Y the.


Work, home, work, pub, home, work, home, cinema, home, work, home, work, bar, home, work, pub. Such is the routine of most folk earning an honest crust and having a good time. Cosy and fine as this is, sometimes you get to the end of the month and find all you’ve got to show for it is a deeper groove in the sofa, a lingering sore head and a very empty wallet. It ain’t good for the mind, nor the body and certainly not the soul.

So how about injecting a little something else into the rhythms of your urban creature, especially as it is wont to hibernate about this time of year? The time between 6pm and 8pm is rich for mining and The List has sought out dozens of ways to fill these in-between hours to make life more interesting, fulfilling, fun and relaxing. Whether it’s a hot, wet shave, a deep tissue massage, gazing at the stars, stained glass-making, belly dancing or learning a language, there will be something to wet your weekday whistle.

And to prove that anyone can give it a go, we sent out three journalists more used to watching than doing to discover some of the things that go on in the twilight hours.

18 THE LIST 11$ 2/ No; 2003