I Double room in modertt flat. near ()cean terntinal. l.eith. share flat with one other. Cable. telepltone & TY. £250 pcm + hills + ("II Tel: 07973 512 035 evettittgs.

I Double room in heautiful New Town flat. Wottld suit tt/s young professional. availahle ttow. £250 pcm + hills + deposit. Tel: 0l3l 2200720.

I Bright spacious room in friendly l’olworth flat with great views. :\\'ililitl7lc l)ecemher. £200 petn. Tel: ()l3l 477 3792.

I Large room in qttiet .\'ewington flat. (i('ll attd large living room. Suit easy going n/s professional. .-\vailahle now or late .\'ovemher. £220 pent + ("l' + hills. Tel: 0l3l 667 6027. I Large double room in gorgeotts ttevvly re-furhished flat. shared spacious living room and newly fitted kitcltett aitd bathroom. 5 minutes from Stockhridge. would sttit profes- sional. £340 pent. Tel: 07984

3 I 7 ()9‘).

I Good sized double roont in nice flat. sharing w itlt 2 others. sttit n/s professional who is tidy. cleatt and friendly. £250 pem + (’T + hills. Tel: 0131447 570i.

I Double room available in large stttttty Bruntstield flat. £300 pcitt + hills + ("II 'l'el: 0I3l 22‘) 9840.

I Superior en-suite room itt new Ahhey Hill flat. sltared lounge. kitcltett. all mod cons. suit quite n/s profession- al. £330 pent ittclttdittg hills httt not phone. deposit required. Tel: 0788‘) 483 818.

I 2 rooms 2 rent in newly furnished flat with all tttod cons. lirec parking and close to ntain htts routes. £220 & £270 pcm. Tel: 0 736 047 446.

I Double room available in beautiful central tIat. very tastefully decorated w itlt sanded floors throughout. lovely livittg room with fire. fully furnished and has all ntod cons. Wottld sttit tt/s female. Availahle from .\'ovemher 1501. £325 pent + hills. Tel: 07734 4Il 242.

I Friendly sociable female wanted for single room in Rosehurn flat. .\'o sttt- dents. l() minutes from city centre. Availahle end of .\'ovemher. £300 pcm + ("l‘+ hills. Tel: 0l3l 337 8l30

I Double room in well equipped flat near the shore. availahle now to share with l other female. professional tt/s preferred. £300 pent including ('T + hills. Tel: 07790 (I02 820. I Double room available in attractive flat. sharing with mostly tidy sociahle tt/s female. (i('ll. wooden floors. gardett and cat. £275 pcttt + ("I' + hills. Tel: 07957 478 327.

I 2 rooms available in friendly central flat. £300 pcttt and £225 pcttt + ("I‘ + hills. Tel: 07786 l06 042.

I Bright double bedroom, stlit young easy going profes- sional to share with one other female. I’ree residents parking attd all mod cons. £247.50 pent + hills. Tel: 0131 554 2636.

I Very attractive double on-suite roont with gas fire in heatttifttlly furnished lilII flat. Sltaring kitcltett. Iivittg roottt and office \yitlt Inostly absent ntale. sttit tidy professional. £325 pcttt + hills. Tel: 07764 I45 817.

I Double room available it] friendly .\Iorningside flat. Sttit n/s professional female to share with 2 others. £230 + ('T + hills. Tel: 0I3I 447 825l.

I Bright spacious dou- ble hedroottt. sharing w ith 4 others in desirable flat in Broughton. ntust he gay friend- ly. £2 I0 pertt + hills + ('T+ deposit. Tel: 0I3I 55o (ilfll.

I Attractive double room in large flat. sharing with 2 others. large living room. free parking. Availahle end of \ovemher. £258 pcm + ("l‘ + hills. Tel: 07990 7l8 33 or 079.32 ‘)I8 ()(38.

I Double room in spacious I.eith flat. Btts stop attd ocean terminal only 5 minutes away. Sltaring Iivittg roottt. fully fitted kitclten attd hatltroottt with one tnale. £250 pcm + hills. Tel: 07739009040.

I Double room available itt lovely flat w ith superh views. It) minutes from city centre hy htts. lill6. to share with I olltcr. .'\II mod cotts. £260 pent + ("l‘+ Bills. Tel: 07979 603 026.

I Small room to let in new house. sharing with 2 others. all mod cons. (Kill. cahle TY attd ittternet. .\'o students. I)SS or smokers. £l70 pcttt + hills. Tel: ()l3l ()20 388‘).

I Double room in a friendly central flat at the top of l.eith Walk. l5 minutes walk from l’rinces street. (i('ll. l)(i. sttit ttott smoker professional female. :‘svailahle immediately. £250 pcttt inc. ("1' exc. hills + deposit. Tel: um 4780895.

I Beautiful double room in hrigltt spacious flat. fully fur- nished. sharing with I other. Would suite friendly female. £250 pcm + hills + ("II 'I'el: 0I3I 553 33 l 7 or 0772‘) 73o 288.

