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Gettin fresh

Featuring table football and a cushioned park bench, Glasgow’s Peppermint Studio is more than a clothes store. Words: Rachael Street

ucked in amidst the secondhand and

vintage shops on Glasgow‘s Ruthven

Lane. designer Hannah Sibbett‘s new shop. Peppermint Studio. aims to bring a slice of borne-grown style to the area. After the huge success of her fashion label. Paperdoll Designs. Sibbett decided to open her very own emporium. selling clothes by other Glasgow- based companies such as ()lanic and Dense. as well as jewellery by local designers. As the piece de resistance. she‘s selected a wide range of fresh and interesting labels. Names worthy of mention include Rebecca Jay.

Lisbeth [)1th and Brennan and Burch for

women; plus Lazy ()af. Supreme Being. Defect and Suck UK for men. Sibbett has very consciously kept the clothes in her store polarised. with the women‘s selection (exemplified by her own designs) all

emanating a resolutely feminine vibe. For her

male audience she’s trying to capitalise on more street-style. designs. with many of the designs based around a now ubiquitous. oversized skate and DJ culture.

Although Sibbett‘s own collection currently caters to women only. she plans to

launch a range of her own menswear next year after this solo venture has established itself and she has more time to expand her stock. For now. the shop has plenty for men to chose from. with T-shirts. hoodies. hats and accessories.

Inspired by the idea of a New York studio apartment. this is much more than just a clothes store. Sibbert has included an area where customers can watch her working on designs for next year. Sibbert feels positive and energised about the new locale. ‘l‘ve created an environment where I can produce my best work yet. and get direct feedback from my customers.‘ The shop itself used to be a dance studio and still has many tell-tale fixtures. with mirrors all along one wall. a wooden floor and skylights. To this. Sibbett has added some fetching personal touches a cushioned park bench. a selection of fashion magazines. and a football table to help make shopping just that little bit more fun.

The Peppermint Studio, 37-39 Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road, Glasgow, 07949 592454. Monfiat 1 1am-6pm; Sun 1-5pm.


Spend, spend, spend. . .

I GREAT NEWS FOR shoppers in Edinburgh forever living in the shadow of those spoilt- for-choice consumers in Glasgow as Office is planning to open a shoe store in the capital on 27 November. The new outlet will be on Princes Street, and will have two floors brimming with foot fashion for men and

women. Tease yourself by checking out its designs online at

I NOT TO BE OUTDONE on the shopping front, it looks like Selfridges might be opening a store in Glasgow in the not-too-distant future. Although nothing has been confirmed, a site has been purchased in the Trongate development and the company is negotiating planning permission.

I THERE'S NOTHING better to make a girl feel good about herself than wearing beautiful underwear, but who can afford to deck themselves out in stylish lingerie every day of the week? Luckily. our price-conscious friends at H&M have created a new range of foxy bras. knickers and teddies. inspired by 19303 film star glamour with plenty of sequins and velvet. And it’s not all cheese string and see-through fabric either. there are also hot pants and snug vests for cold nights lounging by that warm fire . . . Check out

I WORD IS THAT IT’S not just ladies who care about matching undies and VPL. M&S is launching a new collection of sleek and co-ordinated underwear for men after a survey it commissioned revealed that men are

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almost as choosy as women when it comes to what lies beneath. The ‘Something for the Weekend’ range includes thongs, vests and boxers in various designs, and even has pants with STUD emblazoned in diamante for that special night out (or in). Call 0845 3021234 for stockist details.

I WITH THE EURO 2004 play-off clashes with Holland looming. it's time to give the national side that extra bit of support by investing in the new Scotland away kit. Launched by Diadora in time for the away leg in Amsterdam on Wednesday 19 November, the white tops with blue piping have the St Andrew's Cross and Lion Rampant sitting proudly in the centre of the chest. which will hopefully serve the boys well in their match against the Dutch. The strip comes in men's, ladies'. youth and toddler sizes and can be bought from all sports shops or ordered online at wwwscottishfacouk.


I AND ONE LAST thing, next time you’re in Ikea, look out for these cute Brum Bears. They only cost £5, £1.50 of which will go to UNICEF and could help to raise 22m for children in war-torn Angola and Uganda.