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Calendar Girls 1 12m 0.. (Nigel ('olc. l'ls'. 2003i llclcn Mirrcn. Julic \Valtcrs. (’clia lmric. 108mm. 'l'his t‘cclgood comcdy drama is hascd on thc truc story of a group ot‘ horcd middlc-agcd womcn from a small Yorkshirc villagc who all poscd nudc for a Womcn's lnstitutc ('alcndar in l‘)‘)‘) in ordcr to raisc funds for thc local hospital. ('alwulur (Hr/s is thc scxcd-up vcrsion ol‘ cvcnts that happcncd in thc l)a|cs. ('olc. who had prcviously tlahhlcd with middlc-agcd womcn saga in Saving (inu'v. oncc again provcs hc‘s adcpt with this matcrial. Particularly w hcn hc ccntrcs thc film on thc rclationships that ('hris (Mirrcni has with hcr family and hcst l'ricnd. widowcr Annic t\\';iltci'si. (inu'ru/ I‘t’lt'tl.\(‘.

Chicago t 12A) .0. (Rob Marshall. IS. 2002) chnc chlwcgcr. (‘athcrinc Xcta-Joncs. Richard (icrc. 1 13min. Marshall’s long-awaitcd scrccn adaptation of thc cclchratcd musical cxplodcs on to thc silvcr scrccn. following thc cxploits of two mtirdcrous jazz hahics Roxic llart

t/cllw cgcri and \‘clma ls'clly tXcta-Joncsi and thcir dcl‘cncc lawycr. Billy lily nu t(icrci. Moving hctwccn tltc rcality of l’rohihition-cra (‘hicago and thc intcrior fantasy world ol~ Roxic llart. w hcrc cach charactcr hccomcs an all—singing. all- dancing powcrhousc. Marshall skilfully succccds in a potcntially prohlcmatic stagc to scrccn adaptation. lacking cnough sass and scxual innucndo. ('u/mn'! this ain’t. hut (’ltit‘ugu noucthclcss docs justicc It) thc stagc musical and thc da/lling vitality of thc husincss know u as show. I'i/m/muw. Iz‘iliIi/mrgli.

Cinemania «Pt ii 0.00 «Angcla ('hristilich and Stcphcn Kijack. (icrmany. 2002i 80min. lack. liric. Bill. Rohcrta. Nancy and Richard all hay c a prohlcm. somc would call it a discasc. 'l‘hcy loy c going to thc movics. hut it is a lov c that hordcrs on thc homicidal. lntolcrant ol' thcit‘ l‘cllow cincma-gocrs. thcy hay c hccn known to pull popcorn out of pcoplc's hands and scrcam at pcoplc in thc l'oycr. ('hristlich and Kijak somchow makc you cam for thcsc ohscqtiious middlc-agcd ncrds. “1- follow thcm around and gct to know what lilms thcy likc and just how scriously thcy takc thcir movics. 'I‘hci'c arc intcricctions l'rom thc tickct tak'crs and curators who havc to dcal with thcm on a daily basis and ultimatcly onc can’t hpr t'ccling that in any olhcr town thcir hchay iour would hc callcd autistic. hut in thc .\'ak'cd ('ity what thcy lileL‘ is a ‘mania'. l’t‘iL‘Cles. (Y 1-). (i/uwmi: Claude Sautet, or the Invisible Magic (Claude Sautet, Ou La Magie Invisible) t 12) i.\' 'l‘ Binh. l-‘rancc. 2003i 83min. l)ocumcntary ahout thc grcat I'rcnch dircctor ('laudc Sautct tl'n (‘ocur ('n Ilivcri who dicd in July 2000. 'l‘lic lilm includcs intcrvicws with Ct)IilL‘Illptil'ttl‘iC\ Bcrtt‘and 'l'aycrnicr. l’hilippc Sardc and Jcan- l’aul Rappcncau. Part of thc l'ircnch l‘ilm i'icstiyal. (i/usgmv I'ilm I'lit'tiii‘i’. (i/usgow'; l‘l/III/lt)1(.\('. Iz'iliIi/mrg/i. The Colour of Pomegranates l 18) 0.... tScrgci l’aradjanov, l'SSR. 1902i

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30 THE LIST ta 2/ No: 7:)sz


73min. Dircctor's cut of thc lilm initially rct'uscd an cxport liccncc. Bascd on thc Iil‘c ol 18th ccntury .r\rmcnian poct Sayat Nova. l’aradianov rcplaccs thc com cntional hiopic sty lc. opting instcad tor a scrics ol' paintcrly imagcs corrcsponding to momcnts in .\'ova's Inc. .\ mastcrpiccc. lat/inluu't'li I'i/m (iui/d. Iz'r/I'II/ml‘u/i.

