Pushing the creative boundaries

Re:Creation, the much-loved brainchild of Dazed and Confused magazine and Topshop, is to don its party shoes and shimmy north, flexing its creative muscles en route in Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and Birmingham. Re:Creation’s inaugural event in 2002 introduced a range of fine fillies and colts from all areas of the artistic sphere as creative minds in photography, fashion, illustration and film were encouraged to enter samples of their work in the hope of winning one of the illustrious awards on offer.

This year David Bailey, Katherine Hamnett and Nick Hornby, among many others, are all priming themselves to judge applications due in at the start of next year. And while the seminars, complete with high profile speakers, were an afterthought before, things are set to change pace, says Topshop’s marketing director, Jo Farrelly. ‘We want to use them as a focal point, a chance for prospective applicants to meet their idols and discover how they made it in the industry. This year we’ve added new categories - written word and film sections - so it’ll be exciting to see what's going to happen there. We just want to build on last year’s success and make it grow.’

Farrelly is modest about Topshop’s part in the process: ‘We’re just a vehicle trying to bring people in the fashion arena together. We want to equip young people to get on and attain their dreams.’ And while London may be considered Britain’s fashion capital, Re:Creation is keen to encourage local cooperatives to channel their creative energy. ‘lt’s about reaching out to the regional community. It’s about young people being aware, finding talent and encouraging it. Today’s young creatives could be tomorrow’s rising stars.’ Stella McCartney: your time is up. (Anna Millar)

I See City/rte section for seminar details. Applications for the awards can be found at www. idea ger iera tior l. co. uk.


When Louise Hodgson's three—year-old son. Archie. was pirate mad last summer there was no stripy T—shirt or eye patch QUIIC right. So lllSl in time for his birthday, mum got out the fabric paint. made a stencil and. hey- presto. the wee rascal had his very own pirate deSign. And it was so good that all his friends wanted one and before Loiiise knew it she had a little production line going With new designs. colours and outfits.

Now the project has evolved into a fully profesSional operation with a highly useable and lovely looking website (www.stticktorwordsco.uki where you can choose from ten deSigns including dragons. lovehearts. ducks and butterflies. which can be printed onto T-shirts. baby vests. sleep suits and bags. Washable at 60“. and very reasonably priced. the items are refreshingly practical and affordable in a market in which parental vanity can often be exploited for extravagant price tags. Louise is hoping to expand the range to include pyiaiiias. pant and vest sets and more deSigns. The only labelling is an optional name tag. So. mummy. get

logged on right now. lRuth HedgCS)

I Stuckforwords. )737 332 7998, wwwstuckfom/ Prices range from [750—8 75.

112 THE LIST “.3 ’27' No. 2301*:

kircii‘éiv :CLASSICS

Gorgeous goodies for your grub hub

. Duallt Varlo Super Toaster, 2-8Iice No kitchen is complete without a Dualit. They come in classic retro chrome or a palette of 508 colours including cream, pink and turquoise.

£7 09, John Lewis, Edinburgh, 0737 556 972;. Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, 0741 353 6677.

Faitoo Range by Philippe Stank These chubby. green handled Faitoo Range includes a pizza cutter, cheese slicer and lemon squeezer. From £23.50—E45 per item, lnhouse, 28 Howe Street, Edinburgh, 0737 225 2888; 24—26 Wilson Street, Glasgow, 07 47 552 5902.

X1 Espresso Coffee Machine by anclsancls! Luca Trazzi's retro eSpresso coffee machine is not exactly cheap but serving great coffee and available in 15 colours. it's definitely worth saving up for. £375, DesignShop, 776 Causewayside, Edinburgh, 0737 667 7078.

Ojex Express Chrome Juicer Juicing, as we all know. can be very time- consuming. So if you only ever use your juicer once. at least this one will look good as it gathers dust in y0ur ever so stylish kitchen. E29. 75, John Lewis, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow. 0747353 6677.

(Helen Monaghan)