I Flatshare with 1 female in fully modernised \‘ictorian flat with 2 lounges. 2 hed- rooms. 2 hathroottts. (i(’ll attd garden. £400 pctn + 'I'elephone. Tel: (ll3l 008 392‘).

I Spacious double room In lovely central Stockhridge flat. sharing with 2 others. all mod cons. (i('ll. sorry no cott- ples. l0 minutes walk front Princes Street. £275 pcm inc. ("I + hills. Tel: 078I3 I75 434. I Friendly flatmate wanted for single room. fan- tastic views of the sea. (i('ll attd cahle 'I'Y. female preferred. £250 pcttt. Tel: 07957 248 855. I Room to let itt ground floor 3 hedroom flat. would sllil tt/s professional female . .\'o students. £255 pcttt + hills + deposit. Tel: ()l3l 467 I557. I 2 Double, 1 single roont avail now it] heatttiful spacious terrace of I.eith Links. 2 l'iloors ornate cornice original lire- placc..\'ew decor/fitrnitttre throughout. Looking for cott- sideratc. friendly working peo- ple. £240. £280. £l40 pent. ('ontact Jodie: [ll 3i 555 295l



VI saw you (‘lare. we met at .\lcSorleys on Sunday 12 ()ctoher. I understood what you were tryittg to tell ttte. I really like you. and that's why wasn't sure what to say. After the [rou- hle at the liuro hostel you dis- appeared. l atrt looking for you ever since. ['/482/l

VI saw you Dirty girl? I saw you lookiit all funky punky attd dirty kissittg itt (ilasgow at Halloween. I)B.\. [7482/2

VI saw you at the SoCo party on l" were looking gorgeous...will you traitt me'.’ ()scar said you would? [7482/3 VI saw you iii the rtttde in my Shower. . .you smiled. . .said we shouldn't? (let in touch so we cart train ourselves? We could he litter? [7482/4

VI saw you at the Southern (‘omfort l’arty...You were with Wilde & ('revv - I couldn't

stay. . .you smiled attd offered a lif't...Btt// Me? [7482/5

VI saw you Yott were in Black & white - painted your face. . . l Ialoween at the Southern comfort ( me help you take it Wilde for more numhers? [7482/6

VI saw you June was cruising ov er...l reached for the Peanut dip attd you smiled! Wattt to work my harhy '.’ See you at the nest Soeo l’arty...Ready roast- ed'.’ [7482/7

VI saw you in gri/cdale park go ape centre [I weren't scared I was. Didn't get your name you're lovely [7482/8

VI saw you Haven't you seen me yet'.’ Yott're giving ttte the hasement hlues hoy? Look for me I've curled my hair to match yours. If only I could do a nortt iron accent too. [7482/9

VI saw you Sleeping it off like an Angel curley tousled hlack hair sleeping head on hand on some hooks. near stair- well Starhttcks Borders

I l.30ish Monday morning. Looking lovely? [7482/I0

VI saw you at the Hot Hot lleat gig. enuqiring ahottt The I-'iery l'ttt'ttitces. Yott should go see them next tinte? ()h. attd that shirt was cool? ['/482/l I VI saw you (irant. harman itt the Basement. I asked Tom who you are. he told me you're sitt- gle attd need a girl. ('an I take you ottt for a drink'.’ limma

VI saw you at .\Iosqito with your gorg pink scarf and his- ciotts pink lips. Hey girl you're cool. [7482/l 2

VI saw you l.eggett. Liked your funky tiger hair. You cart he ottr spankhoy anyday ?

VI saw you ((I Beanscene. You. my skint es frottt ['Ister

w iv no money on ttr phone. .\Ie. pissed off pierced filly.'s catch up! [7482/l 3

VI saw you cheeky waiter itt Strathvaign. .\Ie itt pink attd grey stripes. you looking cttte itt hlack. 24/l0/03. ['/482/l4

VI saw you Wandy Woos and all I have 2 say is that U r one wonderful woman attd l attt going to miss u so much. Love you. ll). [7482/l5

VI saw you a fttnny looking wee chap with greying hair. a sttit that looked old attd a pot helly in Brel's. [7/482/l6

VI saw you sexy hartnatt in Brel. You served itte your first seriously pinky—vodka? I'll he cotttittg hack for ntore. X 2l/l0/03 ['/482/l7

VI saw you Stttart .\t. W'ell travelled l.ancsman. ntohile phone master. rughy fart attd tttttclt more: (ila-llaymarket train l8/I0. .\Ionet great. I’rohlem with entail. (iood luck with 'hra'. ('ontact please? ('hristina. [7482/18

VI saw you '('ht'is (i' on tltc underground. So you work as an auxilliary nurse“)? l‘ancy nursing ttte sotttetime‘.’ [7482/l9

VI saw you red 'Brett Anderson' haired hoy itt underground l7/l0/03. You looked cute. cool and rock. I tried to catch your eye heltind some man's arm. I felt connected. [7482/20

