN THE SHEETS Scottish, Mon 17 Nov, 9pm 00..

We; Debunking the stigmatised issues of copulation

ITV, drama about sex, title: Between the Sheets. Sounds dodgy. It certainly does, but then this has been scripted by a fine writer, Kay Mellor, and contains the wonderful neurotic acting talents of Brenda Blethyn and the craggy-faced weight of Alun Armstrong. 80 it may be wise to delve a little further beneath the sheets with this one rather than rolling over straight away.

If you’re not having sex, everyone else in the world seems to be; if you are, everyone else seems to be doing it better. This is, apparently, how the majority of us feel about sex. In other words, unsatisfied. But, of course, neither of these states is true. Between the Sheets seeks to debunk the myths and explore through varying states of relationship dysfunction and success the mysterious and stigmatised issues of copulation. An ensemble cast of three generations - Norman Wisdom at the top of the pecking order (and ironically, so far, with top pecker), Armstrong and Blethyn in the middle and Julie Graham and Richard Armitage at the bottom - are all blessed and cursed with different needs, desires and insecurities.

The first episode kicks off with a big family wedding, cutting straight to a disco and the sweaty superficialities of attraction are played out with slickly orchestrated chaos. The messy surface noise is quickly blown apart with scenes of intimacy and, often more tellingly, an absence of such. It’s a promising start with carefully worked-in humour, pain and tension. Whether it will follow through with satisfying fulfilment is another matter, but strong beginnings, nonetheless. (Ruth Hedges)

rotro docu—drama and modorn day circiimspoction. Groat 80s soundtrack too. If you lovo \.'-.Iatching roruns of Tho Sv-xomoy you'll

sorios using original polico footago. roconstruction and now information dotails tho thrilling. bloody story. Foronsically dotailod. this

that makos hor trip an onioyablo ono to accompany hor on. (Allan Radcliffol


BRINK’S-MAT: , H. , H , THE GREATEST oponor is an improssivo lovo this. you slag. "E's-r mixturo of hard hitting (Paul Dalol

Channel 4, Mon 24 Nov, 9pm 0000

It was just aftor (S/IOam on 26 Novombor 1983 whon six armod mon burst into tho Hoathrow dopot of tho socurity company Brink's-Mat. Onco in tho vault. tho robbors romovod (3800 ingots of gold. tho largost amount ovor takon in such a hoist. What profossional armod robbor Micky McAvoy and his gang (lid not know was that thoy woro about to chango tho faco of organisod crimo in tho UK ovornight. lho fall- out frorn thoir actions was to radically altor tho undorworld lthon strictly a cash businoss) whon thoir gold wont into hiding.

This first of a two-part

Going underworld with Brink’s-Mat