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Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues: The Basement, City Cafe, EH1, Filmhouse, Fopp Bar, Planet Out, The Pear Tree, Traverse Bar (Edinburgh), or The Arches, Barfly, Blackfriars, Brel, GFT, King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Moskito, 13th Note, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

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VI saw you in the Basement. Like a white (Irish) angel you Iloated past me and took tny breath away. Fancy giving me mouth to mouth‘.’ [.7482/51

VI saw you "the (ilasgow Gourmet" in the Brasserie at Harvey Nichols. You told me you came to buy wine for your christmas presents. I wish I had asked for your number. . .come again! [.7482/52

V I saw you Sarah. Keep your head up! Love you XXX [7/482/53

VI saw you walking to work on the Royal Mile early on 'I’uesday morning. It was wet underfoot. You slipped and fell over. I laughed. [7482/54

VI saw you Jenny from Manchester. Young Asian look- ing girl with cute smile. Did you kill Bill‘.’ [.7482/55

VI sawyou Baby (0‘ the Basement. "('ome to me Baby" - Sport. [.7482/56

VI saw you reading your books! It inspired me to build an ark! Ilave to meet up with you to play doctors & Russians! PS I love pens. [.7482/57

VI saw you Sarah in ('("s. I didn't remember you when you said hi - My memory's bad but my sight is good and I'd like to see you again. V. [.7482/58

VI saw you (‘hris. in the kitchen. Me new start. you old hand. Mac('ondom sometime'.’ Ilot diggedy! [7482/59

VI saw you ('orona Dave car- rying (‘D-player into pawn bro- ker. Me Scot. would be Aussie. You ginger. (iive me my stuff back sometime? Luv Noel lidmonds (matey) [.7482/60 VI saw you lovely blonde in basement 23/10 you gave me the eye. I winked back. Drink sometime“? [.7482/61

VI saw you in the Basement. Iixploding in2 my life like a mediterranian beauty in a mini- skirt. Will those long legs eva walk inZ my life'.’ Those long dark locks swept away my soul! [7482/62

VI saw you Wee Alan we luv you Bany & Alan X X. [.7482/62

VI saw you Beckham look-a- like in Planet ()ut on Monday 20/10/03. fancy playing with my golden balls‘.’ [3/482/(33

VI saw you Nicki in the Basement Bar. You're pure like the Aurora Borealis sweedie [.7482/64

VI saw you Big blonde Kiwi working (0‘ the globe. You can sandwich me anytime love 'I'revor [7482/65

VI saw you 30th Oct. Monsieur T. You are tres cute. [7/482/66


You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go"

124 THE LIST Iii-27 Nov 2003

tel: 08702 .430 935 - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

VI saw you 25 Oct (0‘ [.‘ltragroove. [L gorgeous. dark Abbey National babe li Roseburn. Both our pals had faces like £500 tines! Liked you. You wont get away so easy next time. [.7/482/67

VI saw you 'l’elephone moi Dear Mr. "end of an era". Saw you at Basement Bar. facing you under the letter box. Meet me there next Sunday? [.7482/68

VI saw you (0‘ Planet ()ut Mr (i-Pack on 26/10/03. can I work out with you soon Mister‘.’ X ('illa we luv you! From you wee sis Alice X [.7/482/6‘)

VI saw you playing billiards in work titnc - #2 Royal Terrace. Let me help you pot the pink. in play-time. or lunch- time. [3/482/70

VI saw you Sala Bar. Ilalloween. You. tall. blonde stood by bar. Me. spikey. short. biker jacket. We shared a glance but I had to leave. Would love to know more! [,7482/71

VI saw you Big Boy falling down the stairs at The Venue. You work at the (ilobe. I luv you. Trev. [7/482/72

VI saw you (‘hristina at the MTV Awards. You are a radge wee midden. I offered to show you a good time in Penicuik. Maybe next time. hen‘.’ [7/482/73

VI saw you tall blonde waiter at Broughton St Smokestack. You're so hot. you almost blew my stack! Love Barnsy. [7/482/74

VI saw you in Brass Monkey. Mon 3rd Nov. You sat at bar with pigtails and green attd black stripey jumper. me shaved head on couches. Fancy a drink‘.’ [.7482/75

VI saw you beautiful brunette in the Living Room on Thurs (ith Nov. We joked at how the poor yank tried to pick up your friend. maybe I could try my luck with you sometime... [3/482/76

VI saw you in hirsute. You. long dark hair. pink top you slept in - still looked great. Me guard 5...nah 4! You're right!! [7/482/77

VI saw you at Big Beat 24/10. You. long dark hair. white top. orange skirt/sarong. Me. Denim jkt. blue cap.. stupid not to speak. Lets meet. [7482/78

VI saw you at the Traverse after the play. Me. front row. Blonde & political. Then again on the stairs as l was leaving. If you want to discuss percent- ages further‘.’ [.7482/79

VI saw you llils and Kenny. keeping us newbies in wine and chat. Lets go to an auction and get gavelled. 1&K xx [.7482/80

VI saw you Jennifer working in reception at the Commonwealth Pool. You are gorgeous! I come in regularly but too shy to talk. Want to go out for a drink some- time'.’ [1/482/81

VI saw you in Subway edin- burgh. I took your belt off on the dance floor. Do you wanna meet up (wink wink)? [1/482/82 VI saw you We saw you 2 blondes playing squash in the court next to us at Marcos on 28 ()ct. Fancy a game of dou- bles‘.’ [f/482/83

VI saw you being a stress- head. building a boat and wear- ing a £1 jumper. Dinnae stress man - how about we go to the cinema in the afternoons and I'll rub your head'.’ [5/482/84

VI saw you falling off your seat in Princes Street gardens. Did the weight of your ample chest make you topple over'.’ U/482/85 VI saw you on fire in the (‘abaret Voltaire. Don't you worry about the jacket-

I will keep you warm! [1/482/86 VI saw you serving in Starbucks on corner of Hanover Street. You: gorgeous with red hair. Your amazing smile was sweeter than my hot chocolate guy. You brightened up the end of my long day. Want to share my takeaway"? [.7482/87

Personal Adverts

I Good looking 26 year old Fife male. 5'8". slim build. caring. intelligent with (}S()H. likes nights in/ out. Seeks friendly female 21-30 for rela- tionship. ALAWP. (Box Number: P/482/1)

I Fit attractive man 33. 5"). hazel eyes. darkish hair. exciting job. ()wn home. cre- ative. successful and good man- ners. smoker. not ties. WLTM F 25-36 for pleasant conversation. fun times and a happy life. Photo appreciated and returned. (Box No: P/482/2)

Clubs & Activities

Lean secrets (1 My Total Successll 2-hour seminar/ workshops - Iidinburgh: 19th November. ()ver-Seas House. 100 Princes Street - (ilasgow: 24th November. Yate's. 134 W. (ieorge Street - Also! 'llandwriting Analysis for Fun' : Iidinburgh 3rd December - starts 7.30pm - £12 - 0131 466 0265 - www.mlationship

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"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? \lat: Lawson, marketing manager. aged 34

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