Recruitment 1‘ ',



PROGRAMME MANAGER £17k - £19k p. a.

Initial 2 year fixed term contract.

Key post - to support and develop the Collective's artistic and education programme.


The liastgate Theatre and Arts Centre is a new multi purpose venue with a 250 seat auditorium and ()0 seat studio opening in Peebles in the Scottish Borders in spring 2004.

The lzastgate aims to olier a customer locussed. quality experience and we are now recruiting 2778 30cm," Sum

for key stalT to make this happen. Ideal candidates will have at least three years relevant expe- Ea..ihtirgn‘etn mv Deadline: noon Friday 5 December rience. preferably in an arts environment. " 0‘31 m We Interviews: Tuesday 16 December ' ' Arts Countil Administrator ' - _ _ ' o . . ~ y '6l)lNOYKQH° to apply tel. 0131 220 1260 You will have a linaneial or general administrative background with a working knowledge ol __ _ ._ 7_ _ _7 __

bookkeeping. payroll and company secretarial functions.

press and Marketing Officer I Book-keeper required, I Bar staff required.

part-time. work from home. (ieneral Managers. WT and l’fl‘ lixperience in the small medium scale touring circuit. producing or venue based. as well as Cf’ml’l"cr *UPPI'C‘I- WW 13"" “I “it'll”? $11!“ I” SXCIUHSIHL‘X" ' ~ ' ' 'i ilt m] t )urism is r uir‘d \lon v with 'l ‘oll'ibor'itiv * workin ) stvl to work ('IaSgUW pmtcrrw' ( “mum bar and dmcr m ('luSgow 5 my “p‘r'm‘f u ‘u f _‘ “l t ' 5 k L . . ’c v .“ Alan (ieddes. l‘) Argyle (’ourt. centre. ('all Sam: 0788-1 with all of our performing partners. an eye for a good opportunity is essential. l 103 [\rgylc 5L Glasgow 1'91; 338 970

0777‘) I47 602 email: geddes

S nior Technician . e mail(0 btopenworldcom

You will have hands-on experience ol‘turning round a large number ol‘ shows safely and elli- ciently with a thorough understanding of visiting companies expectations. amateur and profes- sional. giving advice and good counsel when necessary.

Information and application packs from: Brian Loudon. Theatre Director. liastgate Theatre and Arts Centre. co TAVO. Newby Court. School Brae. l’eebles. lill45 8A1- or mail/u east- gateartscom. The closing date is Monday l7 November 2003.

Borders 1996 (‘ompany Limited strives to be an equal opportunities employer

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Bordch ArtsCOuncil 1 : I, h ; ‘W‘W’i l c o u u c l L wriuvrunuo g,. . “nu...”

Edinburgh International Science Festival

science Bio-Bubble: the amazing Stage Manager/ inflatable cell Technician Bio-Bubble is an inflatable, surreal per— We require a well organised, resourceful formance space that allows students to person to tour Bio-Bubble (inflatable the- transport themselves inside a giant, sci— atre) to high schools throughout the UK. entifically accurate human cell. To deliver Key duties include set-up of Bio-Bubble, this experience to schools in the UK we running simple light and sound cues, driv- need: ing the van and canying out running

repairs. Pay: £200/week (rehearsals),

Actors (1 female, 1 male) £379-E479/week (touring) Dates of con-

. . tract: Dec 2003 - Apr 2004 (extension pos- |nsude the Bio-Bubble we perform Snog, sible)

a highly energetic and theatrical show of young love. We require 2 physically dra-

matic actors for this show, who must be 0/0979 date ’9' a” app’ications is 19 November“ young_looking (both p|aying age 17) and Casting for Bio-Bubble w/b 24 November. able to perform 3 Shows per day' Pay: aipwysgggggfgstiva/ co uk/jobs htm or call woo/week (rehearsalsl' £379/Week 0131 558 7666 for an application form. (tour'ng) Dates 0f Contra“: Dec 2003 ' Edinburgh International Science Festival, 4 Apr 2004 (extension possible) Gayfie/d Place Lane, Edinburgh EH1 3N2,

t: 0131 558 7666, e: w:

1 18 THE LIST 13-27 Nov 2003