VI saw you in the Arches on 'l'httrsday. Lindsay is your name. Studying environmental art at (iSA. Like to see you again. [7482/2I

VI saw youYo - you in the army style jacket. drinking lots of heer itt .\Iosk - fancy heer'.’ [7482/22

VI saw you beautiful girl with hig smile itt 'l'inderhox. Your friends call you Rhona. let ttte call you sometime... [7482/l VI sawyou lley ('. Liked the way you drihhled your heer down .\'onr coat? (‘all me'.’ [7482/23 VI saw you suprente heirtg in Brel. Your steak sandwich was good httt I knew the piece of trteat u really wanted.'s have soher sex attd share a post coitel l‘lanhy. [7482/24

VI saw you red headed cat woman in .\IAS Oct 31st. You had a line pair of legs. fancy wrapping tltettt round me‘.’ [7482/25

VI saw you seriously scrump- tiotts Steve. savottring a capptt- cino in lisqttires on Mon 27th. You ntade me drihhle iitto nty latte? X {7482/26

V I saw you you wonderful peps itt (ilasgow attd Inver. [' ltave ntade my time so wonder- fttl. I will miss you so very ntuch. I love you attd tltank you. Love you lottg time. Ash. [7482/27

VI sawyou sexy girl getting out a silver Volkswagen. minus hadgc. in Seotstoun. l-‘ancy a night iii the 'Smugglcrs".’ .\x [7482/28

VI saw your eskimo charms itt .\loskito - my igloo is a heauty hy the way. [7482/29 VI saw you ill ()ffshore. very tall. very pretty girl itt faded

jeans. reading the Herald. on

Sunday ant. 26/l0. I almost walked ittto you cotttittg itt attd we smiled at each otherjust as we w ere leaving. Hope I see you there again. If ttot that lttcky then reply to this. I’.S. lady I was

w ill] is just a friend. [7482/30 VI saw you October 25th itt Willow 'l‘rading. You. guy hehittd counter. me. so stunned hy your good looks that I walked iitto the glass door on my way ottt? [7482/3l

VI saw you ()ctoher 25th. Bcansccne. You were a gtty on your own. doing a crossword were you waiting for someone. or could another girl help you with a tough cluc'.’ [7482/32

VI saw you Jackie? I was the cheeky guy \ylto stole Ilte

hriefest httt most ntemorahle of kisses front your soft lips. not ltalf an hour ago. at 'l'raxx. iii the Soundhaus. I had a shaved head. and specs. if that helps...

I think you're totally gorgeous? land your hig sis is a sweetheatt too. I hope she doesn't disapprove of me!) - Ian .s {7482/33

VI saw you Starhucks Borders I I.30 islt Monday morning. Looking lovely? [7482/34


V I saw you Justin 'l'rottsersnake outside The Scotsman hotcl. .\'exl tittte. stay at my flat. You cart leave your hat on. [7482/35

V I saw you folding those shirts. pin-strip ntatt? Your swagger turns me on every tittte. l-attey some shop shirt- folding'.’ [7482/36

V I saw you the ('addy. snn‘r— ittg magic markers arid play ittg w itlt gaffer tape. Meet the hy the river attd huy me some .\Iittstrcls. [7482/39

V I saw you warmest ()han girl. I hear you give good hltttttp attd you cannot lie. [7482/40 V I saw you in the Pear Tree. stealing sandwiches. you owe Ali a written apology? [7482/l V I saw you ('hrissy. work- ittg at the Pear Tree. I-ancy going to the frove for a cheeky drink’.’ [7482/4l

V I saw you last week at ('aharet Voltaire. you tall dark. hurly trughy player like). Me smiling. coral top. You smiled at ttte. I looked away? Want to get to know you hetter? [7482/42 VI saw you spicy Bloody

Mary drinker. . .l'll semi skittt your Iattc...l’lay with my heard. hahy? l'll lost the lie for you. . .[ 7482/43 V I saw you in the Pear Tree asleep in a chair. your stench replttses me. Stop coming iit? [7482/44

V I saw you lit the Pear Tree. [' R the nutter at the har. Love your Yelle' Jacket [7482/45

V I saw you itt Twigs making sandwiches. [' served me with a \‘isciotts .'\ltssie Accent. l.o\'e your Iattgh though. [7482/46

V I saw you with a hadger nailed to your face. It would got well with my crap heard. . ..-\re you that way inclined".I (i...['/482/47

V I saw you hettding over as you served ttte my usual l/2 pint of Stella. I love you Louise (0 Baroqtte. [7482/48

V I saw you dancing attd singing on the .\'o. 8 hits? You snee/ed attd l hlew your nose for yott? .\Ioscow needs you hahy? [7482/49

VI saw you aussic pop princess itt the kill shop on the Royal Mile. lyiust can't get you out of my head - will you come hack to Iiditthurglt again'.’ I should he so lucky? [7482/50

1I%1>.'N::'. .3033 THE LIST 123