Le Corbeau (The Raven) ll’(ii .... lllL‘nt‘i-(ictil'gcs (‘ltlll/Ul. l'lilllCC. 1043i l’icrrc l‘rcsnay. l’icrrc l.arqucy. (iincttc l.cclcrc. 02min. .\ small l‘i‘cnch provincial community is disrupch hy thc cl'l'ccts of a spatc of poison pcn lcttcrs from somconc who appcars to know what most of thc inhahitants arc gctting up to. 'l‘clling charactcr mclodrama. which was at onc timc mistakcnly rcgardcd as .\'a/i anti- l‘rcnch propaganda. lixccllcnt rarcly sccn (‘lou/ol. (i/usgmv I'i/m 'I‘lii’um'. (i/usgmv. Cypheri lSi C... i\'inccn/o .\'atali. ('anada. 2002i lcrcmy .\'ortham. l.ucy l.iu. .\'igcl Bcnnctt. 'l‘imothy Wchhcr. David llcw lctt. 90min. I)ircctor .\'atali‘s windy twisty follow up to (‘ulnz This is basically a rcworking ol .VUI‘I/I Irv .\'an/iw¢'sl. for thc conspiracy riddch post .llutrit agc. \ortham dclivcrs a trcmcndous pcrl'ormancc as a journcy man ncrd who transl’orms into somcthing of a Bond hcro. (ircat stuff. a maturc intcrior sci-ii that conccntralcs morc on idcas than spccial cll'ccts. ()(lt'llll :l! 'l/u’ Qlulv. (i/uyumi‘, (iluwmv.

Dandy (La Bande du Drugstore)

t [St (Francois Armanct. l-rancc. 2002i .\lathicu Simonct. ('Ccilc ('asscl. Aurclicn

‘4 An Artificial Eye Release in association with r572.

14 llllVEMllEll

G Force and nostalgia permeate the Daft Punk film Interstellar 5555

\Viik. Alicc 'l‘aglioni. Matthias Van Khachc. 90min. .\lid- l‘)(i0s sct comcdy drama about a group ol tccnagcrs growing tip in a small l"rcnch town w'hosc main activitics sccm to hc hanging around thc local drugstorc. listcning to music and trying to scorc with thc oppositc scx. So what‘s changcd'.’ Part ol' thc l‘rcnch l-‘ilm l-cstival. (i/usgmv I-ilm 'I’limln'. (i/usgmi; film/must: lit/iiilruruli. Devil’s Gate t l2:\i tStuart St Paul. (K. 2003) Laura l‘i'ascr. ('allum Bluc. l.ukc Aikman. Tom Bcll. Winin. Rachacl tl‘rascri comcs homc with hcr cx-hoylricnd Ral‘c. to thc small hlcak island in thc North sca that shc ran away from sonic liy c ycars hcl'orc hccausc shc hclicvcs hcr lathcr is dying. Shc runs into island hoppcr Matt and a lovc trianglc forms and Rachacl is kccn to lcavc. but first shc must find hcr wayward mothcr. l.ow hudgct horror drama that has hccn comparcd to 771(' ult'kt'l' Man. ('(i(' (inc/nus lzililiburgli. Iz‘tliiilnugli.

Down with Love 4 12m 000

tl’cyton Rccd. l‘S. 2003i chCc '/.c|lwcgcr. liw'an .\lc(}rcgor. Sarah l’aulson. David llydc l’icrcc. l01min. \‘cry likcahlc pastichc on thc old l)oris Day/Rock lludson romantic comcdics. Barbara .\'ovak‘ t/cllwcgcri has writtcn a hook that instructs all womcn to givc up on loy c and trcat mcn thc samc way thcy trcat womcn. (‘atchcr Block t.\lc(ircgori is u supct'cutil sittt'

journalist who wants to gct thc rcal story on

.\'ovak. hut hc gcts a wholc lot morc than hc hargaincd for. This is not half as clcvcr as llaytics' Far from llt’lll‘t‘)! but it docs look a

trcat and contains a l‘cw nicc in-jok‘cs. Things movc along at a fair clip as wcll. which is always a good thing. Ahovc all. though. thc art. sct and production dcsigncrs dcscrvc cvcry award going. (,'('I ('lvdvbunk. (lit/t’lulltk.

Elf (l’(ii (Jon liavrcau. ['8. 2003) Will licrrcll. Jamcs ('aan. lidward .-\sncr. 96min. (‘hristmas fun hcgins hci'c with this family comcdy about an ovcrgrow n cll' w ho al'tcr w'rcak‘ing havoc in his clt‘ community in thc North l’olc is scnt to thc ['5 in scarch of his truc idcntity. l’rcvicws only. (imc'rul n'lmu'. Etre Et Avoir (To Be and to Have) ([10... t.\'icolas l’hilihcrt. l"rancc. 2002i (icorgc l.opc/. I04min. l’hilihcrt's documcntarics arc w'cll rccogniscd for managing to cqual thc cmotional dcpth normally produccd through grcat fiction. and this film is considcrcd his most succcssl'ul to datc. having prcmicrcd at [ill-l". '1}: Br and in [law documcnts onc ycar at (icorgc l.opc/'s onc-room school housc in thc rcmotc dairy farming rcgion ot' Auvcrgnc. l-"ilmlmusi'. Edinburgh.

Fanfan the Tulip (Fanfan Ia Tulipe) tl’(ii t('hristian-Jaquc. l‘rancc. l‘)52i (icrard Philipc. (iina l.ollohrigida. .‘ylarccl llcrraud. ()livicr Husscnot. llcnri Rollan. 97min. (’lassic vcrsion of much-lilmcd l‘rcnch sw'ashhucklcr. Bonkcrs in a totally jovial way. Part ol’ thc l‘rcnch l‘ilm l-‘cstival. (iluygmv I‘ilm 'I‘lit'um’. (i/mgow; I'i/ni/musi'. lz‘rliiilmrgli.

0 Farewell America (Proscaj, Amerika) tthci l.’\lC.\£llltiL'lT l)ov/hcnko. l'SSR. 19-19)l.iliya(iritscnko. Nikolai (iritscnko. lanis ()sis. l.yudmila Shagalova. (irigori Shpigcl. 73min. Anna BCtlltil'tl. a young and idcalistic girl from Pcnnsy lvania. acccpts a Statc Dcpartmcnt assignmcnt to scrvc in thc l'S limhassy in Moscow shortly at'tcr thc allicd victory ov cr t'ascist (icrmany. In Moscow slic gcts morc than shc hargaincd for w hcn shc rcaliscs thc i'ightcousncss of thc Sovict way. lixtrcmcly rarc scrccning of

boy lhcnko's unlinishcd linal lilm. 'l‘hc Krcmlin ordcrcd a halt on thc production ol‘ this film in l‘)5|. hut thc film was complctcd using existing matcrial in 1995. Scc prcyicw pagc 23. l'iliii/iniiu'. [Jilin/Hugh.

Father and Sons (Pere et Fils) I I5» t.\lichc| Boujcnah. l-'raucc/(‘anada. 2003i l’hillipc .\'oirct. (‘harlcs Bcrling. Bruno l’ut/ulu. ()Smin. .-\ rctircd husincssman l'cigns illncss in ordcr to bring togcthcr his disgruntlcd thrcc sons and thcn takcs thcm on 3‘ Cm’.‘ .lUurnL‘} t'rom l-‘rancc to (‘anada l’art (ll. thc lircnch l-‘ilm l'icsliyttl. (illMQUii' I’i/m 'I'lu'um’. (ilusguu; l’ilm/muu'. Iii/in/mrg/i. Fear and Trembling (Stupeur et tremblements) 4 l2) (Alain (‘orncatL l‘rancc/Japan. 2003i Sylvic 'l‘cstud. Kaori 'l'suji. 'laro Suw'a. Bison Katayama. Yasunari Kondo. Sokyu l-‘uiita. l07min. (‘orncau's most rcccnt film is a grcat adaptation of thc hook ol thc samc namc hy Amclic Nominal) about a struggling salary slavc in Tokyo who is trying to kccp hcr

job. This film is hcing spokcn of as

('orncau's lincst films to datc. Part of thc l"rcnch l-‘ilm licstival. (i/uxguw l‘i/III 'I'ht'ulrt'. (i/uxgmv: I'ilmliouu'. l'fi/iii/mrg/i.

“A lllllll! lllll slightly scary comely-drama” "ME lllll

**** “Recalls Iiiitli llki ltaurismalti and Jim Jarmgscti at their nest” EMPIRE

lllM Ill "If Mlllllll Slilllfllllllllll

“Existential and darkly comic

.Jll lllllll‘BSSlVE and lllllllllfl llfllllll” lllllfll 3 lillNlllSHl “A llBflllllllllly Illilllllfll'flllllflll llllll ll'lllll Iceland

...Mllll8'8$ an EXlI‘Blllfll! lllllll level Ill cinematic art” "If lillAlllllAll


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